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On this issue: March only hope


Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone support coin Ang BNB

Zhao Changpeng, CEO of the Currency Exchange, said: I am very pleased to see that the new Galaxy S10 mobile phone supports the platform currency BNB of its own exchange, becoming one of the 16 tokens supported by default.

The remaining ERC-20 tokens supported by the S10 mobile phone include Pundi X, Omisego, CosmoCoin, ZRX, EnjinCoin, and Populous.


The lightning torch relay is coming to an end and the results are remarkable

Lightning Torch Event sponsor hodlonaut:

Data at the end of the lightning torch:

– lasted 79 days

– 284 passes

— 273 people participated (Translator's Note: Because someone participated in the torch relay many times, the number of passes exceeded the number of participants.)

– spanning 56 countries

– Accumulated transactions of 6.86 bitcoins


Wavefield is about to launch USDT stable currency based on its own main network

Wave Field Foundation official Twitter:

The new USDT stable currency based on TRC20 will support TRON's Decentralized Applications (DApps), including popular applications. Based on the TRC20 protocol, this stable currency will support smart contracts and will introduce privacy options.

Wave field founder Sun Yuchen retweeted and revealed on his personal Twitter that the stable currency will be launched on April 9th ​​and has an incentive plan of USD 20 million for USDT-TRON stabilized currency adopters.


Bitcoin prices are close to $5,300, a 19-year high

Forbes commentator Joseph Young:

Bitcoin prices are once again approaching $5,300 and are currently down less than 75% from historical highs. (Translator's Note: Bitcoin reached its highest price in 2017, about $20,000.)

There is still a long way to go before the full recovery of prices, when the industry is still very active.

Translator's Note: What do you think about the market?

On this issue: March only hope, as a birthday with their own IP blocks from the media chain, block chain multiple programs, book author, block chain practitioners and investors.

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