Market Analysis | BTC shocks upwards, is the adjustment over?

Today's market is welcoming the general trend of anti-counterfeiting. It is contrary to our pre-judgment. We see that the pioneer of this round of rebound is still the leading BNB in ​​the early stage. BNB has already rebounded to the high point of the previous period, so the target has always been the market deserved. The leader, the original style we thought of changing the market, now it is still not coming. BTC is currently watching BNB's face, and has not gone out of its own style, when BNB fell, and BTC reversed. At the time, the style will actually switch.


Today is the third day of BTC's rebound. We mentioned in yesterday's afternoon comment that the long and short sides of the BTC will soon have to fight, and the BTC has risen to a certain extent. It has already rebounded to half of the big Yinxian. We look at this. The three-day rebound volume is shrinking every day. We still think that this trend is just a rebound, and it is not a reversal. BTC has already broken through the pressure of $5050, and there has been a certain amount of heavy volume at the time-sharing level. Will this volume continue to push the market up? We saw that yesterday's pull-up only blocked the 5 and 10 antennas and the macedon's dead fork, and did not succeed in causing them to turn heads upwards. Today they still have a dead fork, which means that if you want to change direction, then today you must Pull out the bigger Yangxian, and even directly smash the big Yinxian. The volume must be enlarged to the average of 5 days before the hope is reversed. Pay attention to the pressure of the intensive transaction area of ​​$5,200. If you continue to wait and see, there is no Volume appears, then it may give the bears another chance to suppress, 5050 is supported by pressure, maintaining the expectation of returning to $4,800.

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ETH follows the BTC rebound and is currently being suppressed by 10 and 250 antennas. It will continue to follow the trend of BTC. The current position is not suitable for entering the market. Maintaining the previous view, it is expected to return to the support near 143 USD. It is still the same sentence as long as the BTC does not break the position, the target will not break the big probability, the medium-term target is still around $230.

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The rebound of XRP XRP is the weakest among the three cryptocurrencies. There is still a long way to go from the 10-day moving average. The macd indicator has already started to diverge downwards. The recent trend has been very weak. From the perspective of volume, there is no rebound. The release of too much volume, the people who entered the market in the early stage chose to hold the currency and still need new reinforcements to enter the market. At present, the position that can be replenished at 0.3 US dollars is reduced. Personally, it is impossible for the target to be so vain. If you miss a round of market, it is very likely that there will be a wave of compensatory growth. If the target breaks through the $0.3 chip-intensive exchange area, we will admit it.

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BCH has already exceeded the pressure of the high-point connection. The next step may be to explore the upward trend line above. The effective breakthrough of the pressure of 310 US dollars can choose to enter the market. If it cannot effectively break through 310 US dollars, it may further Next time I stepped on $227, I think this point has strong support. It can be sucked low here. The medium-term goal is still to see $430, but this point is broken, the market is over, and the market is on the sidelines.

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The trend of LTC is not the same as our forecast. Currently, it is facing pressure above the top of US$85. If it is on the effective stand, it may attack the integer mark of 100 USD again. If this point cannot be effectively passed, then the support of $75 will come down. It must be broken. The next important support level is around 62 US dollars. You can enter the market at this point. If you break below this point, the current round of the market will end and you will wait and see.

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EOS we originally thought that it would go down to 4.4 US dollars with BTC, but I didn't expect BTC to show an upward trend. The target also appeared to follow upwards. Currently, it is facing a small pressure of 5.6 USD. The transaction volume is slightly enlarged. Whether the volume can keep up with the rhythm, the rebound volume may not be reduced to 4.4 US dollars, at this point can be low-sucking, effectively fall below the market and wait and see.

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BNB is indeed strong enough. It has already reached the high point in the previous period and will break through the high point at any time. However, we have also seen some bad phenomena. That is, the rebound of this round we saw that the macd indicator did not follow the currency price. Up, if you want to fix such a trend, you need to pull up quickly and pull the macd up. However, the current volume does not seem to support the trend of the target. The target is already in a high position. It is not recommended. The field can only be observed as a weather vane of a market.

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The trend of TRX is also weak. After falling below the neckline position, it is temporarily unable to reverse the neckline position. Observe whether 5 antennas and 10 antennas can reproduce the head up at this point. Currently, they have not yet reached the margin area, wait patiently, macd The indicator has been slashed downwards, observing the support at $0.024, and can again enter the market at $0.02-$0.024, or break through $0.028 again, effectively falling below $0.02.

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