Lottery lottery "winding", electronic deposit card cover "poke", blockchain boosts Zhejiang social credit governance

"Everyone can look at it now. This is our lottery rule. This is the lucky draw list. A total of 2,800 customers have won the lucky draw during the 'Double Eleven' period. Confirm the correct upload, set the number of winners… Now count down, prepare for the draw!" Before the live broadcast, Wang Cunyu, the head of the cross-border e-commerce team, under the supervision of the staff of the notary office, pressed the start button of the blockchain notary lottery.

The excitement of the “Double Eleven” promotion has just ended. A cross-border e-commerce team in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province recently came to the Hangzhou Internet Notary Office with a live mobile phone. They applied for the latest block-based blockchain lottery system of the notary office to draw a lucky customer who won the car's two-year right of use award.

Blockchain technology is becoming an important technological force in Zhejiang to promote social credit governance.

Xu Xiaowei, director of the Hangzhou Internet Notary Office, said that the system includes blockchain lottery and blockchain shake. The blockchain lottery system performs a rolling lottery on all participating numbers through a cryptographic random algorithm embedded in the blockchain element, and displays the final result in a large screen and recorded in real time. At the same time, the results of each group draw will be automatically updated to the blockchain to ensure that the results cannot be tampered with.

It is understood that this blockchain-based marquee and lottery system uses blockchain to provide a credible and reliable lottery service, combining "technical trust endorsement" with "legal trust endorsement" to achieve "double trust" . In addition to online lottery, it can also be applied to the field of license plate, house purchase, demolition and resettlement, admission, etc. Since the official launch in July this year, it has accumulated more than 200 million passengers.

“Blockchain is a distributed account book technology that is tamper-proof, traceable, and shared. Blockchain technology can effectively reduce human-factor interference, ensure the effectiveness and fairness of lottery or lottery, and reduce notarization costs and expenses. Xu Xiaowei said.

In addition, Zhejiang Province will also apply blockchain technology in the fields of electronic data online deposit, remote medical insurance reimbursement, and collection financing. For example, electronic works such as digital works, electronic vouchers, and online transactions are tamper-proof through blockchain encryption to ensure that electronic evidence is objective, true, and effective. The blockchain is covered during the entire process of electronic ticket generation, transmission, storage, and use. "Poke", that is, leaving electronic traces to ensure that an electronic bill can only be reimbursed once; SMEs' accounts receivable "winding up" form a digital certificate, which can save 80% of the time cost and reduce the financing cost by 50%. .

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to improve the long-term mechanism for building a good faith, improve the credit reporting system covering the whole society, and strengthen disciplinary action against dishonesty. Experts believe that as a subversive technology in the era of "information Internet" towards the "trust Internet" era, accelerating the application of blockchain technology in many fields, can transform the advantages of modern science and technology into governance efficiency, reduce the cost of trust, and promote each The party information is truly fluent and effectively promotes social credit governance.

“The blockchain is suitable for solving the problems of insufficient transparency in the process of traditional social governance and lack of trust in results, which helps to form an atmosphere of public supervision and can effectively promote the construction of a social credit system.” Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center Deputy Director Cai Liang said.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Han, Song Yumeng, Wu Shuaishuai

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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