Why did the younger generation of content creators in Korea turn their attention to DApp?

"Content creators" are the hope of the future.

In December last year, the Korean Ministry of Education and the Korea Vocational Ability Development Institute conducted a survey of more than 27,000 junior high school students across the country. The results show that the fifth place for future pupils to dream career is YouTuber. As the network red marketing has gradually become a popular marketing tool in the industry, the content marketing specialists began to appear on the recruitment website.

The future of DApp (decentralized applications) also depends on the creative developer. A reasonable reward system and original content without implanted advertisements are compulsory topics in the blockchain industry. From the spring of the "face" second, "oil pipe" second, to the game player DApp will be attributed to the game, the creative economy has become a major reason for the emergence of DApp.

But the current society is not clear what the content creators hold about DApp. It is especially difficult to hear the idea of ​​the “Z generation” (referring to people born between the mid-1990s and 2010), the main force in the future creative development community. At a conference held at a blockchain content platform, young people who are addicted to cultural content creation have their own opinions. Through them, they can learn about the diverse views of Dapp, cryptocurrency and blockchain from the perspective of Z-generation content creators.

High threshold for existing software

In order to influence more readers, most content creators will publish original content through different platforms. This is why they chose to focus on the undeveloped industry of DApp with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., which have become "Red Sea". Whether it is a full-time or a sideline, in order to seize the platform, they are always looking for new highlights that have not been developed.

At the exchange meeting on the day, young people have their main platforms for their activities. Jin Naen, who knows the Japanese Department of the University, laughs and says that she is an old user of Instagram. The 21-year-old Jin Enfei said that he has been running the YouTube channel for a month, just started to release fashion content, and now also released MV funny imitation videos. Huang Duoyi, who specializes in Western-style painting, also calls personal work as a beauty blogger on Instagram.

Although there are already platforms to show, the reason they challenge DApp is the entry barrier. Taking an existing platform such as YouTube and Instagram as an example, it takes a certain amount of time to obtain stable income, and the entry threshold is high. Wu Ruixian, a professor of cultural content at Hanyang University, said, “It’s not easy for creators who are just getting started to enter YouTube. Although it’s on a well-known platform, what we need is a platform that can grow together” . Li Changhan is the only office worker among the young people involved in content creation. He said that from the perspective of the workplace, this is his sideline business. Even if he works hard, it is difficult to guarantee regular release. However, the existing platform's realized income is not easy, and the entry threshold is high, which often makes people choose to give up in the middle.

Familiar with the Z generation of the cryptocurrency gene  

"The money for cryptocurrencies and live-sweeping gifts is not too much."

For young creatives in their 20s, cryptocurrency is no stranger. The number of YouTube hits, gifts on Afreeca TV, and rewards sponsorships on Twitch TV have made the way to generate revenue through original content. As producers and consumers of content, they interpret cryptocurrencies as virtual currencies similar to many online currencies in the past.

When asked, "When there is no special understanding of cryptocurrencies, will there be a sense of rejection of DApps," they replied, "though they will feel very fresh." "The public gift of this cryptocurrency is a very good way, fresh and interesting, and cryptocurrency is just one of many elements," said a creator of a YouTube channel. Jinnaen believes that Token does not differ from the way in which gifts from Afreeca TV are converted into revenue.

As content creators and content consumers, they see the advantages of using cryptocurrencies as rewards. Shen Yien, from the Department of Media Publicity at Chongshi University, said: "The concept of fans using cryptocurrencies to invest in creative content is very fresh. I think this currency will bring more responsibility and passion to content creators." Xu Hanfei, a college graduate who designed toy illustrations, is curious about DApp. He said that through the existing platform, even if the fans of Net Red or original fans support the mother powder, they will find it difficult to get equal benefits.

Participating in the day's event, an MCN company's operations director explained that during the prosperous period of Cyworld, South Korea once set off a boom in the UGC with Wonder Girls' "tell me", but the video-on-demand revenue model did not materialize. After that, Korea gradually turned to uploading videos on Afreeca TV and YouTube. Due to the different profit models of different platforms, the creators' activities will be different.

A new problem of "defensive attack"

False news, false praise, comment on the water army. "Attack" has become the focus of discussion along with platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Naver. In particular, the cryptocurrency is directly connected to the source of revenue, so there is also a concern about the "cryptocurrency hijacking attack" at the event site. The blockchain project faces new challenges, and although it is currently impossible to completely eliminate the attack, it is moving in the direction of reducing attacks.

Some of the creators who tried DApp also experienced DApp experience. He revealed: "When a cosmetics review DApp opened beta last year, I first came into contact with cryptocurrency. I was very angry at the behavior of being a group attack because I wanted to make money. ". A person uploads a photo of a cosmetic product, and a few people can like it to make the related content popular. He added: "And no matter how hard you can't improve the level, it feels like a good start. But in this DApp creation activity, it seems that the exchange is no longer the main purpose, so expectation will be different."

In fact, "defense attacks" are becoming a big problem in the upcoming blockchain project for DApp. In January of this year, South Korea's video streaming media platform Watcha's blockchain project announced its launch of its own token in the content agreement, and the immediate price increase caused public concern. This makes the user who does not know much about the cryptocurrency investment resent. At the time, the representative of the content agreement said in an interview that there is no measures to fundamentally stop the attack, and in the future, it will flexibly monitor attacks and accelerate technological development.

The chief operating officer of aFan Service Development Inc. said that, like Steemit's self-insurance program, one-to-one or one-to-many revolving investments are the biggest headache for DApps. He also said that aFan has designed a variety of devices, so that attackers can not create value through attacks, they will solve the root cause and continue to develop a program system to prevent such problems.

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