The currency circle is a paradise for speculators

The currency circle is a paradise for speculators

Last week, Bond held a “Speaking Story to Make USDT” activity in a community of lights. The event was successfully completed. Bond selected some submissions to see if the story is familiar to you.


The contact with the currency circle is because the seniors earn a lot of money on this, so pay attention to it. Later, I went to the schoolmaster to eat hot pot. They told me that IOST would go up and let me buy this. So when I got a hot head, I immediately registered the fire coin, bought 2 I 2 IOST, and then rose to 4 Mao 5, then fell again. Going on, the final 3 Mao sold more, no loss.

At that time, I bought some Ethereum, which was catching up with the wave of the Mavericks market in April last year. I also doubled the maximum time. I don’t know what to think. I also made up the position when the price was 5000+.

Later, everyone guessed it and saw what Ethereum is now falling into. In general, it is still in the set, and now I hope that the bull market will come quickly, so that the dealers can quickly pull the plate.

Later, the concept of the currency circle is also shocking me, what fomo3D, eos fried memory, to play spinach eos dapp, wave field dapp. If you look through it, the currency circle is a paradise for speculators, but if you can't keep up with the first time in each game, you can only pick up later.


When I first entered the currency circle, it was the time when the dapp was hot. At the time, it was not the gambling, it was the chip coin. It’s just that everyone said that the blockchain is fair, it’s not care, it’s playing. . It turns out that whether it is buying coins or earning coins, it is too unstable to rise and fall.

After earning a small sum, I will study how to stir up the coins. I feel that I should be similar to the stocks. I started to join the various currency circles to see the analysis. As a result, these big smashing coins are not awkward. It is awesome to cut the leeks one by one. Any contract with a single, privately-sold single-selling, often takes your coins and ran, or made a single position, this time They don't talk, silently disappear or disband the group, and earning more money is not enough to lie.

By the way, there are also small platform salesmen who are wary of the currency circle group. When they come up, they will use the same picture, saying that their own spot is worth the loss, and the contract is more profitable. They are all tricking you into playing on their small platform. I don’t know how to die in the end.

How many people came in like me to listen to the report of the richness of the currency overnight? At the beginning, what kind of legal currency trading currency transactions stunned me, and it was quite complicated to feel that no one brought it. Later, I saw Bond’s popular science, and I always paid attention to it when I wrote it very easy to understand.

I have to say that I have not earned much money since I entered the circle. After all, last year’s market was there, but I still learned a lot of knowledge and broadened my horizons. I can also tell you how bitcoin mainstream coins are in the past year. These unknown small currencies are not MLM, and the value is not worth participating.

There are also like IEOs that have been engaged in various platforms recently. Basically, they have not been robbed. I have just entered the circle and heard that ICO has earned a hundred times more than a hundred times, and I am worried that I have not got on the bus. If you can't get it now, you can't forget it. The mentality is very open, and you don't want to go in and take over.

Take my big cake and wait for the bull market to arrive. Haha Bond should be a firm long bit of Bitcoin. Every time I read his article, I feel that the future of Bitcoin is very promising.

Do you still remember fomo3D? At that time, a colleague of the speculative coin saw that the game was so powerful that it was just a meal time. We went around and watched him doing cognac (a colleague is a capable person who earned a lot of money by speculating on the stocks).

He kindly introduced it to us, and wanted to participate, but listening to what he said about registering the wallet to install the plug-in is a lot of trouble, and I am embarrassed to trouble people.

Later, I heard that he actually turned over several times. At that time, he also sent the gameplay of the fomo3D written by Bond to the group to show it to us. I paid attention to it. I occasionally read the article and found that the coin circle did not think so. Complex, it is a combination of the financial circle + technical circle + MLM funds, many of the gameplay has been played before.

I didn’t buy much money. After paying attention to Bond, I also paid attention to several currency bloggers on Weibo. I was lucky enough to have a lot of stellar coins. Unfortunately, I didn’t sell it at the time. Now I have shrunk to the original. Half is also a bit annoyed.


Judging from my experience in the currency circle over the past few years, the currency is too deep, basically it is to put on the shell of the blockchain and then speculate. Maybe there is a real technology that has not yet been mixed up, but who care Everyone is coming to collect a sum of money and leave.

At the time when Dapp was just up, everyone said that it would subvert the gaming industry and find the true value of the blockchain. The result was not that the heat was over, the price was broken, and hacking attacks were endless.

There is also a mainstream currency every time fork, with the name of technical upgrades to cut the leek, it may be technically a breakthrough, but what about it, ordinary people can not feel, can only see the price of the currency in one pull After the market, it fell.

It is not easy for retail investors to get first-hand news. When someone shouts, you will be the pick-up man when you start the game. It is easy to lose money when you change the car frequently.

Now basically do not play short-term, but everyone said that the bull market is expected in the second half of this year, or continue to wait and see, to be a currency party.

The currency circle is a paradise for speculators

It seems that in the currency circle, everyone has the idea of ​​getting rich overnight, but it will soon be hit by ruthless market. I hope that after this round of bear market, the friends of the currency will be able to gain something and get rid of the "chives" status. (Coin Circle Bond)

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