July 6 market analysis: the market may reverse? High energy warning ahead!

Short-term wins

The short-term of the good-breaking coin will win the 18th trick: the old tree packing!

As shown in the figure: Introduce the meaning of the enlargement of the Bollinger line opening. Generally, the opening of the Bollinger line is enlarged, indicating that the market fluctuation is about to be enlarged, and there is a big market. The three circles in the picture are like this. If you cooperate with RSI and MACD, you can always catch the big market.

Hot interpretation


On July 6th, at the 2019 China Fortune Forum on the theme of “Fortune-Helping Shipping Trade Finance Innovation”, William PURPURA, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New York Mercantile Exchange, asked “We know that Bitcoin is a digital currency, and you feel that you are buying Bits. Which currency should I buy and buy gold?”, you know that I don’t have any bitcoin. I know bitcoin, but there is nothing behind it to support, and gold is a physical thing, this is the difference between them, mainly depends on your confidence in them. Bitcoin is also very important. CME is also a bitcoin futures contract in the New York Mercantile Exchange. There is indeed a lot of controversy. But what do you want to buy last time, bitcoin or gold? Bitcoin actually formed a trading place that skipped the bank, on which money could flow at a faster rate than ever before. For blockchain technology, it is not necessarily Bitcoin, but they will also be supported by the platform. There are some platforms where you can buy gold. If the gold is configured, it can be placed in the safes around the world. But Bitcoin has other currencies, it is impossible to have physical transactions like gold, it is placed in the safe.


The biggest weakness of Bitcoin is that it is zero in commodity attributes and currency attributes are technically strong, rather than endorsement of national credit. If the monetary property of gold is scarcity and bitcoin is scarce, then gold is the consensus reached in various eras since the beginning of human history, and the consensus of digital currency is too short and the crowd is too narrow. Then add the commodity attributes of gold. Therefore, compared with gold in a short period of time, it does seem to be "worthless". Then the trend of digital currency can not talk about supply and demand. This is one of the reasons why the trend of Bitcoin is more difficult to analyze, and it is impossible to refer to the value in the eyes of the world.

Mainstream currency interpretation


BTC: Yesterday, the pie fell below 11,000 and saw a minimum of 10,800. Then it started to rebound. This morning, it encountered another 10,800 support. The 4-hour RSI low has a head-to-head trend, but the MACD line is coincident and unclear. On the daily line, MACD has not yet turned strong. If it does not fall below 10,800 today, it may rebound in the short-term. Resistance is 11600, 12000. During the day, I have the opportunity to test 10800 again. If I break it, I will chase it.


BCH: Yesterday, the Prince has also been circling since the rapid decline. Now the 4-hour line RSI is developing upwards, and the MACD green axis is zooming in. The fast and slow lines are low, and the technology is better than other mainstream currencies. Close to 401 light warehouse to do more, look at 405, 408 love to do single. Radicals are now 402.7 empty, look at 400, break 400 to see 397, empty but not much space, unless today's mainstream today all choose to fall.


ETH: Yesterday's disk situation and the pie was still similar, quickly fell to 280 attachments, not broken, then rebounded, then down, but so far there has not been a new low. Today, the 295 line is stable and should start to rebound. The 4 hour chart and the pie are also pretty good for RSI. The MACD is bonded on the 0 axis and no prediction can be given. The current price is 291.9, it is recommended to break through 295.5 to do more, the upper resistance is 297, 303, 310. Or see 292 empty, the target 287 283 breaks through 280 plus warehouse. With stop loss


EOS: The current price of grapefruit is too inactive, more than 5.68. See 5.93 6.15 6.24. But the recent grapefruit rebound is weak. If the price has a chance to see 5.56, it is more pleasing. It can be more, the price is lower, and the cost of backhand chasing is not big. But the low of 5.55 can refer to other currencies. If it is weak, the possibility of falling below is big. ,vice versa

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