The original copyright of the Japanese anime "The Attacking Giant" image was sold through the blockchain

The original copyright of the Japanese anime "The Attacking Giant" image was sold through the blockchain

Anique, an Internet service company, announced its blockchain project “Anique” on May 8th, which enables owners to own digital rights through the use of blockchain technology called NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The company said that Japanese fine arts and cultural products such as animation, comics and games can be used to auction these cultural and artistic products through blockchain technology.

On the company's official event website, digital ownership will be sold to one buyer by lot. The sales time is from May 8 to May 20, 2019. In terms of sales price, the digital ownership is 10,000 yen (excluding taxes), and the digital ownership plus one set of celluloid animations in the frame is 60,000 yen (excluding taxes and shipping costs).

The contents processed and traded by Anique are art works centered on Japanese anime, comics and games. Not only the content that is now popular, but also the "forgotten excellent works" that have ended the screening and sales.

As the first project to provide services, the world's popular animation work "The Giant of Attack", the ownership of 26 works of art will be sold by lottery from May 8, 2019.

The feature of the service is that Anique can grant four privileges to someone who owns one of them:

First, as the owner of the product, you can record the ownership of the product on the blockchain. Due to blockchain technology, even after the resale of the artwork, their name will be remembered as the master in the entire history of the work. Even if the copyright owner sells the product, the owner will be 100% Proof is one of the previous owners. However, copyright is owned by the creator or production committee.

Second, the owner has the “right to read art work”. The owner can view drafts, manuscripts, and other works related to the work as well as offers.

Third, the owner will be able to purchase a physical copy of the artwork during their ownership and can make a celluloid animation (hand-drawn film animation). Due to the digitization of the animation, the actual game of the game was basically disappeared around 2000. This time, by printing digital data in the animated film of the celluloid film, the original celluloid animation that has disappeared has reappeared in front of people.

Note: Celluloid and celluloid are all transliteration, referring to Celluloid Nitrate, a synthetic resin that Americans invented and later registered the trademark "Celluloid". When the animation was first produced, the United States began to use transparencies made of celluloid, painting the characters on the film, and painting the background on the paper, so that many different effects can be achieved. For example, dragging the film layer to effect the movement of the character on the background. Japanese animation is also a continuation of the United States in its infancy, using celluloid to paint the "moving" part. So the part that moves on the background is also called "セル", and the term is still in use today. The animation made with Celluloid is also called "Cygnet Animation", which is almost synonymous with "hand-drawn animation" for a long period of time. In fact, in Japan, a lot of improved celluloid film produced by Fuji is used. After Fuji’s suspension, Japan’s commercial animation was forced to accelerate its shift to digital production. It is no longer necessary for celluloid. (Source: Know the author zecy, the copyright belongs to the author. For commercial reprint, please contact the author for authorization, please indicate the source for non-commercial reprint.)

Fourth, copyright owners and buyers can buy and sell with people all over the world on the art work platform. A portion of the transaction amount is returned to the original as a profit and becomes the original fund for the creation of the next work.

However, although it has already passed May 20th, the final digital copyright has not been disclosed yet, and it is reported that it will be announced on the 27th.

Anique aims to increase the circulation of Japanese content in the world through the business model of the new era, and create a new source of income for the creators. It deserves our attention and the chain will continue to track this incident. (chain got)

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