Opinion: power is power

Inadvertently, we went to the end of the Kangbo cycle, and went to the moment when the global trade cycle was not broken. When it came to the moment when the global central bank’s monetary policy was exhausted, it also reached a major node of conflicts between the state and the company’s interests, and even more unfortunately A year of El Niño, the huge chaos is guiding us to the new era of faults.

We foresee the change. Three years ago, we translated and wrote the investment theme article "Company Empire" series. At that time, we believed that giant enterprises would play a more important role than modern countries. Merchants would truly enter the historical arena and large enterprises around the world. There will be a group of state-level enterprises with a market value of more than 10 trillion US dollars, becoming the operator of the major industries on the planet.

Unexpectedly, the trend accelerated and cashed out at the same time as multiple contradictions.

In the past three years, real estate businessman Trump was elected president. One of the largest Internet companies, Facebook, led the global currency Libra. Some countries have cast aside the marijuana, gambling, and electronic cigarettes that have become the exaggerated blood-making machines of the new company empire. Foxconn’s The founder participated in the election of some leaders, Softbank Sun Justice 100 billion US dollars Vision Fund gambles humanity in the next 100 years, the once serious loss of SpaceX rockets crushed the research and development capabilities of all other countries…

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The replacement of the political family and the military power group on the historical stage by the merchant group is an episode of political games and a necessity after the evolution of contradictions. People who eat too much are not only able to buy goods, high-level needs are becoming more diversified, some want women to be equal, some want gays to enter women's toilets, and some want to smoke marijuana. It is more and more difficult for the people and the elites of the egg to agree with each other. In order to vote, politicians tend to bow to ethnic minorities, make marijuana legal, get gay marriage, let refugees take refuge, buy people's hearts and votes, and let go of liberalism. However, the country’s balance sheet is already fragile. It is difficult to maintain the old order and rely on strong performers because of the party’s potential. In the end, only the people who really went deep into the masses, understand the masses, that is, don’t want money, and shameless business representatives are the most appropriate political cleaners in the chaotic era.

Old paradigm of collapse

Merchants are on the stage, and the price is not cheap. We are faced with an unprecedented paradigm shift, almost all of the value coordinate system has undergone a sharp shift, the intensity of the change is no less than the modernization impact of the late Qing Dynasty. The pot to be rubbed, the one to be rubbed, is really unprecedented:

  • Migration of production materials: The core production data is no longer land + petrochemical energy, but data and talent itself. The most important power – the tools of violence – is completely incapable of constraining productivity and production relations. Even the influence of some super-individuals transcends the party and the government. In the real world, there is no reluctance in the real world. In the social network and media environment, it may be the Super Saiyan, the US real estate network red singled the Democratic Party veteran. Iron ore gangs control the price of steel throughout the country, and a small number of Jews control the public opinion environment of the entire US emperor is also a fait accompli.
  • National border chaos: The virtual world that barely existed 20 years ago has become the new American continent. The cloud activity of more than 3.5 billion virtual residents has changed the real world. In the cloud, is the Pope, the aunt, or Bezos more useful, and the beliefs are blown again, and it is not as strong as Bezos? What the political tycoon really feels more troublesome is that Libra, the new banknote in the virtual world, opened the Pandora's Box, which is used by 3.5 billion people. Is it a super currency? The enchanting birth in the US dollar system directly penetrates all foreign exchange controls. The Americans actually sit back and ignore what other countries do.
  • Trade system restructuring: We can indulge in the insults of HSBC, which is controlled by Ping An Group, to sell HW, but it cannot be denied that global trade restructuring is not simply a national will, but the overall consensus of the enterprise group. The last round of globalization was the productivity expansion and capital expansion represented by multinational corporations. When the technology dividend is exhausted and the world factories in the industrial chain start to challenge the giants, the partnership will disappear. Everyone is no longer the division of labor between the upstream and the downstream, but the competition for the same ecological position. We can blame the US emperor for being too embarrassed, but when the new generation of the country’s rises smashed the international giants, it was also a knife. Children only see right or wrong, adults only look at interests. We must admit that the globalization dominated by multinational corporations is over.

10-year US Treasury bond interest rate change chart

  • The end of the fiscal system: Before 2015, many domestic amnesties were still addicted to the “Golden Control Group”. I hope to become a fully-licensed financial holding group, become a RMB issuance node, get inflationary income in disguise, and the biggest dividend for mixed operations – the infinite leverage brought by the circulation of RMB in the node, so as to use the infinite leverage to shake the super-asset sector. For example, like a peace, become a super landlord. It is a pity that any logic can be compressed to zero infinitely once it can be expanded with financial instruments. The boundary of inflation/issuing is precisely the boundary of our biological attributes – the newly added debtable population. When the newborn is shrinking, all financial business must go idling, and then the node cuts the node, eventually going to negative inflation and completing the elimination of wealth.

New paradigm of power and value

Any change of the old and new order will be accompanied by a huge shock and a resounding reorganization of wealth. Almost everyone is thinking about how the big changes are coming soon, how can their own interests maximize the path of preservation. For players with certain assets, the chip maker suggests that everyone should closely follow the origin of “power” and “value” to think about the layout, and never copy the past. experience.

After all, in the vicissitudes of the times, the most inaudible thing is the "experience talk" of Daxie. Every round of transformation and the elimination of the last stage of the amnesty is a real high probability event. How can you listen to the dead? Starting from the essence, exploring the edge and finding new things is a relatively reliable path.

"Five Royal Oaths"

The Meiji Emperor’s pro-independence led the officials in the main hall of the Purple Temple to swear to the people of heaven and earth to reveal the country’s policy to open the Meiji Restoration.

Just as in 1868, the Emperor Meiji declared the world with the "Five Royal Oaths", abandoned the shogunate, actively moved closer to the modern chaebol and industrial groups representing the Western productive forces, and de-Asian into Europe, we must be determined and determined, because of new power and wealth. The high probability of logic expansion will also be on the side of the more powerful productivity group.

Currency is the exchange vouchers of national debt, a perfect metaphor for the duality of power and value.

The image represents the source of power and the number represents the amount of debt.

Just like the perfect metaphor of money, power and value are two sides of one another. Power is the tool for value realization, and value is the basis for the existence of power. Power determines the network of production value (production relations), value is the power to transport nutrients, and constantly self-gain.

The core appeal of power is to find the best lever fulcrum in dynamic competition, and to exchange the minimum control for the global control of the game; the core appeal of value, in exchange for the same long-term deterministic benefit. The operation of power, planning the path of value maximization. The long-term value determines the success of power.

Everyone knows the road, but the point at which power and value really converge is uncertain. The old and new thinking are struggling in the new round of competition for core production materials, which constitutes the main axis of today's political and economic game: we see that from Hormuz to Malacca, from Jerusalem to Mecca, from 5G to new In a round of Star Wars, the friction and power struggles of the imperial borders continued to deepen, and the battlefield continued to change. A-shares and US stocks are also closely followed, vying to price suspected new core production materials. From rare earths to industrial Internet, chips, and agriculture, the concept conversion speed is faster than electric fans. I don’t understand that A-shares are not Tune, in fact, the real change is the change of the old and the new behind the power and the cognitive change of the value container.

In the past, the most important core production material was land + petrochemical energy. The balance of violence based on violence required these resources to maintain order. The state as the main body of violent machines needs these as fuel. In the future, the new subject is a civilized tribe, and the technology competition is The main theme between civilizations, the real game of competition between civilizations, is precisely the enormous computing power of the cloud.

I have seen 14000605 endings before I started.

Computational power is the most virtual and the most real. Invisible, but the only force that can bind time space. The most powerful person is always waiting for you at the end of the competition. For example, like the singular doctor in the movie, you have not yet shot, you will know the future of more than 14 million kinds of endings, the only one that can win. The most powerful ones are not the instantaneous power, but the winning rate is always on their own side. It is the weapon to change the probability and the ultimate ability of the final game.

In the past, all human capabilities were developed in the spatial dimension. From heaven to earth, to global trade, the ability of human beings in the time dimension was extremely scarce. The astrological numerology and astronomical calendars that have been passed down to the present are used to make use of limited Data collection modeling, forming a less reliable ability to lead to the future. From the wizard of the turtle shell divination to the first Qing Dynasty governor of the Qing Dynasty (the director of the astronomical calendar bureau) Tang Ruowang, but if there is a little bit of reliable, it will be sealed as a god.

Only after the emergence of the computer, we have the ability to forecast, we can really crawl on the timeline and lead the climate change a little. Computational power + data, today can not only measure the weather, but also pre-research nuclear weapons, to expand the virtual world's nuclear weapons research and development field, and to increase the R&D iteration index level, and truly defeat the soldiers.

In the new era, power is no longer reflected in the maximum output of spatial dimension violence. In the face of the extreme computing power that can be achieved in the time dimension by the end of the game, the violence is quite primitive and quite pale. Computational power is the super-production material of the time battlefield and the best container of power in the new era.

The power is the new Zeus

Support structure of power and value

Computational power is intangible, far less likely to be possessed by land, population, and gold. How to compete for a big problem that is very troublesome. In the agricultural era, there should be no one in the DPRK, and the official position superimposed on the standard of the Wa, the family of the family, occupying the most upstream of the distribution of production materials. In the industrial era, the equity standard, capital control of production materials, and the construction of an industrial empire form a strong voice. What is the authority in the era of power? How can we work hard to reflect your rights and control?

Different from the past, in the era of computing power, the basic laws have changed. In the past, power was reflected in the scarcity of supply. The core production materials were not available to you, and the lack of petrochemical energy immediately left the nest. In the future, power is reflected in the infinite supply of super-computing power. Massive demand seems to have a greater voice, without the support of cheap computing power, and the trains that have progressed by civilization in minutes.

It is absurd to talk about the infinite supply from the support structure. Before that, almost no physical objects were supplied infinitely, even if the banknotes could not be done. The premise of calculating the power of infinite supply is how to form a strong support network that supports the supply of computing power, so that all people and things are paid for computing power, trading with power, and computing power (energy supply chip stacking capability) Working for the local currency, everything starts from the calculation power, and everything is settled by calculation.

Before the advent of Bitcoin, the power currency was completely ridiculous. Today, as the computing power currency, Bitcoin proved its strong vitality and belief in the unique charm of the book in 10 years. It also proves that The possibility is there, and it is not dead.

  • Core assets / local currency = computing power + computing power support network
  • Computing power = chip
  • Computing Support Network = Cloud + Settlement Network System (Bitcoin)

One of the Google data centers

For cloud computing assets, many people have no objection to value and have doubts about the valuation cap. The cloud's SaaS service started with a valuation of tens of billions of dollars because it can still rise 100 times. The cloud is the real scarce gold land. As computing power gets more and more life, the biggest cloud will rule everything at a very low cost, becoming the oxygen of all applications and data processing equipment. In the long run, the Cloud Infrastructure will exceed the total market capitalization and total output value of the entire real estate industry and is the largest single asset class in human history. The history of technology shaping, from hot weapons, steam engines, tanks, atomic bombs, personal computers, will enter a more exaggerated chapter. Technology drives the deep restructuring of the power structure, and slowly wipes out the modern state, allowing the super company/super capitalism to enter the historical arena. Cloud computing is the country of the sky in the new era. Cloud computing in the vertical market is a different dominion or a country.

If cloud computing is a cloud country, the encrypted assets represented by Bitcoin are a more special existence, more like virtual gold with limited supply. The so-called encryption is a structure. In a purely vain world, only mathematical algorithms can build an architecture, and the uniqueness of mathematics in nothingness can be described as "nothing in the air," and uniqueness is the basis of value. Logical uniqueness (such as banknote security) ensures the foundation of value and the opportunity to become an asset.

What we often call assets is not money, but a value container structure, how much value its structure can carry, and the upper limit of its valuation and capacity. Uniqueness + supply limit + infinite segmentation is a condition to ensure that you can store the most value and become a core asset. Gold can only satisfy the first two, while bitcoin is satisfied and can also be transmitted electronically.

The logical structure of the financial world in the past has been extended, and the continuous reproduction extends to all similar asset categories. It seems that there are a lot of flowers, but in fact, floods and invisible plunder. The logical structure of the cryptographic assets is convergent, and all the features are slowly superimposed on the bitcoin, which slowly becomes the core asset and completes the concentration of higher density and higher efficiency.

Abandon cognitive inertia and jump on historical new faults

History and society don't crawl slowly, but jump step by step. They jump from one fault to another, with few twists and turns, and we (and historians) like to believe in the small steps we can predict. Evolution, we are just a huge looking machine.
"Black Swan"

Compounding and back testing are huge traps that humans assume for themselves. We think that everything is linear. In fact, the moment of changing the historical process, the profitable trading, and the decision to decide a life, either a slap in the face, or an accidental accident, jumped into a new fault. .

We must realize that the fault of history has been switched, and the core values ​​of the times have changed.

  • In the era of carbon-based civilization (industrial and agricultural stages), power and value are embodied in the space and violence, the ultimate control of the shortage of resources.  
  • In the era of silicon-based civilization (power is power), power and value are embodied in the infinite supply of computing power, from the time dimension to the limit of probability.

The nightmare caused by the shortage of production materials in the carbon-based civilization is engraved in the biological genes. The living space of each niche creature is forced. We must try our best to compete, kill and go to the food chain. For yourself. Before the outbreak of agricultural productivity, eating and drinking was a demand that was almost never met.

Therefore, even if the middle and lower classes complain about it today, it will not change their destiny. In a limited productivity environment, the existing system of human society systematically uses all means to plunder the lower society. The cheapness of the labor force at the bottom of the press is the first driving force of the social system and the true basis of the monetary system.

After all, the banknotes that allow the poor to pay for their debts are really money.  

Fortunately, the world has improved. We will soon enter an almost limitless source of energy, with almost unlimited labor, and robots provide a world of survival data that is almost at your fingertips. The shortage of material information is becoming less and less, the famine is almost gone, people have more time to chase self-realization, and chasing values ​​other than material, everything in the new world will be completely different.

It is extremely difficult to actively embrace the new world. The inertia of cognition and the sense of shortage in the genes are blocking us from moving forward.

Chinese people especially like superficial history and power, and hope to obtain the basic ability of survival from the past deductive game collection. In fact, for the infinite computing power of the future, the game skill in the finite set is the most worthless, for a lifetime. The ingenuity of the computer is exhausted by the computer for a second, and it is infinitely sad. The so-called study and reading are the core reasons for poverty and backwardness. In the historical public accounts such as Zi Zhi Tong Jian and Shi Ji, the records are the game and killing of the emperor. There is no truth about the times. The most outrageous is the record of few technologies promoting the times.

In contrast, Western scholars study the success and failure of the government and human society more thoroughly. From the British economist Hayek's "The Road to Slavery" to one of the greatest historians of the 20th century, Fernan Braudel's material civilization, economy and the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries Capitalism explores the past and future of mankind from economic, cultural, historical, meteorological and geopolitical dimensions.

Pythagoreans celebrate the sunrise

If you shift the timeline, the difference is even more pronounced. In 500 BC (the Spring and Autumn Period of China), the mathematician Pythagoras had proposed the Pythagorean theorem, formed the Pythagorean school, gathered a group of scientists and even raised irrational numbers. More than 200 years after the Pythagorean theorem proposed, 450,000 people were buried alive in the war of Chinese Changping. If you use the same timeline to slide and see the history of East and West, the core reason for the Western leadership is to make the science above the theology and put it on top of the military law and governance power, and become the first driving force of society. The Eastern Continental Empire, including Russia, has always used science as a slave and tool of domination. This is one of the core reasons for backwardness and long-term second-rate countries.

Entering the new era of power, power, science is becoming a new theocracy and governing everything. In the violent changes of the times, as a member of the Eastern mainland countries, we must remind ourselves that we must thoroughly spit out the staleness of the past, constantly evolve, give up the game, give up the sense of shortage, give up material temptation and cognitive inertia, each of the new era. Second progress, more than a hundred times more than history.

Computation is the only power, and recognition is the only bargaining chip.

Source of this article: Chips , original title: power is power

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