Stepping into the air is a qualified leek in the field of cryptocurrency

Are you going empty?

If you are a currency party, then there is nothing for you to take the time to go empty. If you are a futures party and a short-term speculator, are you going empty?

I believe that you are definitely going to empty, because if you are not on the air, maybe you are not a qualified speculator.

Although I am not a short-term player, in the communication with short-term and futures experts, they will mention a newcomer to become a veteran point – a strict implementation strategy.

What does that mean? That is, if you judge the wrong stop loss, if you judge the right, you must strictly take profit. To behave very rigorously as a program, you can survive in a cruel, fast-changing market.

That's why, novices are hard to survive in an unusually brutal market (although they think it's easy to make money). It's just three things:

1, fell unwilling to cut meat;

2, I feel that I can rise again;

3. Empty positions are more anxious than full positions.

When we are saying that investment is anti-humanity, in fact, we should say that everyone is more keen on short-term operations and more anti-humanity. Even every minute and every second forces you to fight against humanity, and the choices made are only You can make money in the market more times. So a set of strategies is very important, and it is more important to strictly enforce them.

Many old drivers in the futures market will overturn the car because it is not strictly enforced on a few occasions. The brain is eager to make a big move, and the result is a short position, and everything goes to zero.

Well, then, the main rise of Bitcoin in this round is actually three rounds. The round is the beginning of April, rising to more than 5,000 in an hour and four thousand, and then moving sideways between 5200-5500; the second round It was a breakthrough of 6000, and it was a short time at around 6200; the third round was yesterday’s round.

In the bear market, the futures traders and analysts who live to today must have a strong bear market thinking, which is also the reason to help them survive. And their strategy tells them that 5800 is the pressure level, 6200 is the pressure level, and 6600 is the 7000.

No, no one thought about whether it would break through 7,000 directly before Bitcoin rose to 7,000.

Therefore, the more professional short-term players, the more likely to step into this round of rising.

So what about the amaranth that counts on these analysts? Naturally, it is very easy to step on the air, let alone a big wave of users who have broken through the six thousand high-altitudes. Otherwise, there will be no more than 15,000 BTCs in the warehouse order yesterday, and Bitmex will set a new high of 100. Billion dollars trading volume.

In the past two days, it can be said that it is a long and short battle, and each other is stupid.

In fact, to be honest, if I am a short-term or leveraged player, I certainly can't do more or buy Bitcoin after breaking through $6,000. I definitely have to wait for the callback. Or, I will buy some mainstream currencies that haven’t risen so much after Bitcoin has doubled.

As a result, everyone also saw that the mainstream currency does not follow.

So why do I say that I don't play short lines and leverage? Because there is no such ability, I can't eat this bowl of rice. I don’t mean to say that noble, coin and value investment or fixed investment is actually the easiest way to make money, and short-term needs to have a high sensitivity and knowledge reserve, including you have to have a "disk feel". In the end, you have to stare and ensure that your operational strategy is implemented very strictly.

So this money, I can't make it. I think most people should be careful when they are involved in short-term operations or even leveraged operations. If you earn this money, you still can't earn it.

Well, because I am not keen on short-term operations, I also know that I am not eating this bowl of rice, so I don’t want to move up or down. Bitcoin has soared, in fact, the psychological is also very contradictory. Adding a position, there is no need, the price has indeed reached a top in the short term, can not go to sleep tonight, went straight to 10,000 dollars to go? To lighten up, it is impossible to sell.

In addition, the bear market has been a long time, you seem to have a feeling that you are used to bitcoin and will continue to grind at the bottom for a long time, you can always make more money to buy more coins, bitcoin will not be so Go away quickly.

But if Bitcoin really doesn't go back up all the way, you can't add it to the jiacang, you can't chase after chasing, you can only hold the poor chip in your hand and look at Bitcoin. I don’t want to ride a dusty head.

Is this feeling even worse? Is Bitcoin more tidy at the bottom?

I seriously thought about it, but it was quite happy to go up. After all, if Bitcoin really is such a ride, I will be enough. I will leave more points for more people, although I can’t help the world. Don't be alone.

Author: William Chen

Source: Chain Bits

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