The annual salary is as high as that of Goldman Sachs. The screen launches a battle to grab people. The first blockchain cloud recruitment will ignite "Golden Three Silver Four"

"Are there any legal-related positions?", "Are there any recruiting operations?", "Are there recruiting markets?", "Are they recruiting customer service?", "Are you developing recruiters?", "Are there any positions in Chengdu?" "Hainan Haikou or Sanya Blockchain Post", "Are you looking for interns for 2021 graduates?".

On March 25th, nearly 10,000 people watched online at the site of the first Blockchain Cloud Job Fair hosted by Babbitt, and many job seekers left messages asking questions related to work.

The Blockchain Cloud Job Fair provides the most user-friendly services for blockchain companies and job seekers by building online communication platforms and holding online special job fairs. Attracted more than 50 companies to register, more than 300 resumes were submitted by job seekers.

Well-known blockchain technology companies and Internet companies such as Binance, OK, Huobi, Beyuan, Findora, Chengdu Chain Security, Zhongxiang Bit, Kingsoft Cloud, and Internet companies have made their appearances.

The Blockchain Cloud Job Fair is divided into the "BOSS Direct Employment" link and the "Job Exchanges" link. The first link is hosted by the host to the four companies of Jinshan Cloud Blockchain, Huobi Group, Ouke Group, and Binance. Conduct one-on-one interactive interviews to understand the recruitment needs of individual companies. The second link was introduced by three job seekers selected from many resumes in turn, and interacted with the favorite blockchain companies.

What are the employment standards of blockchain companies?

Jin Shanyun proposed a 3V model. Kingsoft Cloud was founded in 2012, and a blockchain team was established in 2018. Zhu Jiang, head of the Jinshan Cloud Blockchain Division, summarized the three characteristics of blockchain talents, namely the "3V model": First, Value, universal values . Jinshan Cloud requires all employees to be down-to-earth. The blockchain industry is highly volatile, and values ​​are first valued by Jinshan Cloud. Second, Variety, diversity . The diversity of team members' technical and industry backgrounds is welcome whether or not they are code farmers. Of course, senior code farmers are more welcome. Third, velocity, agility and speed . The iteration speed of blockchain technology is very fast, and talents need the ability to learn quickly. Of course, those who have not studied blockchain and are excellent in related fields can also be considered.

The most important thing for the Eurotech Group is values . First of all, the blockchain industry is relatively close to money, which makes it easy for people to become less disciplined and have no floor. Therefore, the values ​​of the Eurotech Group are to be the first in the team, embrace change, and most importantly be integrity-based, and they will pay great attention to the evaluation of values. Second, be smart and learn. The blockchain industry is in its infancy. To be able to enter the industry, students in industries outside the circle must have a relatively strong learning ability and awareness. Again, hard work, this is what every employee who is responsible for himself should do, so when the company recruits, it will dilute the skills and resources, and pay more attention to the personal qualities of the candidates themselves.

Binance values professional skills most. In addition, see if the degree of cultural fit is highly consistent with the company. Because Binance advocates freedom, there is no fixed office, and wherever the network covers, Binance employees are there. Although the time is free and there is no clear commuting time, in fact, in another aspect, a lot of fragmented time needs to be used. Sometimes work and life are difficult to separate, especially Binance is different in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. Colleagues in the time zone need to be very stress-resistant when they collaborate.

Which jobs are most popular?

Kingsoft Cloud provides 9 positions, almost all-in-one, from business planning, business consulting to business modeling. Zhu Jiang introduced the talents in the following positions: First, consultants and architects who have strong appeal and can infect customers to buy related products. Second, business-oriented product experts have systematic research and development experience in the financial field. Third, the underlying architect, which is the soul of the blockchain team, needs to combine various technical components together to provide an overall architectural solution. Fourth, hard-core blockchain developers and microservice developers.

Huobi provides more than 20 positions and more than 80 headcounts, which are mainly divided into two categories: R & D and non-R & D. The employment locations are located in Beijing, Hainan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

There are dozens of positions recruited by Eurotech Group, and nearly 200 headcounts are recruited, mainly in Beijing and Hong Kong. According to the recruitment manager of Eurotech Group, the group is following an international strategy and will have a very large business expansion. The overall company size will expand to the order of 20%. Headcount has just been sorted out this year, and a large number of positions will be released in the future. It is expected that there may be 40 or 50 positions and more than 200 headcounts for recruitment.

Binance is very much in need of technical posts. In addition, operations, business, and product managers are also recruiting.

The annual salary of executives is as high as that of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. At the end of the year, Bitcoin is issued. Will you come?

Huobi's current positions include executives such as CMO, VP and head of international business, product and risk control. According to Huobi Group's recruiting director, the annual salary of these executives cannot be disclosed, but it can be compared with Goldman Sachs, The salary of senior level VPs and MDs in traditional financial industries such as Big Mortgage, Small Mortgage, Standard Chartered, Citi, HSBC, etc.

The main business of Huobi Group is digital asset trading. As of now, the accumulated transaction amount has exceeded USD 3 trillion. Working in such a head company, of course, you are also very generous in year-end awards. It is understood that at the end of 2017, Huobi issued 3 Bitcoins and 30,000 HT rewards to each employee who has worked in the company for 3-5 years regardless of position. For employees who have worked for more than 5 years, each person is awarded 5 Bitcoins and 50,000 HT rewards.

At the same time, according to the recruiting director of Huobi Group, Huobi Group is driven by talents, and CEO Li Lin is peaceful and has a personality. I never put on a show during an interview. Working with such a boss feels almost like taking the lead in the office .

The Eurotech Group is also very proud of its employees' salaries. According to the hiring manager, Euro Group has a view of interest, which is to talk about money without hurting feelings . The company hopes that the outstanding talents in the company will get corresponding returns. It is very clear that employees are encouraged to openly and honestly talk to the company's HR or BP about salary and benefits in the window period of each year. Of course, the premise must be rational. The company encourages employees to go.

Without the work experience in the blockchain industry, will the employers either?

As an emerging industry supported by policy, some inexperienced external talents are eager to try and worry that they have no relevant experience and will not be hired.

In response, Huobi Group's recruitment director said that for resource-based positions, industry experience is usually required. For non-resource-based positions, since the blockchain industry has been in flames for more than two years, many people have no relevant background or experience before entering this industry. At this time, the most important thing is: first, those with working experience in the head company. Second, whether the job applicant is clear enough about self-knowledge. Then, the employer will see what you require and whether the platform can provide it. As long as the two parties match, you can cooperate whether you used to be the Internet, P2P, or even traditional IT and traditional finance. In short, look at the talent and potential of people .

Interviewed more than 10,000 people, summed up three recruitment experience

Huobi Group's recruiting director stated that he has been recruiting for 13 years, and after interviewing more than 10,000 people, he basically understands the rules of everyone's workplace. For a newcomer who has just graduated, his advice is to first make sure what he wants? If you want to run faster than others, it is best to understand this at the age of 25, which is a great change for the newcomer throughout his career. Secondly, we must know what we are good at and what are the shortcomings? Once again, what is your situation now? How to achieve the desired goal?

The advice of the recruiting director of Eurotech Group to new job seekers is: First of all, you must have your own beliefs and be responsible for yourself. Before looking at new job opportunities, you must clearly understand what you want. Secondly, choose an industry and suggest that you choose an emerging industry. Although this may bring a high risk, it must also bring some high returns. Finally, I suggest that when choosing a job opportunity, you may wish to consider more about the top companies in the industry .

The suggestion of the person in charge of the Binance market is that choosing is more important than hard work . Choosing an industry on the tuyere and entering a top company is very helpful both for individual learning ability and for future career development.

Separated screens launched a war of robbers, who ended up in the end?

In the "Job to Career" section, the three job seekers have distinctive identities. They are young job seekers who have just worked for 3 years, graduate students at the school, and experienced senior high-end talents. With only 5 minutes of self-introduction, it is very challenging to win the favor of employers in such a short time.

The first one to play was Mr. Guo, a senior product manager from a major factory, responsible for bill-related projects in the blockchain department. After communicating with many companies, Binance and Kingsoft Cloud expressed their intent to communicate further.

The second job seeker, Mr. Lin, is a technology bull, from the School of Computer Science, Zhejiang University. He is currently studying for a master's degree, and his research direction is blockchain + privacy. He participated in various blockchain-related competitions during the university period and won numerous awards.

As soon as the self-introduction was over, the Huobi Recruiting Director couldn't wait to turn on the screen and start a fight for people.

However, Mr. Lin's favorite blockchain project is Finadora. Finadora's head of recruitment also believes that this candidate's resume is very good, and hopes that further offline communication can be made. CTO James, the original chain, is a technology bull, and technology bulls are too good, so far. Of course, the two of them had a good chat, and those who didn't understand the technology were all confused.

The third candidate, Dr. Zhao, is applying for an executive position. Unlike the previous few small fresh meats, Dr. Zhao has rich work experience, knows technology and products, and has created a career. I particularly hope to find a platform suitable for myself, lead the team to do things, and benefit the society. It is best to be able to After 10-20 years, I have been retiring .

Considering Dr. Zhao's age, Huobi's recruiting director raised a sharp question: The blockchain industry is very early, and there is no way to make large-scale cash in the short term. How do you consider this?

In this regard, Dr. Zhao admitted that he is optimistic about the general direction of the blockchain. In the next ten to thirty years, the blockchain must be a mainstream technology that dominates the world. But in the next three to five years, don't expect any major breakthroughs. Therefore, the first point is to look at the blockchain from the perspective of longterm. It is not a quick and easy thing. In addition, the future business of blockchain becomes infinitely imaginative, and we may not even imagine it now. Just like the Internet at the time, people didn't expect to make money at first. At present, it is the best time window for blockchain entrepreneurship or company layout. When everyone can't see clearly, we will do it firmly. As long as this thing can create value, I think it will be a matter of time soon. As for technology, it will come naturally over time.

Subsequently, the recruitment leaders from Chengdu Chain Security, Zhongxiang Bit, Findora, and Biyuan Chain also introduced their respective recruitment requirements in turn.

Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought a great impact to the "Golden Three Silver Four" recruitment season, through the blockchain cloud job fair, we hope that friends who are looking for work can find satisfactory jobs as soon as possible, and companies that are recruiting also Able to quickly recruit talents that they are satisfied with.

This Blockchain Cloud Job Fair was hosted by Babbitt and Linkman International. At the same time, I also thank the University Blockchain Technology Community (BTCU), the Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center (SIBC), Mars Finance, beep currency, Carbon chain value, PANews, chain news support.

Finally, I wish you all a bright future, and the future can be expected, and we will see you in the future.

Blockchain cloud job fair entrance:

Registration Deadline: May 31

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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