The cryptocurrency version of "Game of Thrones", if BTC is a dragon mother, who is the ghost?

The eighth season of the game of rights, which made countless fans heart-felt, the final chapter, finally met with us two weeks ago. The mystery is about to be revealed, and many fans show ambivalence that is both hopeful and unwilling to see .

As a blockchain industry participant, you must have seen each coin and compete for power in the market value list. If you want to match the protagonists in the game of "The Game of Rights" with the cryptocurrency, then in your eyes, the images of Dragon Mom, 囧 Snow, Catherine, Little Devil, etc., what do they correspond to?

Of course, this is an open topic. There is no standard answer. Let me talk about my version first.

01 BTC: Danielis Tanglelian (Long Ma)

If you are catching up to the eighth season of the first quarter of the game, you may agree that the biggest protagonist of "The Game of Rights" is actually Long Ma.

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the most influential cryptocurrency is non- BTC .

Long Ma, the baby born in the storm, initially had no wealth, land and army, only one name and a few supporters.

BTC, the currency that was born under the economic crisis, did not have any government endorsements. It was not worth the first time. It was just a few geek games. Even the creator of the world knows that he claims to be Nakamoto , and other information is not known to the world.

However, she is the real protagonist, from the first season of perfect survival to the eighth season, with the love of the most extensive people, and the most high-end combat power of the whole series.

It has been dubbed "big cake" by domestic users. It is no accident, it will survive, with the broadest mass consensus and the highest level of computing power.

She is the king.

It is also king.

02 Ethereum: Jon Snow (囧斯诺)

There were many people who thought it was the protagonist, such as Ed Stark, Rob Stark, Robert Baratheon, Zhuo Geao, Twain Lannister… but they all died The "illegitimate child" 囧 Snow, who was not very optimistic at first, survived.

There were a lot of coins that you thought were mainstream, such as dotcoin, Namecoin, New Starcoin, Future Coin, Feather Coin… However, after a bear market, they all disappeared in the market value list, which was born in 2014, initially not Ethereum, which was optimistic by all walks of life, survived.

He was stabbed by a traitor and died once, but he lived again.

It experienced the DAO storm, split into ETH and ETC, but also died once, but lived again.

He has a close relationship with Long Ma.

It released an ERC20 WBTC on its own system, anchoring BTC.

He is the king of the North.

It is the king of the public chain.

03 Monroe: Aria Stark (second)

If you say that at the end of each season, let you choose a protagonist who will not lead the box in the next season. In addition to the dragon mother, perhaps many people think of the second.

If you say that in each round of the conversion of the bulls and bears, let you choose a currency that will not return to zero next time. In addition to BTC, many people think that it may be Monroe .

She was a rebellious woman who hated embroidered needles but liked swordsmanship. She worked hard and the magical experience in the black and white courtyard. She became one of the top players in the whole drama as a faceless person.

When it was born, it rejected the idea that the transaction must be open. The powerful ring signature technology and the super high acceptance of the dark network make it one of the mainstream currencies in the head of the market value ranking.

She is proficient in concealment, tolerance, and assassination, and is the shadow of the underground world.

It is well-informed, secure, private and untrackable, and is the darling of dark-net merchants.

She is the king of assassins.

It is the king of anonymity.

04 BCH: Catherine Lannister (after color)

She personally concocted the horror of the cathedral, eradicating dissidents, and thundering the throne, which was unexpected to everyone.

It does not agree with the route of the Bitcoin block, and the other portal is equally unexpected.

She insists that she is the guardian of his great power, the best candidate for the Iron Throne.

It insists that it is in line with the "peer-to-peer cash system" that Nakamoto has described in the white paper.

She is embarrassed and ambitious, and is good at using the huge treasury of the Lannister family to wage war.

It is not rigid, has strong financial resources, and has a strong "backup of computing power", repeatedly challenging Bitcoin.

She is the king of ambition.

It is the king of the fork.

05 BNB: Sansa Stark (Sansa)

She looked silly at first, very weak, unprejudiced, and slaughtered.

It was born in the "94" period, initially silent, no one is optimistic, once broke.

She swayed, married the Stark family to Lannister, then joined Bolton, and eventually returned to the North.

It has also been displaced, from the domestic sea to Japan, and then moved to Malta, and finally, can return to the motherland?

She waved her arms and assembled the big families in the North. Before the return of the Snow, she became the pinnacle and spiritual leader of the Winter City.

It launched Launchpad, which pooled the hot money in the market and directly boosted the Mavericks after a long winter.

She is the Queen of the North.

She is the king of the trading platform.

06 TRON: Tyrion Stark (Little Devil)

He is a gnome, so he is ridiculed by many people, even his father.

It comes from a 90-year "outsider" hand, was ridiculed as CX coins, and the code is "plagiarism", even by V God personally posted ridicule .

But he is rich in strategy, strong in heart, low-key and modest, and has a firm belief.

But its founders are skilled in marketing, financially strong, high-profile publicity, and the same belief.

No one thought that he step by step, went to the high level of King's Hand, assisted the dragon mother to fight the world.

No one thought that it set a hundred times myth, once ranked in the top ten of the cryptocurrency list, no one dared to look down.

He is the king of strategy.

It is the king of marketing.

07 USDT: Iron Vault

No one knows how many gold coins are in the iron vault.

No one knows how much dollars are in the TEDA bank account.

They used to lend a lot of gold coins to Laube Baratheon, and even the rich family of the Lannister family borrowed money from them!

It has issued billions of USDTs , and many people say that the madness of the encryption market in 2017 is closely related to TEDA's crazy release of USDT.

There are countless families owing their money, and what impact will they have once they start collecting debts?

There are countless investors who hold the USDT. What impact will it have if the TEDA is thunderous?

It is the king of the vault.

It is the king of stable coins.

08 All Air Coins: Alien Forces

The hidden main line of "The Game of Rights" can be seen as a war against human beings against different ghosts.

The main line hidden by cryptocurrency is a war against the currency of the value currency.

Their fighting power is extremely powerful, and the Night King shoots a dragon with his own power and is full of murderousness.

Their combat power is also extremely powerful. In various modes, there are several times or even dozens of times of profits in just a few days, killing all the mainstream value coins.

They can transform themselves into companions and strengthen their power after killing humans.

They can put a lot of investors in jail, turn them into air currency "CX", and even the blockchain's haters, expand their strength and weaken each other's strength.

The ghost is not dead, the play can not end.

The air currency is not dead, and the blockchain is difficult to be elegant.

Laotie, in your eyes, how does the cryptocurrency correspond to the role of Quanyou? Welcome to the message area to share your views.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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