The industry is hotly discussing "blockchain + real economy" and is optimistic about the future of the blockchain industry.

On the afternoon of November 23, “2019 Netease Future Conference Blockchain + Real Economy Forum” was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center. Chinese and foreign experts, scholars, business leaders and well-known investors gathered together to sort out the development of the blockchain, talk about the past future of the blockchain, unveil the mystery of the blockchain, and add a lot of color to the blockchain industry. One stroke.

The conference was jointly hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People's Government and Netease Group, Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Hangzhou Binjiang District People's Government, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's Government, Beijing Netease Media Co., Ltd. and Netease (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd.


Under the background that the central government emphasizes the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, the “blockchain+real economy sub-forum” is divided into three parts: “trend, exploration and future”, trying to be with everyone. Explore the future social blueprint for blockchain applications.

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Chen Gang, dean of the School of Computer Science at Zhejiang University, and Chen Gang, a scholar at the Yangtze River, gave a speech at the forum. Professor Chen Gang said that

First, blockchain technology has not been finalized and is still evolving. In particular, it should be flexibly adjusted according to actual conditions, and should not be self-sufficient, insisting on the so-called blockchain fundamentalism.

Second, the upsurge of blockchain technology is also likely to promote the wider application of the entire cyberspace security technology and cryptography technology, and build a more open, fair and transparent ecological environment.

Third, blockchain is not only a technology, but also represents a consensus, win-win, shared, and co-governing blockchain thinking model. “In a sense, it’s more important to think about applying a blockchain model to think about building a win-win collaborative relationship than just emphasizing the application of technology.” Picture 2

Wang Yongli , former deputy governor of the Bank of China, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Rational Consideration and Effective Use of Blockchains”, he said.

If Bitcoin cannot be converted into legal tender, it is difficult to realize its value. In addition, the conversion of legal currency and bitcoin must also be plugged into the trading platform, and the trading platform is still centralized, with many problems, high risks and low benefits. Exchange of this node must become the focus of supervision. "Only everyone is registered on a platform. There is only one chain asset in the chain, so that the account can be fidelity from the source. At this time, the characteristics of de-intermediation, trust, and peer-to-peer can be formed, so the bitcoin blockchain becomes A completely closed network system is actually very difficult to open."

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Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the Blockchain Research Center of Zhejiang University and deputy dean of the Software College of Zhejiang University , gave a keynote speech titled “Regulatory Challenges of Key Technologies and Blockchains in the Alliance Blockchain”, he said.

China's blockchain is very clear and will focus on the alliance blockchain for key technology research, platform construction, economic and social empowerment. At the same time, China will pay close attention to the construction of blockchain supervision technology and national standards and even mandatory for a considerable period of time. Implementation of the system. "The alliance chain takes into account the multi-center characteristics of the public chain, and the characteristics of the private chain are very easy to be through-type supervision, final responsibility system, and embedded supervision."

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Zhou Ping, director of the Software Engineering and Evaluation Center of the China Electronics Standardization Institute, delivered a keynote speech on " Blockchain Standardization", Zhou Ping pointed out in his speech.

Now everyone has different views on the blockchain and they all have different perspectives and reflections. Therefore, standardization is required. The blockchain needs to be standardized because the market needs to be replenished. In addition, a common discourse system is needed for both supply and demand, but the blockchain has a particularity, which is a symbiotic problem. He believes that there are several ways to promote the application of blockchain standards: First, compliance, that is, certification, which involves quality, involves information security, which is the traditional government gameplay; second, it is bundled with open source, let Open source comes directly to the standard, reducing the cost of implementing the entire standard. “The key to the blockchain is that we can go ahead and go forward on core technology.”

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In the speech of the deputy director of the Hangzhou Internet Court, Guan Jiahui, entitled "Blockchain Technology and People's Livelihood Application", he mentioned that

The Hangzhou Internet Court deeply integrates the technical characteristics of the blockchain with the Internet, and uses the blockchain technology to realize the full-link trusted, full-node witness and full-process record, which solves the traceability problem of the whole life cycle of electronic data. Network literature has become an important growth point of the digital economy. In order to solve the problem of infringement and piracy of network works, in order to solve the bottleneck of the original protection of network literature, the network of literature development in December last year, the Chinese network writers village officially launched the Hangzhou Internet Court judicial blockchain. The platform helps writers to open new functions such as online confirmation, online rights protection, and online litigation. Up to now, there are 105 writers stationed in this platform, more than 1,000 works on the chain, the total output value reached 80 million yuan, the incidence of infringement disputes decreased.

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Gu Feiyong, head of the Netease Planet Blockchain business , gave a speech entitled "The Value and Future of Blockchain", Gu Feiyong believes,

Building the foundation of trust with technical means is the value of the blockchain. For the client-side products, the continuous improvement of user trust will make the difficulty of the customer decline, and then the user can deliver more data with confidence, the product is easier to do, the user satisfaction will be higher, and finally the user trust is further improved to form a complete The product evolved in a closed loop. For the government and enterprise products, the cooperation that was difficult to achieve will change because of the difficulty of leaking data and being unable to tamper with it, and making impossible collaboration possible. He also pointed out that after several products have been researched and developed and verified, NetEase has accumulated 1 billion chain transaction data and has zero safety accidents. The follow-up plan is to realize the external output of blockchain technology through the “Star Block Chain Cloud Service Platform”. To provide blockchain solutions for enterprises and government agencies in need to achieve integrated development.

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Ma Shizhen , Chief Solution Architect of Ant Financial Blockchain, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Open, Pratt & Whitney, Building a Future Value Internet”, which he mentioned in his speech.

The blockchain can help deep connect all kinds of participants on the industry side, from raw material to intermediate production, processing, transportation, circulation to the end of the entire link to the C-end consumer. “We believe that in value interconnection, we first use the ability of the chain as an infrastructure to help us connect the entire industry side participants. The bills and assets we have deposited can be put into the block through such a method. On the chain, the chain can realize the flow of assets. On the basis of asset circulation, we can also make more packaging on the above, on which the original offline contract and recognized business logic can be placed on the blockchain, no matter Is it a technology that applies smart contracts or other technologies, so we call it the contract Internet."

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Fan Ruibin, head of Weizhong Bank Blockchain, shared the Road to Practice of Blockchain for Distributed Business. He introduced that

Weizhong Bank has been committed to the open source ecosystem. On the one hand, the open source ecosystem allows these companies to contribute their own value, and more importantly, it allows these companies and institutions to have a profit here, simply to have the opportunity to make money. In this case, this open source ecosystem is a more vital ecosystem. In addition to technology and applications, as a medium- and long-term industry or technology development, talent cultivation is very important and important, and it is also a need to invest heavily in the early stage.

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Mr. Yan Xinlei , head of the blockchain department of the Innovation Technology Business Unit of Jingdong Digital Technology Group, delivered a keynote speech, “Independent Innovation and Application Practice of Blockchain ”, he said.

Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of the industrial Internet and may become a bridge between different clouds. "In this process, we believe that the blockchain is in the field of industrial Internet, and it is possible to connect the ERP data of different enterprises. We believe that this basic technology level is the cornerstone of the industrial Internet." The application of future blockchains is the direction of data and the direction of digital assets. But the inner and outer circles are not good or bad. Whether it is the application of the chain or the application of asset digitalization, the blockchain is very flashy, and to a certain extent, the data can be converted into assets, and the two layers can penetrate each other. .

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Mr. Du Yu, the deputy general manager of Wanxiang Blockchain and the head of Wanxiang Blockchain Lab , gave a speech on the theme of “Blockchain and Smart City”. He introduced in his speech.

Wanxiang has about 200 blockchain companies investing in the world, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan in the blockchain field. Du Yu introduced some application scenarios of blockchain in smart cities: first, technology, blockchain + artificial intelligence + Internet of Things, etc. Second, based on the blockchain, many new business models are derived. It also divides component innovation and subversive innovation; the third is how to use the so-called distributed new mechanism design model, participate in more commercial construction and urban governance, and the entire large ecological construction. The judgment for the development of the blockchain is, "Maybe 2021 is the beginning of a large-scale application of the blockchain, so more long-term value will be truly reflected at that time."

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Zhang Yifeng, Dean of the China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute, gave a keynote speech on “ Blockchain and Digital Identity”. he thinks,

Digital identity drives the critical infrastructure that the blockchain is moving forward, but not only for the blockchain, it is the key to the next generation of the entire Internet. The next generation of digital identities must be distributed, because the identity in the real world is distributed. When you need to translate these real-world identities into the digital world, you still have to return to form a distributed digital identity. demand".

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Professor Yang Dong , director of the Blockchain Research Center of Renmin University of China, and the Yangtze River Scholar , gave a keynote speech, “Blockchain and Data Governance.” He detailed the blockchain for data governance. He concluded:

The first is the encryption protection of personal privacy and personal information. The second is the sharing of data. For example, the use of blockchain for government affairs actually promotes the sharing of blockchain data. Third, the benefits of the value of data. That is, how the data is judged as the contribution of labor, and how the value of the data is better distributed. Yang Dong revealed that the relevant departments of the Internet Information Office and the Chinese government are also actively promoting the use of blockchain technology in some aspects of technology-driven supervision. He believes that through blockchain technology, on the one hand, data sharing is realized, and the protection of personal privacy information is enhanced; on the other hand, the benefit of labor production factors generated by the value of such a data is also given a better distribution of benefits. . Under this circumstance, Yang Dong’s concept of “common vote” actually means to solve the three-in-one mechanism of food stamps, banknotes and stocks.

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Dr. Ouyang Mo, Chairman of Shimu Capital, Chairman of RockTree Lex and International Partner of Zhenge Fund, delivered a keynote speech on “The Future of Blockchain from an International and Investment Perspective”.

Through the development of bitcoin at home and abroad, he has given the future that technology is developing faster than the law; in the long run, countries that provide regulatory support for innovation benefit the most; need more scalable, secure and decentralized blockchains; Chains and cryptocurrencies may become trends in new "space races".

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Under the auspices of Ms. Tang Xia Ling, the vice president and editor of Babbitt, and the promoter of Lingyue blockchain, Yang Dong , director of the Blockchain Research Center of Renmin University of China , Gu Feiyong, head of the Netease blockchain business , and Puhua Capital Management Partnership Jiang Chun and Dfund managing partner Yang Linyuan started a roundtable discussion on the topic of "the future of blockchain ."

Yang Dong said that in order to properly develop the blockchain technology in compliance, it is necessary to remove those bad coins first, otherwise there will be some difficulties in P2P today. "Our priority is to let the outside world know what the blockchain scene is all about. We just want to better promote the fight against bad money. Now we must fight against illegal crimes and the other hand must support some good money."

Yang Linyuan pointed out that the main change brought about by the recent round of policy trends is that more and more talents, resources and money are coming in. Jiang Chun said the nature of the future development of the blockchain. He believes that many things may need a reciprocation. Everyone should study the basic technology of blockchain and do some more perfection of the blockchain itself. Go back and build a A stronger blockchain may be more conducive to the original blockchain ideal.

Gu Feiyong believes that the industrial Internet may be a good breakthrough. "In fact, everyone in the field of government affairs has said quite a lot. I believe that the efficiency of government affairs can be achieved. I think the general trend is that these directions can be done."

Jiang Chun prefers the application of blockchain in IT systems. “In fact, the blockchain is suitable for all information management systems. It uses blockchains, which are as small as our current EIP, OA. This is the simplest, including the management system used in our factory, including finance. In fact, I am I feel that as long as you are involved in any of the information systems you manage, it is very suitable."

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