The second batch of blockchain information services passed the record to help the industry develop

On October 18, the National Internet Information Office (Netcom Office) issued the second batch of 309 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers. This is the second time that the website has issued a record number since the official implementation of the Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”) on February 15. On March 30th, the Internet Information Office released the first batch of 197 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers. Within 10 working days from October 18, if there is no objection, the second batch of domestic blockchain information service filing number list will remain unchanged.

The blockchain information service referred to in the Regulations refers to the provision of information services to the public through Internet sites and applications based on blockchain technology or systems; the provision of blockchain information services under the Regulations The person or node that provides the blockchain information service to the public, and the organization or organization that provides technical support for the blockchain information service. The website office is responsible for the supervision and management of the national blockchain information service in accordance with its duties. The network information offices of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government shall be responsible for the supervision and management of the blockchain information services within their respective administrative areas.

The "Provisions" propose that blockchain information service providers should implement the responsibility of information content security management; provide technical conditions appropriate to their services; formulate and publicize management rules and platform conventions; implement real identity information authentication systems; Chain information services engage in activities prohibited by laws and administrative regulations or produce, copy, publish, and disseminate information content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations; users of blockchain information services that violate laws, administrative regulations, and service agreements shall comply with the law. Take disposal measures.

The "Regulations" require that the blockchain information service provider shall, within 10 working days from the date of providing the service, fill in the filing information through the National Network Information Office blockchain information service filing management system, change the service items, platform website and other matters or In case of termination of service, the procedures for change or cancellation shall be handled. If a service provider develops new products, new applications or new functions on the line, it shall report to the national and provincial, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government for security assessment in accordance with relevant regulations.

According to statistics, the second batch of records increased by 56.85% compared with the first batch; on the background of the main shareholders of the record, in addition to financial institutions (such as ICBC, Ping An Bank), BAT (Baidu, Ali, Tencent) and other Internet companies, there are many A government agency participated in the filing (such as the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Guangzhou Internet Court, Beijing/Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange); the geographical distribution of the main body of the record, the north and the deep Hangzhou is still a big head, 87 in Beijing, accounting for 28.15%, Guangdong There are 72 items accounting for 23.3%; filing services include not only common blockchain service platforms, but also services such as “super nodes” and “blockchain-based financial services”.

We found that in the two batches of blockchain information service filings, the shareholders of several filing entities are listed companies, among which a number of listed companies have filed multiple services, such as 5 for Ping An, and 4 for Donggang. Information development, high-speed software has been filed for 3, and Xinchen Technology has filed 2; in terms of the nature of filing services, cloud service platform, traceability, deposit certificate, electronic bills/invoices/licenses are popular scenes. .

Although the filing is only for the registration of the main blockchain information service, it does not represent the recognition of its institutions, products and services, and no institution or individual may use it for any commercial purpose. However, we believe that, to a certain extent, the implementation of the record system for blockchain information services and the publication of two batches of record numbers in a short period of time represent the recognition and attention of the government regulatory agencies on blockchain technology, blockchain industry. Development is expected to accelerate.

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