Last chance to get on the bus? Looking back and comparing the previous bull market fluctuations is only when the slow cattle are turned on.

Foreword 1. "BTC stands firm 6000, the next key position is 6372 knives, breaking through the year-round bullish" "Two consecutive articles have been fulfilled before. (I feel that I really have the wind over there, I have been Shouting the spot to open the position is not yet waiting, waiting for the fact, the current stage of the spot, many of the gains have not returned to the peak of 4.10, BTC is still an uncertain factor, is still a suggestion, waiting, a few days ago, the article also mentioned I can't help it, 1-3 Chengcang, and later said in the group, at most not more than 40%, today BTC from the 7300-7500 rising process, reminded in the group 3 times… Do not heavy positions, do not chase The profit-making proposal to reduce the holdings… really is the word that is being played under the eyes of the eyes. Also, the fat house believes that everyone has tried the taste of the quilt cover?) 2. The currency circle has recently been super red VDS , FDS, HDS and other model coins, have recently been soaring, is it good for the currency? (Fat House thinks that this model currency… I will not add comments, but for the short-term, the currency circle is good, it will bring a lot of fresh blood, long-term, bad, after all… The events of September 17th, you know! 3. BTC continues to rise, the analysis says that there is no technical explanation. At the current stage, where is the support of BTC? How to operate now? Note: This article is for reference only. — ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————- Part 1: Market Analysis (First review the BTC opening in 13 years, and after the bear market in previous years) The glorious deeds!) This is the weekly line of BTC just a few months before the listing, the 1200-fold fluctuation from the big bottom to the big top. Looking back at the recent model currency 100 times, it is a sensation of the currency circle. The bear market seems to have let everyone forget the coin king. What was the glory of the past? ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————- The picture below is the last bear market, reversed after the bottom In the whole process, because the price was low at the time and the market value was small, the fluctuations were basically doubled or even several times. Note: Several times the fluctuation is only when the slow cow is turned on. Interested partners can also find other financial markets. Under the historical K-line chart of the conversion of the bulls and bears, the fluctuations are not the same, but the bottoming techniques are actually similar. Usually, the reversal of the bulls and bears requires multiple washings, repeated trials, and the main force is willing to make a one-time burst, which requires a lot of money and determination, and can not be lost, otherwise they will suffer heavy losses.

Fei Zhai believes that although the body of BTC is not the same as in the past, the repeated washing of dozens of points is still necessary. The friends who have experienced the bull market should have an impression. Now the trend of BTC is very consistent with the past. Said "bull market plunged", so the real entry into the slow cattle should still have a few months, of course, the timing of our spot large position on the car is also during this time. ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————————— As for what we should do next, in fact, the current market It seems complicated, but it is simple. Before I saw the article of fat house, I got the low price ETH, the EOS of 4.6 or so, and the several currencies that I occasionally recommended in the fat house circle. I continue to take it. Don't throw it away easily. After all, you really get a big bull market, and you can earn a lot in half a warehouse!

No matter where the BTC is pulled, the true sense of the callback is in place, and then consider continuing to increase the position. Now it is still chasing the rise, and never let yourself be passive in the transaction process. In fact, what kind of situation needs to worry about not getting on the car, only the big bull market, other situations will have violent fluctuations to shock the unsettled people, and we will wait for the opportunity to get on the train.

Fei Zhai found today that small groups of all parties seem to have entered a state of extreme madness. Chasing up is the thorn of most people's hearts forever. Of course, it is also the psychology that is best used by the main force. The mainstream has risen to the mainstream of the car, and the pie has gone up. Asked whether the big cake can be bought, in short, not looking up all kinds of dissatisfied eyes, the ups are all kinds of good, fat house feels that this kind of psychology is particularly strange, although the fat house often has this kind of psychological head, but the fat house Send everyone a word: buy when no one cares, sell at the climax! ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————– After the past and the future, the following picture is the fat home to the market The view, combined with the above-mentioned BTC trend in the past, to fully exert their imagination. ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————–

This picture is the reason why the fat house stayed at BTC at 6000, and dared to continue to watch 6372. In the long run, if BTC successfully occupied the position of 6372 after this golden pit, the fat house thinks that the market outlook can be expected, although the market will not take long. I know, but it is really a market outlook. The 6372 is the second big threshold for BTC. It has successfully stabilized, that is, it has returned to the most intensive area of ​​the last year, and continues to be bullish for 1-2 years. If this red interval cannot be broken, it will fall. Down, it will test this green interval, and Fei Zhai thinks that this green interval is the so-called bargain-hunting interval above the general trend. If the green falls below, the fat house thinks that it is only lower… ———- ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————– A little bit of conjecture before the publication: Fei Zhai wanted to revolve around the position of BTC7000, recommend 7000 above unlimited chasing, constantly Raise the stop loss, wait for the break of 7000, stop loss, but now the position of the two trials in the day is broken, so… the main players will really play, haha, really appreciate the face, but submit the manuscript in the fat house Before, in the early hours of the morning, the BTC price once again rushed over 7000. The fat house had a bold idea that the main force would break the consensus resistance level, trigger panic and continue to wash! The above is around the 7000 mark, everyone can be used as a reference! In addition, if the main force breaks through 7000 again, Fei Zhai believes that the possibility of rebounding above 7000 in the short term may be negligible… (But Zhuang’s thoughts, the fat house is really difficult to ponder, the above is only a small guess of the fat house.) ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————– EOS, this mention, 4.6 this position, not much Said, the location is significant! ! ! Fei Zhai thinks this position is a multi-military belief point

Finally, the fat mansion is still the same sentence, the game of stock funds, digital goods B, small position operations, not all positions, do not invest all the funds, the age of the end has gone far…

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