IPFS Filecoin related scam analysis of how investors should prevent?

Foreword: In the blockchain industry, where the birth time is not long, the stories of the great wealth of the predecessors are the most attractive to ordinary people. The BTC has made many people, ETH has made many people, and EOS has made many people…Every one Possible star projects can attract investors to enter the competition with a unique aura. These projects include the sister projects IPFS and Filecoin. Both IPFS and Filecoin are star projects that are full of expectations, and because of this, they are also used to set up scams as a tool for collecting money.

1, the same strain of IPFS and Filecoin

We know that IPFS is a master of distributed file transfer systems, and it may challenge the current dominant position of the Internet transport protocol HTTP in the future.

Filecoin has the same founder and development team as IPFS, a blockchain project based on IPFS developed by Protocol Labs led by IPFS founder Juan Banet. As the incentive layer of IPFS, Filecoin's success or failure is related to whether IPFS can really land and bear fruit. Therefore, Filecoin can also be called a sister project of IPFS. Juan Banet and his team have proven their abilities and ideas in the development of IPFS, and they have gained a high reputation. Filecoin, initiated by the same team, was very eye-catching at the beginning of the project. In 2017, Filecoin raised about 257 million US dollars in the first round of the fund, using only 10% of the total Token, which became the industry fundraising at that time. The highest amount of projects.

2, related scams around IPFS and Filecoin

"Human red is not much", "the tree is big and the wind" seems to exist in the human social affairs like the truth. As the star project, IPFS and Filecoin also suffer the same "right and wrong" trouble. While the low-key Protocol Labs focuses on project development, the influence of IPFS and Filecoin is also spontaneously formed: media reporters are keen to report all the news related to it, industry experts are keen on the research and interpretation of related technologies, and the sense of smell is still sensitive. Including mining machine dealers and miners, experience tells them that in order to get more benefits in a mining project, it must be early and hot.

Regarding mining, some people say that each round of bull market will achieve a number of mining machine dealers. In 2013, the bull market achieved roasting cats, and the bull market in 2017 made Bitumin. Similarly, every star mining project will also produce a group of miners. Bao Erye, who sells beef, rises to BTC to mine, and then has a “chicken manor”; the student student fish rises in mining such as ETH, and then builds a fish pond. The bitcoin believer Wu Jihan also rises in BTC, BCH mining, and eventually becomes a mine. Naturally, the infinite imagination of Filecoin mining is enough to attract the miners and miners who are eager to rise. They quickly set up a seemingly complete Filecoin mining industry chain, mining machine development, mining machine sales, mining machine hosting And so on, all kinds of services are available. In the case that Filecoin's main online line still takes time, some people have already earned a lot of money in advance.

The so-called "where there are people there are rivers and lakes", in the field of mining in Filecoin, is also full of all kinds of chaos. Some people have sold a nameless miscellaneous mining machine product through hotspot speculation. The CAI, which claims to be the world's first storage-type public chain, is the most famous. The scene of its marketing campaign is embarrassing. Tong, actually invited Hu Run to come to the start-up platform. According to media reports, the target of CAI mining marketing is not only customers but also their own sales staff, they are encouraged to buy mining machines, and ultimately most of them failed to escape the fate of being harvested when the project collapsed.

In addition to mining, the scam of the famous "Li Gui" project with the concept of IPFS also exists. The FileCash Coin (FCC), which is curated by the protagonist of the Hong Kong street, is the first one of the project. The name of a public chain was promoted. The token FCC went online on two exchanges in the mainland. The price of the currency rose by 48 times in 10 days, and eventually it was naturally plunged and left.

In addition, there are people who use the ordinary hardware to change the face and paste the label of Filecoin mining, and the hot spots are arbitrarily collecting money; some people use the concept of Filecoin to play the MLM currency fund, and promise to protect the income and investment.

3. How should ordinary investors guard against IPFS and Filecoin investment scams?

In the currency circle, due to early industry and lack of supervision, there may be traps everywhere. With the delay of the Filecoin main online date, the scam related to IPFS and Filecoin will always exist. For ordinary investors, it is necessary to be familiar with an effective "cutting prevention". The following is a summary of the relevant ideas.

The first is to learn more about the principles and knowledge of IPFS and Filecoin. Distinguish between "Li Wei" and "Li Gui" and be cautious about all the cottage projects under the banner of IPFS or Filecoin. Just as many people follow the EOS mechanism to do the project, but there are very few possibilities to truly surpass the BM deity. Many of the cottage projects are meant to cut the leek. The blind investment of ordinary investors is tantamount to eating.

The second is to pay close attention to the progress of the Filecoin project. At present, it is optimistic to estimate that Filecoin's main online line time will also be until the end of 2019. In the period before the main online line, Filecoin will release test networks, etc. Many mining machines and large miners will participate in the test. The performance of the test network also represents the performance of the mining machine and the operation capacity of the mine. The true level.

The third is to prevent funds traps and pyramid money traps. Filecoin mining products related to the protection of the income of the insurance will be rejected. People often say that "high-risk and high-yield", while at the same time high-risk, also protect the book, and it is inconsistent with common sense. It is often easy to be deceived.

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