Matrix Element was invited to attend the 2019 International Financial Technology Conference

As a national strategy, the two-wheel drive of the Shanghai International Financial Center and the Science and Technology Innovation Center is imperative. From June 10th to 11th, the 2019 International Financial Technology Conference will be held in Shanghai. Mr. Sun Lilin, founder and CEO of Matrix Element, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on blockchain technology and status quo.


The conference consisted of Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance, Shanghai Jiaotong University China Finance Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Mathematical Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Institute, National University of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute, National University of Singapore Risk Management Institute, Singapore National University Quantitative Financial Center and Digital Finance Journal co-sponsored.

Professor Li Xianglin from the Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance was invited to host the conference. Famous experts and scholars from home and abroad and leading companies in the field of financial technology came to the site to discuss the theoretical and practical application of financial technology.

The event was held in two days. On June 10th, the guests discussed the current situation and future trends of financial technology in the fields of financial technology investment application, blockchain, financial technology theory and practice, and financial technology practice. Among them, Mr. Sun Lilin, founder and CEO of Matrix Element, was invited to attend and give a speech to share the cutting-edge technology and industry application of the blockchain.

On the following day, experts and scholars from well-known institutions at home and abroad will give keynote speeches on the prediction of China's national debt yield, the use of deep neural networks to establish financial news sentiment indicators, integrated modeling in machine learning and its application in transactions, and promote multi-party exchanges. With dialogue.

Collision of ideas, sharing of wisdom, invite you to witness an unprecedented high-end academic conference! Seats are limited, please register as soon as possible! Registration link

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