Jingdong released the "White Paper on Blockchain Technology Practice (2019)", and the blockchain ranks among the four core technical capabilities of Jingdong Digital Technology

Recently, Jingdong Blockchain's underlying engine JD Chain officially opened up and synchronized with the open source community, aiming to provide open source services for enterprise users and developers to help them improve research and development efficiency and accelerate technological innovation. On March 30th, the National Internet Information Office announced the first batch of blockchain information service names and filing numbers. Among them, the Jingdong blockchain BaaS platform and the Jingdong blockchain anti-counterfeiting and traceability common platform are on the list. On April 9th, Jingdong released the "Jingdong Blockchain Technology Practice White Paper (2019)" ( click to download ), summed up the technical practice of the JD blockchain in five major application scenarios, and introduced a series of landing cases. At the same time, the white paper also introduces the technical advantages, system architecture and future planning of the blockchain in Jingdong District.

Cao Peng, vice president of Jingdong Digital Technology, pointed out that the blockchain is an important part of digital technology. JD is one of the few large enterprises in the world with a large number of blockchain practical application scenarios. Blockchain technology and enterprise-oriented alliance networks solve the problem of China's industrial digitalization “upgrading” and bring about a historical opportunity to promote the construction of a new generation of trusted digital economy. Blockchain technology has become the fourth core technology capability of Jingdong Digital Technology after data technology, artificial intelligence and IoT.

From the perspective of solving the pain points of business, Jingdong Digital Block Chain Team of Jingdong Digital Technology has digging deep into many business scenarios inside and outside the Jingdong system, giving full play to its technological advantages, quality traceability, digital deposit certificate, credit network, financial technology, and value innovation. A series of landings have been implemented in five major application scenarios, allowing users to enjoy the protection and services provided by blockchain technology with almost no perception.

Quality traceability helps food and drug safety and precision poverty alleviation

According to incomplete statistics, the market scale affected by counterfeit and shoddy goods worldwide is as high as 300 billion US dollars. Among them, food and drug safety incidents occur frequently, and the resulting trust crisis has been highly concerned by the society and solved by technical means. The focus of government and business concerns.

Based on the decentralization, consensus mechanism, non-tamperable, and information traceability of blockchain technology, Jingdong Blockchain Anti-Counterfeiting Traceability Platform has launched consumer product solutions and pharmaceutical industry solutions. As of February this year, the platform has accumulated more than 700 brands and more than 50,000 SKUs. The brand names include Nestlé, Wyeth, Yanghe, Yili and other well-known enterprises. The platform has more than 2.8 million after-sales users access, with up to 1.3 billion on-line data. The product range includes food, alcohol, milk powder, daily necessities and medical supplies, contributing to a safe and reliable consumer experience and medical services.

For example, Angus, Australia's leading exporter of meat products, has deep cooperation with the Jingdong blockchain anti-counterfeiting platform to enable domestic consumers to understand the birth, growth, quarantine, and cattle from the cattle by scanning the QR code on the package. All the information such as slaughtering, processing and transportation will be automatically recorded in every link during the period. Every link can not be artificially altered, and every link can be publicized to consumers, so that every piece of beef is safe and reliable.

At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting traceability technology of the blockchain in Jingdong District is also applied in the field of precision poverty alleviation. Jingdong’s “running chicken”, “youshui duck” and “flying pigeon” projects in the national poverty-stricken counties passed the footsteps. IoT equipment, combined with video traceability technology, collects poultry sports data, feeding, drinking water, de-worming and other information, and records it in the blockchain network. Consumers can understand the breeding process of purchased agricultural products. Graphic information such as the growing environment, while improving the consumer experience, has also increased income for farmers in poor areas.

Digital deposit certificate and credit network service integrity system construction

In terms of digital deposit certificate, the blockchain digital deposit certificate platform of Jingdong District has realized functions such as trusted deposit, automatic forensics, one-click proof, and infringement warning. It has been applied to electronic contracts, electronic invoices, electronic certificates, electronic bills, and the Internet. Litigation, copyright protection and other scenarios.

Recently, Jingdong Group and Guangzhou Internet Court jointly signed a cooperation agreement between the Trusted Electronic Evidence Platform and the Judicial Credit Co-ruling Platform. The two parties will use their respective professional experience and technical advantages to ensure that the evidence data process is traceable and recordable. Evidence data storage is secure, verification is convenient, and the principles of safety, justice, neutrality, and openness are followed together to properly maintain evidence data. At the same time, the two sides will also share judicial credit information under the premise of laws and regulations and user authorization, and provide effective support for promoting the construction of cyberspace credit system.

In addition, “Jing Xiao Rent” is the first credit leasing platform in the industry that uses blockchain technology to solve the problem of consumer disputes in the consumer leasing market. When the user rents goods, the Beijing small rent platform obtains the leasing business through automated processes. Lease agreement, order data, rental process and other data and complete the "winding" operation to ensure the open and transparent lease service.

In terms of credit network, the irreparable modification and transparency of blockchain technology can serve the construction of social credit system, solve the pain points of the past credit system, and assist the regulatory agencies to achieve credit evaluation of social subjects. The blockchain of Jingdong District is using technical means to provide assistance in improving the social credit system in terms of digital identity, corporate general account number, credit leasing, logistics credit, etc., and also facilitates business operations and personal life.

Financial technology and value innovation reduce trust costs, improve efficiency and safety

In terms of financial technology, blockchain technology has become one of the most important basic capabilities, which can effectively solve the problems of imperfect information disclosure and high cost of trust, and use technology to promote the establishment of a financial transaction environment of security and mutual trust.

At present, the blockchain of Jingdong District has been initially applied in the field of asset securitization. Jingdong Finance, a brand of Jingdong Digital Technology, has also issued a number of ABS projects, and has achieved several first-time initiatives such as ABS domestic first-order lending and first-time use of smart contracts.

In addition, in terms of value innovation, Jingdong Steel, a point service product of Jingdong Digital Technology, explored the application of blockchain technology to build a point verification system for the first time in the credit industry, and upgraded the traditional 16-bit code verification card to a short link. In the form, the three operation links of card secret distribution, collection and binding are all online, avoiding problems such as card misuse and stolen brushing, and improving the efficiency and security of user points redemption and use.

JD Chain is officially open source, and the developer community is online.

According to the white paper, the technical structure of the blockchain in JD is divided into two parts: JD Chain and JD BaaS. Among them, JD Chain, as the core engine, focuses on solving the key technical problems at the bottom of the blockchain and establishing a technological ecosystem with China's independent intellectual property rights. JD BaaS is an enterprise-class service platform that provides flexible, easy-to-use and scalable blockchain system management capabilities, enabling enterprise-class users to rapidly deploy in public, private and hybrid cloud environments, reducing enterprise cost and facilitating application adoption.

It is worth noting that JD Chain has been open sourced and synchronized online in the open source community (http://ledger.jd.com/). JD Chain open source is of great importance to both industry and developers. First, open JD Chain's high-quality technical code, concise design documents and code examples will help developers quickly establish a clear and effective learning path and quickly enter the blockchain technology field. Second, JD Chain open source can help Enterprises to improve research and development efficiency; Third, JD Chain open source will promote the construction of blockchain technology application ecology, accelerate the development of China's blockchain technology. (Li Jing)

(Source: Guangming)

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