Facebook currency, "Today's headlines" can't hold back?

"CTFTT is the equity gain certificate of the byte jump (today headlines), issued by CTFEX, each CTFTT refers to the profit right of certain headlines today, and invests in CTFTT equivalent investment today."

In the field of Facebook encryption, the social giant entered the cryptocurrency industry and was a positive signal for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin reached $13,829 at 3 am on June 27, and a large amount of institutional funds entered the field of cryptocurrency. The mainstream society is gradually recognizing cryptocurrencies, attracting traditional Internet companies. The netizen broke the news that "the headline is also issued today!" As shown in the opening paragraph, "Investing in CTFTT is equivalent to investing in today's headlines."

Some netizens questioned that "Today's headlines are suspected of illegally raising funds to issue securities." After running a survey, FinaceRun found that there were loopholes:

According to the official website, CTFEX is the world's first second-hand private equity investment transfer platform, and the wiki chain, the platform officially launched on June 18, 2019, as a third-party application of the wiki chain, the wiki chain official website shows that CTFEX first The products on the line include: ByteDance, the parent company of JRTT and DY; ZH (know), the largest knowledge sharing community in China; WZ Bank (Wenzhou Bank), the first Internet bank in China . CTFTT official website shows that the end of the CTFXM millet group, is on the line is CTFTT today headlines, pre-heating is CTFZH know.

The rules for the Wikimedia Group to buy today's headline shares are only for 10,000 WICCs, the time is 6.24-6.27, and the lock is up to 6.28. According to the non-small market, the lock period is just the time period when the WICC currency price rises and has fallen.

One of the loopholes, the BW.com exchange showed that CTFTT issued a total of 5,800, 1 CTFTT worth 100 USDT (1 USDT = 1 US dollar), a total of 580,000 US dollars. According to CTFEX official disclosure, there are three CTFTT purchase channels: CTFEX official channel, open quota is 580,000 US dollars (customer explanation is 380,000), Wikipedia group quota is 200,000, BW.com quota is 73,000, but three channels plus It has exceeded the total circulation.

Vulnerability Second, the BTFT.com exchange shows that the CTFTT white paper is “CTFTT Bidding”, which indicates that the solvency agency is Serene Global Limited, and the netizens questioned the official operation “What is Serene Global Limited?” The official customer service replied: "If the byte is beating overseas, we will use the overseas company to complete the fund delivery. This is required by law." The breach of contract does not indicate the liability for breach of contract.

The third of the loopholes, the netizen proposed the official website interface, "Mianmi Group's subscription date is 2017.12.20-2018.02.20", the platform was established at 2019.6.18, the customer service said "is the internal test period for internal trading trials", but the interface It is not stated that the announcement is a beta.

In addition, when the netizens asked the customer service within the group, the wiki chain co-founder Zhou Mou talked about the netizens. “When we are convenient, we will find a coffee shop to talk about how?” Zhou said: “If I convinced you, you will naturally Group friends explained." Some of the chat screenshots are as follows:

In the CTFEX public number, "CTFEX provides early-stage monetization channels for GPs and LPs that need to exit; provides supermarket-like unicorn purchase experience for investors with investment intentions." This model is similar to P2P mode, platform. Acting as an intermediary to provide investment information for the market. First, as a second-hand private equity fund investment transfer platform, information disclosure is seriously distorted, customer service and official website information are different. In addition, the project’s actual controller is hidden, the responsible subject is unknown, and there is a very Big investment risk.

This kind of gameplay is not the first time. The blockchain should really empower the real economy. It is not the access to such a variety of vulnerabilities and hype concepts (today headlines, knowing, millet) and so on. .

Once again, remind investors that investment is risky and that caution is required when entering the market.

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