Li Lin: 5G, Internet of Things, AI and blockchain will become the new accelerators of the digital economy

Xinhuanet Hangzhou October 20th (Reporter Gao Chang Zhang Ling) From October 20th to 22nd, the 6th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. The conference focused on "Intelligent Internet and Open Cooperation – Join Hands to Build Network Space Destiny" community".

During the conference, Li Lin, chairman, founder and CEO of the Firecoin Group, interviewed Xinhuanet to discuss how advanced technology can be applied to the real economy. He said that in the era of digital economy, Chinese companies should continue to seize the pulse of the Internet. The next 5G, Internet of Things, AI and blockchain will become new accelerators, and continue to incite new developments in the digital economy, which will definitely bring about a market structure. New changes.

The following is an interview record:

Q: China has entered the era of digital economic development. How should Chinese enterprises grasp the opportunities of the digital economy?

A: There will be several big trends in the digital economy:

The first is globalization. With the globalization of the Internet and the globalization of transactions and finance brought by blockchain, its globalization will intensify and accelerate, so any enterprise will face global thinking, not only in the digital economy in the country, but in the face of The global digital economy must take into account the supply chain, production, and global thinking, because of global integration.

The second is the Industrial Internet. The application of the Internet or the application of the digital economy is actually solving the problem of the consumer side or the problem of the industry side. It is the consumer Internet. But in fact, there is not much penetration into the industry, which is another big trend.

Finally, the digital economy is in the direction of improving the efficiency of economic operations. It may be more demand-side before, while supply-side upgrades are limited, production factors are limited, and more is to allow users to get the products they need faster. Demand side improvement efficiency is more.

At present, global technological innovation has entered an era of unprecedented intensive activity. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the global innovation landscape and reshaping the global economic structure. New technologies bring new finances, new finances bring new business models, and new business models bring new wealth opportunities.

The Internet is the source of the digital economy. The rapid development of the digital economy has led to a digital transformation in all walks of life. This shows that the digital economy has a rapidly developing future with a clear prospect. In the era of digital economy, Chinese enterprises should continue to seize the pulse of the Internet. The next 5G, Internet of Things, AI and blockchain will become new accelerators, and continue to incite new developments in the digital economy, which will definitely bring about new changes in the market structure.

Q: How do you think these advanced technologies are applied to the real economy?

A: I think there are several levels:

The first is that it can help everyone's information mutual trust.

The second is value interoperability. The blockchain forms the value of the Internet, which can achieve peer-to-peer and credit issues.

The third is to achieve a more equitable distribution, that is, equity sharing.

Q: We have noticed that the Firecoin Group has also participated in the construction of some countries along the “Belt and Road”. What is the situation in this regard?

A: The countries and regions involved in the “Belt and Road Initiative” are geographically and quantitatively dispersed and huge. The “Belt and Road” initiative is not only a link between business and culture, but also a link between technology and digital. The use of blockchain for cross-institutional and cross-border settlement and clearing is a very successful and efficient application, which can significantly reduce costs, significantly improve efficiency, accelerate the economic development of countries along the “Belt and Road”, and bring fair benefits to all parties. Let the participating parties mutually benefit and share a win-win situation.

On the other hand, through technological innovation and output, the blockchain can quickly help less developed countries to complete the deployment of financial facilities and establish an increasingly close and perfect network socio-economic community. Today's blockchain financial solutions can quickly deploy transparent, non-tamperable, supervisable and efficient multi-participation systems. For less developed countries, it can solve the problem of lack of infrastructure and achieve overtaking.

We hope to break the regional barrier through various channels such as technology export, reconstruction of local financial infrastructure, and blockchain cross-border payment, and help the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

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