The tip of the iceberg: See how domestic listed companies "issue money" through Thunder

With the gradual emergence of blockchain technology potential, listed companies have stepped into the blockchain. On the one hand, due to policies and regulations and currency chaos, it is regarded as a savage beast. On the other hand, everyone is eager to get rid of this rumor. The major listed companies are slashing their hands and exploring the blockchain business model. Listed companies rely on blockchain, Thunder is not the only one, but it is definitely a representative.

When it comes to Thunder, many people's first reaction is a "download software". As early as 2013, the number of Thunder users exceeded 460 million, and the number of paid users reached 5.2 million. In 2014, it was successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States. Thunder users have exceeded 100 million, and the daily life has broken through 10 million. According to the official 2016 annual financial report released by Thunder, the total revenue was US$157 million, a year-on-year increase of 20.7%. The year-on-year increase was mainly due to the growth of cloud computing, mobile advertising and membership income. However, after the Thunder 7 version, there were too many advertisements. The user once went back to use the version with less advertisements before. The effect of mobile advertising was limited, the membership growth was slow, and Thunder opened up new business. In 2017, To C launched the profitable treasure. In the guest cloud, To B launched the Star Domain CDN, and subsequently reached strategic cooperation with China Telecom and China Unicom. After the transformation of cloud computing, Xunlei's star domain CDN was awarded the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in August 2017. Unlike the cloud computing giants such as Tencent Cloud and Lancome, in the model, Netcore Technology adopts the CDN sharing mode and also uses Thunder to make money as a family. The node, then resold to the company, once provoked a price war in the CDN market.

Back to the big tree, enjoy the cool, strong into the currency circle

The currency circle relies on "consensus", and Thunder is deeply convinced. In December 2017, Chen Lei, CEO of Thunder, accepted an interview with CCTV, saying that blockchain technology accelerated the development of “One Belt and One Road”; in May 2018, Thunder was elected as the benchmark for the 2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

There are listed companies endorsements, as well as a large number of news propaganda, many people joined the team of players.

As of December 31, 2017, Thunder's total annual revenue was approximately US$200 million, an increase of 43.2% over 2016. Total revenue for the fourth quarter was approximately $82.4 million, an increase of 128.5% year-on-year and an increase of 83.9% quarter-on-quarter. This is the highest increase since Thunder’s eight consecutive quarters of revenue growth, and the highest since Thunder’s listing in 2014. What makes Thunder’s turnover so much improved? Behind the benchmark of the blockchain development, how does Thunder open the way to make money?

Evading supervision, surprisingly, and releasing ICO

As early as September 2011, Thunder launched the Thunder Points Mall, and Thunder Points was the only “currency” for the platform to specify consumption. After the ICO landed in the Chinese market, this is a way to realize the points directly, and Thunder launched the player cloud in time to gain profits. However, in order to evade supervision, Thunder has repeatedly stated that the token "chain" of the player cloud is never on the exchange, but the market is an invisible hand, which can be traded outside the QQ group. A player introduced that the transaction method is “owner guarantee, the buyer will call the money to the owner, the seller will transfer the money to the buyer. After the buyer determines that the currency has arrived, the owner will give the money to the seller, and the owner will collect the guarantee fee. Usually a ratio of 1%".

Domestically, the issuance of tokens is strictly forbidden, and the policy is becoming more and more strict. Thunder does not forget to "pave the way" while making money. First, the global blockchain application contest was held on July 6, 2018, and the list of its top ten global teams was announced (Designer, Mirror, BOOSTO, certification chain, Oasis squad, love medical team – medical assistant, love The squad, the turquoise traceability chain alliance team, and the creative running); reached a strategic cooperation with the New World Group as early as September 2018, and on May 6, 2019, will be chain gram, chain gram pocket, chain gram mall and other chain business. Sold to Beijing Chain Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.

According to Thunder's introduction, the blockchain technology is also used to play the coin, which can be used to “mining” by sharing network bandwidth, storage space and other resources. However, unlike the digital currency such as Bitcoin, there is no open source for playing the coin, and there is no complete disclosure of the algorithm. Users need to purchase the guest cloud hardware to dig up the coin and not to build the miner. For the user, the gamer’s way of making money is deeply loved, plus the emerging technology of blockchain technology, playing the coin to make it a profitable opportunity in the investment market, attracting users to participate in it. It does not involve blockchain technology itself. The so-called money-making gameplay is just a thunder that can explode at any time.

Then Thunder guilty, Thunder Big Data / Thunder Financial said that Thunder CEO Chen Lei's play coin business did not use blockchain technology, violated the relevant documents of the seven ministries, is a disguised ICO, is a fraudulent fundraising scam.

According to the non-small June 4th show, the playing coin has fallen from the highest of 9 yuan to the current price of 0.6 yuan.

The rain is coming from the wind, and when the storm is coming, Xunlei issued a notice saying that it "resolutely supports the country against ICO", and the altcoin on the market has been affected to varying degrees. While hiding the "ICO" attribute, spend a lot of money, please ask Aoi to endorse the guest cloud, emphasizing that the guest cloud is just a smart hardware, but its ICO has nowhere to hide.

Do not put eggs in the same basket, differentiate regulatory risk

As a listed company, in the face of various regulations, Thunder has adopted a multi-party layout and attempts to differentiate risks by not placing eggs in the same basket.

On September 15th, 2018, the Thunder chain was divided into forks for the first time, and the LK was split for the first time. The player's cash WKH was mapped and the blue maple platform was launched (content source Lan Fenglin);

In 2018, the route newifi 3 was mined by Thunder, Lenovo, and Jingdong Investment, and the excavated token was “NEWG”, and the miner referred to “gold” for short;

In July 2018, the HGBC, known as the "gene blockchain," issued the "health points", or "bases," and went online. According to the official news of Thunder, all services on the HGBC are carried by the APP Darwin Planet. In the APP Darwin Planet, there are two HGBC products [Personal Whole Genome Sequencing Edition] and [Full Exome Data Collection Kit], which can be mined after mining and can share ecological dividends, while the points " The bases also support OTC transactions such as the QQ group, and the gamer cloud is exactly the same as the gameplay to avoid supervision. The transaction URL is entered into the “Blue Maple” platform mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that the "tokens" related to Thunder – eggs (chain grams), player cash (WKH), bases, gold (NEWG), and 360 shared cloud digging cloud drills are available in the chain Trading in the official community, prices vary. Under the supervision of Thunder, Xunlei still deploys its own “playing coins”.

The same blockchain gameplay, surprised by the lazy pockets of another partner of the Thunderbolt chain.

On January 14, 2019, lazy pockets were on the line of Thunderbolt. According to the official news of Thunder, the lazy ecology relies on the blockchain technology provided by Thunderbolt to help the merchants solve many problems encountered in the business process. The highlight is the lazy pocket small program interface shows "Jingdong 30 million goods, let you search and choose", and the player cloud is a bit similar to the platform's "lazy drill", the official customer service said that "lazy diamonds can be traded behind, a drill One yuan, but asked the specific time, the customer service did not respond positively.

Thunder's basket of eggs makes you seem to be full of pots, but after all, underestimate the problem of fragile eggs, dancing on the wire of capital, after all, only the eggs will be broken.

The platform thunders and pushes each other

In June 2018, there was a problem with the technology platform. After the redemption of difficulties and the emergence of a large number of traders’ rights protection incidents, Lenovo said that “it is only a minority shareholder, not a legal person who listens to technology, and said that it can only help users to give feedback”, Xunlei published The statement did not participate in the operation of newifi3 and other blockchain products.

After that, the price of the coin has fallen all the way. Thunder has claimed that the player cloud has nothing to do with Thunder, but in the chain store it transferred, you can also see the cooperation partner of Thunder [HGBC], [Turquoise traceability] He is also the winner of the Global Blockchain Application Contest Winning Award organized by the Thunderbolt.

New bottle of old wine, and then enter the gold

In 2019, the government focused on blockchain technology and supported blockchain technology to empower the real economy, but it is well known that in the currency circle, market making is more attractive than doing business. Thunder began to vigorously promote its Thunderbolt chain. On May 25th, Xunlei Chain held the Thunderbolt Technology Salon at the Jiating Hotel in Shanghai Square with the theme of “Invisible Shield and Decrypted Blockchain Security”. At the same time, in terms of brand exposure, Xunlei chain chief engineer came to Xinke as a guest of international fashion magazines. Secondly, in the China Venture Capital Summit held in Shenzhen, Netcore Technology won the new enterprise award.

The same "blockchain" gameplay, new bottled old wine, and then into the gold.

At this time, the blockchain has its own opportunities and its own technological advantages, but how to truly integrate the blockchain technology with the original business, promote the development of the real economy, and explore the compliance and business models. There is a long way to go. Listed companies are no exception.

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