HTC launches the first Exodus 1s smartphone that runs a complete node of Bitcoin

Taiwanese electronics giant HTC has launched its new smartphone Exodus 1s, which enables users to run complete bitcoin (BTC) nodes on mobile devices.


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The first smartphone to support a full Bitcoin node (full node)

The Exodus 1s was first announced in May this year and was officially launched at the Lightning Conference in Berlin on October 19th, and the first batch of equipment was launched using the Lightning Network Payment Network at this event.

The new Exodus 1s is a low-cost version of HTC's blockchain-driven mobile phone Exodus 1, which recently added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The company said the price of the new device is 219 euros ($233) and can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Coin (BNB) and Bitcoin cash.

HTC said that in addition to the purchase, sale, send, receive, trade and lending options, HTC also said Exodus 1s is the first smartphone capable of running a full Bitcoin node.

Initial availability

The company said that the product will be available first to users in Europe, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while other regions (such as Taiwan, Switzerland and Germany) will be launched later.

HTC decentralized executive Phil Chen said that the full node is "the most important part of Bitcoin's network resilience" and pointed out that by launching Exodus 1s, the company lowered the entry barrier for anyone running nodes and participated in the global network.

Exodus 1, the predecessor of Exodus 1s, and the “First Local Blockchain Phone” were announced on October 23, 2018 for pre-sales and are available in 34 locations in the US, UK and Hong Kong.

In mid-September, the decentralized offline cryptocurrency sales company Pundi X launched its Blok on the Blok blockchain smartphone at the IFA trade show in Berlin. According to reports, on October 8, South Korean electronics giant LG is developing its own blockchain mobile phone to deal with Samsung's Klaytn blockchain smartphone.

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