The main "decentralization", Ergo (Ergo) to do value-like currency similar to bitcoin

Ergo is a new truly decentralized proof of work (PoW) platform that is a safe and easy way to implement financial contracts. Erge defends ASICs and mines, and can efficiently mine ergonomics through the GPU. The total amount of erg coins is unchanged at 97 million and is expected to become a value reserve currency similar to Bitcoin.

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Erg is a new strong adaptability ASIC and mine pool resistance proof platform for contract currency. Industry leaders recognize the potential of Ergo, Caldano founder Charles Hoskinson said on his Twitter, "Arge is one of the most interesting blockchain projects."

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Wave founder Sasha Ivanov said in his Twitter, "Ergo will be the top cryptocurrency based on the PoW mechanism."

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Erge main network is expected to go online on June 28

Erg is a high-compatibility platform for contract currency and based on proof of work, which can be mined by ordinary people with only GPU or GPU mining racks.

Erge was created for ordinary people. It is a strong adaptation platform for contract currency, which puts decentralization in the first place . Erge does not require a license and is completely open, with long-term sustainability, and efficient mining through the GPU. Erge's main network is currently expected to go online on June 28 (if not postponed), after the line can start mining, and soon after the transaction can be traded on the exchange. During this time, miners can prepare for mining by setting up equipment on the Erge test network. For more information on this exciting new platform, check out the Chinese version of the white paper on the Shanger website.

Erge is the platform for contract currency and the base layer of the application built on it. Erge is suitable for many applications, but its main focus is to use ErgoSript (currently available in English only) to provide an efficient, secure and easy way to implement financial contracts . The Erge script is a powerful scripting language built by the Erge development team based on the Sigma protocol and supports zero-knowledge proof. With Erge scripts, DAPP developers can implement complex smart contracts in a secure manner, including Turing's complete smart contracts.

Grid miners friendly to GPU

Ordinary GPU miners are excited about Erg , because Erge can resist ASIC professional mining machines and traditional mining pool mechanisms, perfect for small miners with their own hardware.

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The miners are excited to prepare their GPUs because Erge mines have the ability to withstand ASIC professional mining machines and traditional mining facilities. Erge mining is suitable for ordinary people with idle GPUs. Erge mining is fair to everyone, because Erge is a proof of work without pre-excavation, and Erg does not and does not want other projects to launch millions of dollars in digital currency funds and venture capital on the main network Deploy a mining machine before, such as Grin. This means that small miners will no longer compete with super rich venture capital funds for mining!

For miners who already own or can purchase their own GPUs, Erge mining is ideal (recommended minimum 4Gb memory, 8Gb best) . For more information, miners should visit the official website of Erg, where you can find English and Chinese guides for complete nodes and miners. Miners can also communicate directly with the Erge team through the Erge Telegraph Group and the Erge WeChat public account (see the end of the article).

Long-term value investors are paying close attention to Erg

Erg's native token, Erg, will be traded on the exchange. Investors can see that Erge has excellent characteristics to become a value carrier, and because its total issuance is strictly limited, only 97,739,925 ergs .

Erg is truly decentralized, so no committee decides monetary policy, and the total amount of erg coins, 97,739,925 will never change. Therefore, value investors expect that, in addition to the value of executing the currency contract on the Erge platform, the erg coin can never become a value reserve currency like Bitcoin because the total amount of erg coins remains unchanged. In addition, the strong adaptability, decentralization and safety of the Erge platform strengthens the scarcity value of Erge.

For miners, developers, investors and traders, the early stages of the event are an exciting opportunity, an excellent time for them to become an early community member of the exciting Sanger blockchain platform.

Erge Development Team

Erge has a talented, diverse and experienced development team , including Alexander Chepurnoy, the core developer of Erge. He has been developing software since 2003. He started to enter digital cryptocurrency by bitcoin development in 2011. He is the core developer of Nxt cryptocurrency in 2013. He can be said to be a frequent visitor to the industry. Alexander Chepurnoy and another core developer of Erg, Dmitry Meshkov, jointly developed Scorex (for other Ethereum classic platforms) at IOHK.

The Erge development team attaches great importance to the Chinese blockchain community. In January this year, it participated in the Erge platform in Sanya and Hong Kong. Developers from China are welcome to develop programs on the basis of Erge. The Erge development team has written about 25 smart contract applications. You are welcome to start development on Erge at any time. If you need help or want to work directly with the Erge development team, please contact them at the Erg Telegraph Group (

After analyzing the problems of the existing blockchain system, the talented and ingenious Erge development team decided to establish Erge. They established Erge based on peer-reviewed research to solve these problems in a scientific way, while maintaining the most critical de-centralization and open-ended unlicensed state, which would make Erge not sacrifice for any goal. This is a real challenge for any blockchain development and Erge team, and the Erge team may be one of the few teams to complete this challenge.

Other revolutionary features of Erge include:

1. A new economic model with the characteristics of token storage costs. This allows Erge to survive for a long time and provide more sustainable income for future miners. 2. The chain governance mechanism allows miners to vote on a variety of parameters, including maximum block size, token storage rental fees, and maximum computational cost for a single block. 3. Because Erge is designed for large-scale applications and the use of ordinary users, Ergo's decentralized light client enables ordinary users to join the network with just a mobile phone, while enjoying the same security as the entire node. 4. In addition to Erg's native tokens, anyone can use the security of the platform to release tokens based on the Erge platform. 5. Erge platform allows smart contracts, including atomic swaps on the erg chain, cross-chain atomic swaps, crowdfunding, providing better number of smart contracts for the oracle (Oracle), as well as limiting the amount and time of withdrawals Special cold wallets and more. In addition, two erg script tutorial white papers are available for download on the Erge website (currently available in English only).

Ergo welcomes the Chinese development community to join Erge for research and development! To learn more, please visit:

Erg website: Erg Chinese telegraph: Erg WeChat public number: ergoplatformorg “Arge blockchain platform” Erg Weibo: /6821277977

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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