The IPFS mining machine entered a strange outbreak, and the miners’ wool party was cleaned.

In 2018, various main chains have been emerging one after another. Compared with the speculative coins, the mining that had been cooled by Bitcoin for a while has recently emerged. The communities of various currency circles and chain circles were once mined, mined, etc. Keywords swipe screen. The author paid attention to it for a while and found an interesting phenomenon. Nowadays, the most popular among Chinese miners is no longer Bitcoin, but the highly anticipated distributed protocol storage – IPFS.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. When all the miners are sharpening their knives to the IPFS, it is easy to generate interest points. At this time, speculation and good at exploiting the loopholes will come out.

Just search on the Internet, come out more than a dozen IPFS mining machine brand hard wide, soft text, and even have Baidu bidding rankings, it can be seen how fierce the killing, open the soft list, screaming for a month, 40 days back to the mine There are a lot of people in the machine.

The author contacted the industry-recognized technology big cow to conclude that Filecoin's mining is not too dependent on hardware. The most important factor affecting miners' revenue is bandwidth, and there are many people in the power consumption. For the majority of miners, the initial input costs are relatively low. However, because of this, many so-called "IPFS mining machines" have emerged on the market, and in the name of mining, large-scale false marketing is carried out.

So, which factors are the most direct factors affecting Filecoin mining?

The author believes that the first is bandwidth. The reason why the bandwidth is placed in the first place is because the IPFS mining is different from the Bitcoin and Ethereum mining machines. The IPFS mining machine does not need to share computing power, but it is very dependent on the stable backbone network. If the network is unstable and there is a situation where the disconnection does not restart in time, the IPFS protocol will default to you not online, thus punishing your mortgage, so you will lose more than it. Therefore, the configuration is no better, the bandwidth cannot be set too bad. Conversely, even if the configuration is normal, but the bandwidth is strong, your income will be considerable.

A widely spread phrase on the Internet is "IPFS mining is hard disk mining", this sentence is actually a distortion of some facts, I even suspect that this is the marketing strategy of hard disk manufacturers. The larger the hard disk capacity, the more things that can be stored, the greater the ability, so there is nothing wrong with it.

But the hard drive is not the most critical performance indicator for measuring IPFS mines. As a simple example, the premise that FIL storage miners participate in creating blocks is that they need to be elected as a leader to participate in the creation of blocks. The efficiency of creating a block is the ratio of the current stored data of the storage miner to the stored data of the whole network. This is also the size of the so-called computing power. It is not the hard disk space, the greater the computing power.

Other effects including CPU, memory, system, etc. are minimal. The core system of the mining machine is preferably Linux. At present, more than 95% of the global server market chooses Linux. It has been time-tested and does not recommend Windows as the operating system.

As long as it is a business, it must meet these two business rules: either the customer channel is cheap and almost no money, such as double-shake. Either every user can extract high value, such as cash loans, big games.

The author believes that the mining machine manufacturers are now in full compliance with the second article, using everyone to want to be a miner, unwilling to take the first batch of mentality, and constantly release a variety of "the first batch of mining revenues the most" wind. In fact, Filecoin mining has little to do with time. In the early mining stage of Filecoin, the revenue was mainly block rewards, storage revenue and retrieval income, and token mortgages were very few. In the later stages, the smaller the household miners of Xiaosan are.

If a mining machine manufacturer is very expensive, then you should pay attention to it. The ecology of the mining machine is not like that of traditional mobile phones, cameras, computers, etc. The high price of the mining machine does not mean high quality, because the mining machine In fact, the impact of the configuration is not big. All the black and high-tech and high-content distribution of the mines are actually unprofessional.

Don't be configured to shake your eyes and lose your heart.

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