What are the domestic BATs doing when foreign giants are busy sending coins?

On June 15th, Meetup, organized by the China Working Group of the Superbook, brought together the blockchain developers of Alibaba Cloud, Baidu and JD.com, the top three technology companies in China, to introduce their technology in the blockchain. , application programs and practices give us an opportunity to understand the layout of domestic giants in the blockchain industry.
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Here's what this sharing is:

Baidu Super Chain

First, Baidu's super-chain XuperChain's smart contract direction R&D leader Duan Bing first shared. When he first came on stage, he couldn't wait to tell us that Baidu's XuperChain super-chain is now open source on Github, and describes the six core technologies that the super-chain has. :

Super node technology

Mining sites such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have serious CPU and disk occupations, and the normal machine configuration is not enough to participate in mining. Finally, the power is concentrated in the centralized organization such as the mining pool. XuperChain breaks the bottleneck, and its super node is externally represented as a node, and the internal is a distributed network. It uses supercomputers and distributed architectures to have unlimited charging and storage.

2. Intra-chain parallel technology

This is the core technology that transactions can be processed in parallel, and can make full use of multi-core and multi-computer computing resources.

3. Stereo network technology

Based on the parallel chain, side chain, and intra-chain DAG parallel technology, the logic is processed to achieve a leap in performance.

4. Account privilege system

Decentralization, support for multiple permission models

5. Pluggable consensus mechanism

Support seamless switching of multiple consensus mechanisms on a single chain, and support custom development templates based on requirements

6. Integrated smart contract

Multi-language architecture, separation of smart contracts and core architecture, contract lifecycle management, pre-execution, etc.

This is the measured data of Baidu in the laboratory, which has reached the level of single-chain 65000 TPS, and the Baidu blockchain can be upgraded. Its hot-swap consensus mechanism can use the voting mechanism to implement the consensus algorithm, adjust the block size, and adjust the digging. System upgrades such as mine rewards allow XuperChain to theoretically increase performance without sacrificing hard forks.

XuperChain can also carry out a one-click chain, which is supported by both the public chain and the alliance chain. Through Baidu's parallel chain technology, different chains allow different consensus mechanisms to be used to meet different application requirements. In addition, the team also developed the Wasm virtual machine. The self-developed XVM supports the AOT mode Wasm virtual machine, which greatly enhances the interpretation efficiency and also supports the open source WAVM.

GAS is consumed when creating a series of accounts, but Xiao Ge said that GAS is only a measure of the resource consumption of miners' package transactions, not a token, and it only implements GAS's ability and open source on Github. You can customize according to your needs.

Duan Bing said that the first version of the Baidu blockchain used Ethereum's smart contract. Ethereum's ecology is very strong, and the interfaces and tools provided are very comprehensive, so that they have completed the first version of the test well. On this basis, Baidu later developed its own native intelligence contract, and referenced the operating system, using a three-tier process, transaction processing faster, and inherited a variety of signature algorithms, with Go, PHP, C++, JS and other SDKs have become "super smart contracts" on the super chain.

Baidu also offers a variety of blockchain solutions:

XuperLightblockchain intelligent terminal solution

XuperLight combines with intelligent hardware to perform micro-network construction and trusted data collection through IOT device nodes to ensure the authenticity of the uplink information and support multi-platform architecture.

Case: Microgrid

XuperDataBlockchain Data Collaboration Solution

Based on a converged solution of blockchain, big data and trusted computing, it handles data circulation problems between multiple enterprises and realizes data invisibility. Product features: decentralized, safe and trustworthy.

Case: Government agencies, financial industry

XuperEdgeBlockchain Edge Computing Solution

XuperEdge is a blockchain-based edge computing resource circulation platform. The application side and the supplier connect the node services through the platform to maximize the efficiency of using edge computing resources. It will reduce costs by more than 50% while making information more secure and controllable.

XuperFair – Judicial Blockchain Solution

Baidu's evidence chain is an application chain for blockchain evidence services. It takes advantage of the blockchain's anti-tampering and security advantages, so that electronic data is connected to the Internet court as electronic evidence. And the project has already issued a balance chain in cooperation with the Beijing Internet Court, which effectively increases the efficiency of the Internet court and makes the proof easier and more convenient.

XuperIPRBlockchain Intellectual Property Protection and Solutions

With it, no longer afraid of the theft of original works.

XuperEngine – Baidu Super Chain Open Platform

It provides developers with a one-click infrastructure service platform for deploying networks, creating chains, network monitoring, and intelligent contracts. The open platform has multiple technical solutions such as alliance chains and public chains, as well as blockchain solutions for different industries.

Jingdong Zhiyi Chain

Next, Wang Yi, senior architect of blockchain chain of Jingdong Zhiyu Chain, detailed the six dilemmas of enterprise-level blockchain: technical complexity, identity, security, ease of use, completeness of function, Operation and maintenance, along with the design principles of the Jingdong Zhiyi chain, the Baas program and the Baas deployment:

Through JD BaaS, one-click deployment of the blockchain bottom layer can be realized. The platform has a variety of blockchain bottom layers to choose from, and can customize the blockchain related parameters, such as the number of nodes and the block size.

Jingdong's identity chain is a blockchain-based identity authentication system that can endorse all users and blockchain nodes. The platform will also provide blockchain browsers, lightweight gateways, private key deposit boxes, and enterprise-level dynamic groups. Network, horizontal expansion, dynamic expansion and many other services.

Jingdong Baas can adapt to a variety of cloud servers and is supported by government, finance and banking institutions. In addition to JD-Chain independently developed by JD.com, JD BaaS also integrates mature areas such as Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar and Ethereum. The underlying blockchain system, in the peak state of the multi-chain network, writes TPS to 5200 and reads TPS to 14900, which is a high-performance blockchain solution.

Next, Wang Yi gave a case of Jingdong's landing in the blockchain:

Quality traceability

The use of blockchain technology to implement traceability is not only an objective feature of multi-agent participation in the supply chain industry, but also a special resource endowment and core value of JD. Landing case: anti-counterfeiting traceability, medicine traceability.

Digital certificate

JD.com unifies the electronicization of the contract into the requirements of the pan-digital deposit service, and through the blockchain technology, it realizes the safe, transparent, efficient circulation, convenient verification and more efficient third-party deposit of digital certificates. Landing case: Internet court, electronic value-added tax invoice, electronic certificate, and logistics documents.

Credit network

A set of social credit system technology solutions based on blockchain technology can effectively solve the pain points of the past credit system and effectively assist the regulatory agencies to achieve a correct evaluation of social subjects. Landing case: digital identity, corporate general account, credit lease, logistics credit.

Financial technology

Through mature blockchain solutions, improve the efficiency of asset securitization, reduce the costs of all parties involved and the overall risk to create a comprehensive blockchain supply chain financial body to achieve effective transfer of creditor's rights, the participants in the service supply chain. Landing case: asset securitization, supply chain factoring.

Finally, Wang Yi showed the use of the JD BaaS platform on the spot and released a customized version of the blockchain in 30 seconds !

Ali cloud blockchain

The finale is the two experts of the Ali Baas platform, one is Yang Mengzhe, chief security expert of Alibaba Cloud blockchain, and one is the senior development engineer of Aliyun blockchain.

Yang Mengzhe first mentioned the three goals of Alibaba Cloud BaaS: safe, stable and easy to use . He said: The public chain will only consider open source issues, will not consider the user's security issues, combined with cloud computing open source technology, can solve security problems well.

Security is the lifeline of an enterprise, but the strength of the business enterprise itself is limited, and the security problem cannot be completely solved by blockchain technology and open source technology. Alibaba Cloud guarantees through chip-level security protection and enhanced BCCSP plug-in framework and extended encryption algorithm. Blockchain services are safe and reliable.

And a variety of solutions to ensure the safety of the smart contract life cycle: smart contract instantiation, upgrade, endorsement can be configured through the policy, must obtain the signature of the authorized participant's certificate; smart contract running environment (chaincode container) is inaccessible to user isolation, while Control the inbound and outbound network access of smart contracts based on network access policies, avoid external intrusions or launch attacks from within; and formally verify smart contracts.

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service Baas In addition to Alibaba Cloud, AWS Azure, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud and SAP Oracle cloud service providers and deployment service local blockchain nodes will provide cooperation support for Alibaba Cloud Block Chain Baas. Guarantee the stability of blockchain services.

In order to achieve the application of blockchain services, Alibaba Cloud Baas has done a lot of work: because the blockchain technology concept is complex and complex, simplifying and unifying the conceptual model, hiding technical details as much as possible; cross-enterprise collaboration and governance processes are complicated, through users And task-centered, to achieve a balance between governance and ease of use; in the face of user differences in technology mastery, provide fast track mode to simplify operations.

Afterwards, Bright and Bright demonstrated the application development case, including the development process and examples of the smart contract, the Baas-based Client SDK development example, etc., and shared the progress of the Hyperledger Fabric Interoperability Working Group community.

Through the offline MeetUP of this super-book, the domestic giants such as Ali, Baidu and Jingdong are all oriented to the real economy, and the targets are all landing scenes, while foreign Facebook, Morgan and other giants The issue of stable currency is more like an infiltration into the global digital economy. Different strategic directions will surely yield different results in the future. Whoever is right and who can be wrong can only be told by time.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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