The conversion of the bulls and bears, the TOP20 mainstream encryption assets are reshuffled soon?

"Teacher, I am a bit square…" The warrior looks a little bit stunned.

"Are you jealous? Isn't the recent upswing good?" I feel inexplicable

“I looked at the top 20 rankings of CoinmarketCap over the past few years and found a terrible thing!”

"Awkward… a surprise…"

"The top 20 mainstream currency except Bitcoin, a lot is gone! Nothing! I am in the hands of these mainstream coins, will it be zero in a few years?!"

"I am still an anecdote… Yes, except for BTC, it is possible to return to zero. The currency circle is a very high-risk place. Investment is risky. You must be cautious when entering the market. Your mother has not told you. Have you said that?"

"That the lord said, the next big bull market, what will be in the top 20?"

"This, you actually look at the top 20 now, which will fall out, you will know…"

——Dividing line——

The world of blockchains is a world of new and old exchanges. The waves of the Yangtze River and the waves are happening every day.

In this world, there is a line of conventions, that is, the top 20 in the market value, and entering this threshold, we are used to calling it "mainstream currency", and outside this, there is no such honor. Just like the national colleges and universities, the most cattle, called 985, the second cow, 211, and other universities, just college.

Image source network

The above picture shows the top 20 mainstream currencies in 2013-2019, in which the red part is the encrypted asset that has fallen out of the top 20 market value. It is not difficult to find that even if it is "mainstreaming in the mainstream", it does not mean anything. It seems that only Bitcoin and Wright are in the list for seven years . Others, some have already fallen out of the first 20 years, some have fallen to the top of the list, and even can be said to have returned to zero.

Then the current "mainstream currency" in your hands will continue its "mainstream" status before the next big bull market arrives? (The following analysis, as far as possible objective and neutral attitude, it is inevitable that there will be personal subjective judgment, if you have different opinions, please come to the message area to exchange, we seek common ground while reserving differences :))

First: BTC

Does BTC have anything to say?

Without it, there would be no blockchain, there would be no such hundreds of Tokens and Coins, there would be no market value of hundreds of billions, there would not be so many related industries, there would be no you and me here. Meet in the article…

However, the development of BTC is not smooth sailing. After several failures of expansion, BTC splits the BCH and BSV communities and develops in different directions and concepts. The “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” depicted in the white paper seems to gradually The deviation has become the "electronic gold" in everyone's consensus.

Of course, the rapid rise of the lightning network this year has once again made people see the possibility of BTC "cash" system application. It just takes time to test all this.

The market value of BTC is actually declining year by year, and many people are worried about this. But in fact, this is a good thing. Only in this way can you prove that the blockchain is useful, not just an "e-cash" or electronic gold. Even if the market share is reduced, the BTC king's throne is not to be touched . After all, he is not just a coin, but a symbol, a totem.

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Comments: Your grandfather is always your uncle


Second: ETH

Many people like to think of BTC as the representative of the first generation of the blockchain, and the representative of the second generation is Ethereum.

V God's many whimsy and genius ideas, I wanted to use it on the BTC, but found it is not appropriate, so I invented a new currency: Ethereum, in the beginning no one is optimistic, it is hard to find out A bloody road, ranking second in the rankings.

There are many idealized things on ETH, such as the world computer, Code is Law, DAO autonomy … However, things are not going well. The dream of the world's computers is limited by the current TPS and high costs, and it is nowhere in sight. Code is Law and DAO autonomy Because of hacking, they have to overthrow their own restrictions, splitting out ETH and ETC , which is a heavy blow.

The madness of ETH in 2017 is inseparable from Ai Si, and people have unexpectedly discovered that ETH's smart contract is the most convenient for issuing coins, and ETH itself is also called a “coin tool”. The play said that after the collapse of Ai's Europe in 2018, it also directly cut the price of ETH from the highest point by 93%, and the second place in the market value was once unprotected.

Fortunately, in 2019, the rise of DeFi gave Ethereum a new goal – the global settlement layer, and this goal, with the support of a number of projects such as 0X, MakerDao, Drahma, has a clearly visible path. Coupled with the expectation of ETH2.0 transformation PoS , the re-emergence of ETH is believed to be only a matter of time.

Star Rating: ★★★

Comments: The world computer can't do it, and there is the world settlement layer. There is also a "second law" in the currency circle; but if you have climbed to the second position, you will not fall out of the mainstream, at least for now.

Third place: Ripple

To say mainstream currency, or even the entire blockchain, the most controversial, I am afraid it is not Ripple .

Why do you say that? Because in essence, Ripple can't be a blockchain…

It is completely decentralized, Ripple founders hold 20% of Ripple, and can be added or destroyed at will.

Co-founder McCaleb, because of the different opinions, left Ripple and joined Stellar (XLM).

So why is Ripple able to occupy the top three positions in the rankings for a long time?

Just because of its vision and story, what it wants to do is Swift, the settlement system for interbank international transfers. This narrative is imaginative. Moreover, unlike the general blockchain project that wants to “subvert” the traditional economy, Ripple directly chooses to cooperate with the bank and obtain relevant investment from Google, IDG, Softbank SBI, Standard Chartered Bank, and the board of directors with luxury qualifications. It's more like a big company that just mixes into the blockchain team, not a simple currency.

However, what many people don't know is that Ripple currently offers three solutions: xCurrent, xVia, and xRapid. Only the xRapid solution requires XRP tokens as the transit currency. Of the banks or financial institutions currently working with Ripple, only three chose the xRapid solution.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Comments: Swift in the blockchain world is another way to explore. Ripple may still be favored by big capital in the bull market. The second law is valid for it, but it can be tested for time if it can occupy the top three for a long time.

Fourth place: BCH

BCH can be said to be a project that was born with a golden key and is highly controversial.

It is a spiritual manifestation of adhering to the block cash route and opposing the Core power after the failure of BTC's repeated expansion. On the technical level alone, there is also a view that BCH is more in line with the White Paper's definition of “peer-to-peer electronic cash” than BTC.

However, this world's first-mover advantage is really too important. Even if BTC turns into electronic gold, it is still BTC. The main KOL of the BCH community also admits that it no longer competes with BTC for “orthodoxy”. From then on, you will leave you. The Yangguan Road, I walked my single-wood bridge, and everyone developed independently according to their respective ideas.

In the past year, BCH has experienced a lot of turmoil. The first is due to the disagreement. The community has split into BCH and BSV . After the dissolution of the Copernicus wormhole development group, the Bid mainland market is unfavorable. The price of the currency once fell to the bottom. With the recent wave of this market, it has successfully recovered the lost ground and raised its anger.

Unlike Core's insistence on the “Raspberry Pi” block and the firm path of the BSV “Infinite Capacity Expansion” Metanet, BCH seems to be not very clear about the future direction. After the development team's wormholes were dissolved, BCH's smart contract attempts to temporarily fail, and from the current point of view, it seems to be going back to the "pure" electronic cash route.

Star Rating: ★★★☆

Comments: The name of bitcoin cash alone, and the first true bifurcation of bitcoin, it is difficult to imagine BCH will fall out of the mainstream. If you can firmly develop the route, I believe that there will be better development in the future.


Fifth place: EOS

EOS broke a lot of records in 2017: TPS records in the white paper (15 TPS for EOS claims millions of TPS VS ETH), records for the duration of Ai-Europe (a full year), records of funds raised by Western Europe ($4 billion), etc. Wait a minute… At the time, the white-chain parallels in the white paper, TPS million scenes, gave investors an endless imagination.

At the time when PoW became popular and PoS was in obscurity, EOS took the improved variant of DPoS and set off the banner against PoW. Later, many projects such as the wave field began to adopt DPoS. Although it has been criticized by the "not decentralized", but in all fairness, EOS's super-node election, constitution, voting, super-arbitration, proposals, dividends and other mechanisms in the circle caused discussions in the circle, giving a lot of blockchain governance Ideas and experience, in this alone, EOS can be regarded as the 2018 annual token.

However, the ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny. In 2018, the main online line is full of twists and turns. After the line, thousands of TPSs are far removed from the millions of ultimate scenes depicted in the white paper. More importantly, the development direction of the DApp in the whole industry is still a fog, so the simple spinach DApp is rampant, and EOS has been nicknamed a “spinach chain” throughout the year.

Star Rating: ★★★☆

Comments: As a representative of DPoS, EOS will stay in the top ten without any accidents in a short time. The current EOS has a big advantage in DPS development TPS and speed. But I believe that within one year, there will be strong competition from the underlying public and cross-chain projects such as ETH2.0, Cosmos and Polkadot. The founder BM has a big move in June, and hope is really good.

Sixth place. Litecoin (LTC)

Bitkin, Wright Silver – This is the first sentence of how many people came into contact with Litecoin.

It is no exaggeration to say that the market value of Litecoin billions of dollars, this sentence may account for half of the role, no way, who let us humans like to listen to the story.

According to today's judging criteria, Litecoin can be said to be useless, because at its core, it is just a bit of a high-profile super-A cargo with a few parameters changed, or a nameplate.

However, from the huge consensus and time advantage accumulated in the early days, coupled with the influence of the second law, Let Lite always firmly occupy the core position of the mainstream currency. For many years, it has never changed.

At the same time, Litecoin has at least one irrefutable value, that is, as the existence of the BTC test site, whether it is the isolation testimony or the lightning network, the first deployment test on the Litecoin, followed by bitcoin, from this point It is said that the younger brother who is willing to be a big brother is also a way of survival.

Star Rating: ★★★☆

Comments: In 2019, LTC finally began to have a little innovation, want to integrate the MimbleWimble privacy agreement (the one used by Grin and Beam), if successful, more or less can be separated from the "bitcoin brother and test site" title.

Seventh place: BNB

One or two years ago, I told you that a platform Token will rank in the top ten. Do you dare to believe?

However, BNB is doing it! The most common sentence I saw this month is: BNB is really bitcoin !

Yes, at least in the past year, BNB performed better than Bitcoin, and even arguably the entire currency, the best, no one. 80% decline in less than 99% of the currency, including bitcoin, this wave of the market is the first to return to the previous high, or even higher than the previous high. Holding BNB is a feeling of peace of mind than BTC.

After all, the platform itself is the biggest application of the current blockchain, and there is no one. As the absolute head of the platform, the value of its platform Token itself is self-evident. From the break of 0.1 US dollars to the current 30 US dollars, just less than 300 times in two years, anywhere in the world, can you find a better investment income product in the past two years?

After 300 times, the benefits of the currency security did not end, just the decentralized platform Dex, the currency chain, and the futures trading that is said not far from us…

Star Rating: ★★★

Comments: BNB as a platform Token, squeezed into the top ten, is already impressive, maybe it will not stop there.

8th place: Tether (USDT)

If BNB is the top ten platform Token, then Tether can be mixed in as a corporate currency.

What supports the USDT value is the billions of dollars in the Tether bank account that are not “so transparent”.

From the beginning of the line, there has been constant controversy, frequent violent thunder, especially the recent real use of client funds, people are not so reassured about USDT, there is always a heart hanging, I am afraid that the USDT in my hand suddenly changes. A piece of waste paper.

However, so many storms and negative news did not cause USDT to suffer any "scarred bones". In just over a year, the market for stable coins, although the proportion of USDT is slowly decreasing, it is slowly The feeling of BTC in the stable currency , the advantages of time, the numerous trading pairs of major platforms, and the general consensus of traders' inertia make it difficult for latecomers to cross.

This is a slightly ironic example. A blockchain industry with a market capitalization ranks eighth is actually a “centralized currency” that is purely centralized in a strict sense. Is it good to centralize stable coins?

Star Rating: ★★★

Comments: USDT does not have much technical content, it is a US dollar exchange certificate issued on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. However, this credential provides great convenience for trading and liquidity, but we are looking forward to a better one.

Ninth place: Stellar (XLM)

Stellar's nickname is the poor version of XRP because it is much more popular in developing countries and regions.

Because in essence, Stellar is a founder of Ripple, dissatisfied with the XRP mechanism, come out solo, and take a small project of XRP source code change, can be seen as a hard fork of XRP.

There is no essential difference between the two technologies. If you want to find it, it will be the following:

  • XLM is an open source, non-profit network, XRP is a product of the private company Ripple Labs, and the degree of decentralization is much better.
  • XLM has slight inflation, XRP does not
  • The main partner of XLM is IBM, and Ripple is the major banks and financial institutions.

Star Rating: ★★★☆

Comments: Technically, it is basically the same as Ruibo. After all, it is only a hard fork of inconsistent target groups. It is not like BTC/BCH/BSV has different differences from technology to vision. But the reputation is far less than XRP, so if you want to maintain the top 10, you have to work harder.

10th place: Cardano (ADA)

At the end of 17 years, the ADA was the existence of the stars.

Before the online market value, the market value of the airborne 25, the evaluation agencies of the various high scores, the world's first to enable "peer review", academic rigorous public chain projects, layering mechanism, 2017 currency price soared 50 times … a halo . EOS, which is just as strong as the limelight at the time, has formed a corner, and the scene of EOS powder and ADA powder is still fresh.

However… this may be one of the public chains I have seen, which has the slowest development progress. At the same time, the EOS, the main network has been online for one year, and the DApp is over 100.

Can you accurately say that the ADA main online line does not, if it is online, which stage is it going to?

Can you name any DApp running on the ADA?

Can you find a large number of chats containing ADA keywords in your group chats for the last six months? (except ADA group)

I can only say that the ADA can still maintain the top 10 (the highest fourth), and it must be said that it is a miracle…

If the development progress is delayed, it will not be impossible to fall out of the top ten or even fall out of the mainstream . After all, in the next six months, ADA's competitors are not only EOS, but also all-star players such as ETH2.0, Cosmos and Polkadot.

Star Rating: ★★★

Comments: The development progress needs to be speeded up. Although the slow work is fine, you can't wait until the daylily is cold, is it the last main network?

Unfinished, the next phase will introduce the encryption assets with market value of 11 to 20…

Message Mining No. 237: The next wave of bull markets, which encryption assets do you think will fall out of the top ten? why? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.


『Declaration : This article is the author's independent point of view, does not represent the vernacular blockchain position, and does not constitute any investment advice or advice.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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