Cai Liang of Zhejiang University: China's relevant regulatory framework has been initially completed, China blockchain must be manageable

"The focus of China's blockchain development in the near future must be in the alliance chain." At the "Terminal Chain + Real Economy Forum" of the "2019 NetEase Future Conference" held on the afternoon of November 23, the executive deputy director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center Cai Liang, deputy dean of the School of Software, Zhejiang University, said.


“It is very important to make a good alliance chain. It is domestically controllable and controllable, and it is 100% domestically controllable, and it will put performance problems, usability problems and safety protection issues in place. At the same time, it can only help the country to make blockchain supervision. Only then can we truly release the kinetic energy of our nationwide blockchain technology research and industrial development."

Cai Liang said that China's blockchain is very clear and will focus on the alliance blockchain for key technology research, platform construction, economic and social empowerment. At the same time, China will pay close attention to the construction of blockchain supervision technology for a considerable period of time. The implementation of national standards and even mandatory systems. "The alliance chain takes into account the multi-center characteristics of the public chain, and the characteristics of the private chain are very easy to be through-type supervision, final responsibility system, and embedded supervision."

At present, China's regulation of the blockchain, Cai Liang pointed out that China's supervision has been first, the relevant regulatory framework has been initially completed, including the People's Bank of China's digital currency-related supervision, the Central Network Office and the Ministry of Public Security teamed up for information services. Supervision has all been introduced. "The core real-name system, the filing system, and the supervision node are three ideas. The Chinese blockchain must be manageable. But the road to supervision has a long way to go. Until today, the blockchain is still an expansion or aggressiveness than defense. technology".

Attachment: The deputy director of the Blockchain Research Center of Zhejiang University and the deputy dean of the Software College of Zhejiang University, Cai Liang, delivered the contents according to the shorthand.

I am very grateful to the conference for giving me this opportunity to report on some of the work that Zhejiang University has done in the blockchain field and our understanding of the blockchain.

First of all, what I want to say is that the general secretary’s attention to the blockchain started very early. As early as last year’s academician meeting of the two academies, the general secretary explicitly included the blockchain in the new generation of information technology. representative. Just now, President Wang also said that he is particularly concerned about whether he can overcome a number of core key technologies. The main positioning of Zhejiang University is also the platform of the underlying blockchain of domestically controllable and controllable blockchain and the supervision and technology of the national blockchain. Related standard work.

I. Introduction to blockchain technology

Just now President Wang introduced a lot of economic, financial and monetary perspectives on the blockchain. Here we share some of our understanding of blockchain from the perspective of information technology. We say that the blockchain is a very novel technical method of information. There are two traditional methods of information recording. One is the green part (PPT diagram). Each participant has their own accounting check frequently, and one is very inefficient. No one can resolve this difference once there is a disagreement. Another way is the red part (PPT icon). Everyone finds a central party of mutual trust, and he resolves the dispute, but the biggest problem is that if the integrity of the center, the book is changed due to economic pursuit, the whole bookkeeping The system has collapsed.

Blockchain is very interesting from an informatics point of view, because all nodes can be made even if they don't trust each other, and all nodes don't trust the communication network. Under so many untrusted conditions, all nodes can be expanded. Trusted collaboration, each node can ensure that the information records I see and the information records seen by any node must be accurate, every minute is right, this is for large-scale credit Economic cooperation is very meaningful. Once it is difficult to tamper with the blockchain system and stays in the blockchain for life, it is very meaningful for the life-long responsibility system and integrity construction that our country is building.

The blockchain will be integrated with our traditional Internet to create the next generation of the Internet. Many comrades have also asked me a question recently, saying why the party and the country regard the blockchain so important. In fact, if we compare the blockchain with the Internet industry, you will find it very meaningful. We say the traditional Internet 1969. It has been 50 years since its birth. During the 50 years of development, the Internet industry has formed a major achievement: First, it has created a commercial Internet, allowing all business activities to be accessed very quickly and smoothly on the Internet. . Second, it has created a social Internet that allows all people around the world to communicate safely and reliably anytime, anywhere. Third, it has created the entertainment Internet. Nowadays, almost all entertainment for young people is related to the Internet.

But at the height of the party and the state, the question we have to consider is where the Internet will go in the next 50 years. We say that the open, transparent, honest, credible, and life-long traceability of blockchain technology will take our traditional Internet to a new level.

In the application process, there are three typical organizational forms in the blockchain. The public chain represented by Bitcoin is completely decentralized, without any admission control, and the books are completely transparent. Correspondingly, the alliance chain is an organizational form that deserves our attention. Some stakeholders or the relevant departments of the government unite to do some commercial cooperation, or jointly provide some government services and social governance. The biggest difference is that the alliance chain is basically To B, and there is an access system. All transaction information is protected by privacy technology. This is very beneficial to the current blockchain that my country emphasizes. Economy, serving social governance and serving the people's livelihood.

The research hotspots of the global blockchain, the United States and the West are very clear around the public chain of technology research and development, platform construction and innovative applications in the financial sector, especially in the field of digital currency. In fact, in the traditional Western countries, the use of blockchain to make progress in the traditional industry is very slow, and China's blockchain is very clear will focus on the key technology research, platform construction, economic and social empowerment of the alliance blockchain, and a For a great job, our country will pay close attention to the construction of blockchain supervision technology and the implementation of national standards and even mandatory systems for quite some time. Because the blockchain is decentralized, the difficulty of supervision is very large, even now the people In September 2017, the Central Network Information Office and the Ministry of Public Security successively issued relevant regulations in February and April. The core is three points: First, all people who use the blockchain must be real-name. Second, all units operating the blockchain must go to the relevant regulatory authorities for filing. Third, any blockchain operating in China must have a supervisory node. The public chain is very difficult to achieve, and the alliance chain takes into account the multi-center characteristics of the public chain. The characteristics of the private chain are very easy to be through-type supervision, final responsibility system, and embedded supervision. Overall, we believe that the technical research and industrial application of blockchain can be explored under the premise of controllability.

Second, the key technology of the alliance blockchain

Zhejiang University has carried out scientific and technological research in four aspects: First, large-scale node or big data scene coordination technology, including new consensus algorithms, to support a variety of complex non-P2P network consensus mechanisms to improve speed. Second, security privacy protection, through physical layer isolation and novel privacy protection algorithms and hardware protection, through the study of non-blockchain new technologies, such as tree chains, graph chains, and so on. Third, solve high availability, solve the problem of entry and exit of dynamic nodes, failure recovery, and the rapid expansion of alliance autonomy management. Fourth, the solution is highly scalable, and the storage can be arbitrarily expanded. The security model, the control model, the storage model, the expression model, and the like of the system under the chain chain need to be chained, and the multiple chains are connected to each other. Up to now, China's alliance blockchain technology is still relatively leading in the world. This is the evaluation of the UnionPay National Payment Engineering Laboratory last year. The Hyperchain of Zhejiang University Research is still very leading. In addition, the total score of Zhejiang University in China is the first. First, all other indicator machines are first, or tied for first.

Third, the blockchain supervision technology

Blockchain is a typical double-edged sword. It has many and many benefits, but it brings great challenges to the party and the country. It is an important challenge. Take a look at this picture. Many comrades are asking why. The responsible department for reporting to the general secretary is the Central Network Office. We can take a look. This is a transaction of the world-renowned open public chain Ethereum, which took place on April 23, 2018, with a transaction amount of 0.17. The US dollar, but brought a large-character newspaper with a length of 6030 words. This is also the first Chinese large-character poster in the blockchain. The overall content of the graduate students of Peking University is dissatisfied with Peking University. The traditional method of petition is invalid. To post, but the post must be deleted. On the blockchain, we suddenly discovered that the blockchain has become a kind of media. This kind of media is very powerful because it is decentralized, cannot be tampered with, and cannot be deleted. Even if the big-character poster is real-name, it is also crying and confessing. Mistakes, I can't delete it myself, so it brings great challenges to our country's regulatory authorities. If the regulatory authorities have regulatory confidence and sufficient tools and support, for the national blockchain technology and industry. The show has a lot of restrictions, so we just also comes to the front, is a good tool must be properly supervised and use, can really play value.

In June of this year, Libra brought a big impact. This shock is not just financial. I will talk about a October 23, clearly speaking that Libra not only enhances the global financial leadership of the United States, but also the democratic values ​​and supervision of the United States around the world. It is clear that through the penetration of the high wall of the blockchain, the American concept of democratic politics will bring the concept of American long arm jurisdiction to the whole world. The blockchain begins to have political and conscious influences, which will have a serious impact on the international order of the country as the basic political unit, and will eventually bring all-round challenges in technology, commerce and politics.

In fact, the supervision of our country has been advanced. I believe that China's regulatory framework has been initially completed, including the supervision of the People's Bank of China on digital currency. The Central Network Information Office and the Ministry of Public Security have jointly introduced the supervision of information services. The core real name system and filing The three ideas of the system and the supervision node are out. The Chinese blockchain must be manageable and controllable, but there are many comrades who have fantasies. So we can think that China’s public chain can’t be done well, and the alliance chain can’t do it. Private chain can not be done, there are two kinds of alliance chain, a coalition chain initiated and operated in China, which operates very well. With the diffusion effect of blockchain, it helps Chinese enterprises and financial institutions to go out and help. RMB internationalization. There is also a very successful alliance chain initiated outside the country. In order to expand the Chinese market and enter the territory of our country, which of the two alliance chains is truly manageable and controllable. There is also a point of view, blockchain technology expansion is so strong, how to help Chinese companies increase their international competitiveness, help China's financial institutions, help the renminbi increase global competitiveness, the current central network office has deployed two batches of more than 500 services The record number, but the road to supervision has a long way to go. To this day, blockchain is a technology that is more expansive or aggressive than defensive. Currently, research is conducted in four perspectives: first, node tracking in the global blockchain, and penetrating and embedded monitoring techniques in the second alliance chain. Can be seen and managed. Third, for the blockchain that does not cooperate, how to actively discover, and detect, and deal with it accordingly. Fourth, study the results and standards of chain management in the country.

Fourth, summary

First, the focus of China's blockchain development in the near future must be in the alliance chain. Second, it is very important to make a good alliance chain. It is domestically controllable and controllable, and it is 100% domestically controllable, and it will put performance problems, usability problems and security protection issues in place. Third, to help the country to do a good job in the blockchain supervision, we can truly release the kinetic energy of our nationwide blockchain technology research and industrial development.

My report is here, thank you very much!

Article source: Hangzhou Net

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