The second phase of the fire coin Prime project led the disputed person to claim that two exchanges were “strong”

Huobi Prime's second phase project started with a long-awaited call, and was fixed as Newton Project. The insider literally translated the project into "Newton". This year's project around the "community economy" was placed in the spotlight for a moment.

Last time, most people knew about Newton, or because they also came to the cloud rights. The founder of Newton, Xu Jizhe, was the co-founder of Yilai Cloud. The sensitive users therefore classified the project as “Yi Lai Yun”, and the controversy followed.

Xu Jizhe said that he left Yelaiyun at the end of 2017. Newton is an independent project and has nothing to do with Yilai.

Another thing that puzzles the public is that Newton has appeared on the digital asset exchange MXC since January of this year. Why is it a high-profile landing on the Prime Prime?

In this regard, the head of the Newton market told the Honeycomb Finance, Newton did not take the initiative to land in the MXC, suffered a "strong", "not only" was on the line MXC, there is another platform bit cola."

Before landing on the Prime Prime, the Newton team said that it would face the market voice. "This is also an opportunity for the outside world to know Newton. In fact, Newton spends more time in the community during the first half of the year before docking the secondary market. Governance and application are on the ground."

When Newton was caught in the “good and bad project” battle, Li Lin, the founder of the fire coin, said, “The market needs to redefine what is a good project.”


Fire coin Prime second-phase project leads to disputes

On April 9th, the Global Trade Station official announced that Newton became the Prime Phase II project and will be online at 8:00 on the 16th.

According to the announcement, a total of 2 billion pieces of NEW will enter the trading market in this period, and the price of the three-round limit period is 0.001667 US dollars, 0.002 US dollars and 0.0024 US dollars respectively.

For a time, Newton was placed in the spotlight and the controversy followed.

In the impression of many people, Newton has a lot of connections with the cloud project that was deeply involved in the dispute.

In October last year, a white paper on rights protection from the Yilai cloud community made Yilai cloud fall into the rights defense. The founder of Newton, Xu Jizhe, was the co-founder of Yilaiyun and deeply participated in the early work of Yilaiyun.

In addition, some Newton investors and community users have also participated in the Yelai cloud project, which makes the two seem to be very relevant.

On Weibo, some users asked “Is the cloud name changed to Newton?”, and some people directly defined Newton as “also come to the cloud system”, calling it a project under the cloud.

On the evening of April 13, Xu Jizhe responded to Newton’s “identity”. He said that although he was a co-founder, he was deeply involved in the construction of the cloud, but he left completely at the end of 2017 because of the great and irreconcilable relationship with a core member.

He added, "Although some of Newton's community members come from the cloud, Newton is an independent project and has nothing to do with the cloud."

Despite the clarification of the founder, the market still has doubts. “Why is Newton, which has already circulated in the secondary market, suddenly landed in Huobi Prime like a new one?”

Looking at the digital asset data collection platform, Newton has already traded on the exchange MXC, which is nicknamed "matcha" by some investors.

On the exchange, there are already NEW/USDT and NEW/ETH transaction pairs. At 3 pm on April 14, NEW's price was $0.011, about 6.6 times the price limit of Prime's first round.

Matcha Exchange is online NEW

Investor Li Bing (pseudonym) is worried that “NEW is already in circulation in the market. After the Prime is on the line, there may be big players taking the opportunity to sell and picking up the leek.” Some users who paid attention to Newton early said that Newton’s over-the-counter transactions were frequent and suffered. "When it is a good project, how can this happen?"

In this regard, the Newton team said that the project's initiative to start the exchange is the fire currency Prime.

After Prime disclosed Newton’s second-phase project “identity”, the project staff found on some data software that another platform named Bit Coke was also on Newton’s. “It’s on the line, and both are 'strong’. '."

Matcha also confirmed that the platform was launched on the basis of community users at the beginning of this year, and the "smart contract was announced, basically all."

Concerns about the off-market sell-off, the head of the Newton market said that they verified that the rumored "snap" voice of the outside world was malicious short-selling, "the person who voted for the vote did not vote, and wanted to short the price to receive NEW."

After becoming the second phase of the Fire Money Prime, investors reacted strongly to Newton. “A lot of people have not understood Newton carefully before they have many misunderstandings. For us, it is also a good opportunity to face the market reaction and do it. Improve, let more people recognize." The person in charge said.

Li Lin said the market needs to redefine the project

Weng Xiaoqi, CEO of Firecoin Global Station, once regarded Prime as a "stage" for a quality project. From the market feedback after Prime announced the second phase of the project, Newton has undoubtedly achieved high exposure, both positive and negative.

"Fire coins are very strict in the selection of projects. They have seen nearly 100 projects on a global scale before they are finalized." Newton said that the cooperation with the fire coins has gone through a long process.

The Prime choice under this "long process" seems to have led to a rebound in users. After the noise was surrounded by Newton, Li Lin, founder of the Firecoin Group, told Honeycomb Finance that “the market needs to redefine what is a good project.”

Li Lin pointed the project to two words – e-commerce. From the founding team and the investor lineup, Newton’s bones contain e-commerce genes.

According to public information, Newton was officially founded in early 2018. In addition to Xu Jizhe, Hao Lebu CEO Li Shubin is also the co-founder of the project. Newton’s cornerstone investors include Liu Jun, co-founder of Lanting, and Xu Yirong, founder of Beauty.

E-commerce is currently the Red Sea battlefield in the Internet industry. Before the giants Alibaba and Jingdong, they also joined the traditional enterprises such as Suning. Later, Netease koalas and fights entered the fight.

From Newton's white paper, the project claims to start with “community economic infrastructure” and to be a “chain business” that is different from traditional business. It seems that the blockchain should be used to transform e-commerce from the social economy.

The social economy is not a new word.

Under the Internet era, the “capacity of goods” of stars, net red and big V is one of the manifestations of the social economy. So in the world of blockchain that advocates decentralization, what innovations does Newton’s “community economy” and “chain business” have?

Newton believes that the organizational structure of the Newton community economy is a "human-machine community" that is self-motivated and self-motivated compared to the traditional closed business structure.

The project's white paper explains this. In terms of incentives, the social economy can avoid the unfairness of “most people contribute, a few people benefit”, realize “everyone contributes, benefit everyone”, and users can control their own data. And privacy.

Newton's White Paper Interpretation of the Community Economy

“Chain quotient” is the direction of Newton’s “new community economy” with products and scenes. It is reported that NewMall, which is about to land, is a chain retailer, trying to eliminate the huge commercial intermediary and reduce transaction costs by means of blockchain.

“Consumers are real contributors to transactions, but in traditional e-commerce, the monopoly of giants has greatly reduced the benefits of other partners. In NewMall, there are no giant commercial intermediaries, and all ecologically beneficial behaviors include but are not limited to shopping, evaluation. , communication, etc. will receive a pass incentive to allow users to become equity holders of the economy."

According to Liu Jun, a Newton cornerstone investor, consumers can get “bovine power” when shopping at NewMall. Niu Li can be understood as a tool for measuring contributions. Users get NEW according to the size of contribution, which is equivalent to “consumption is mining”.

For Newton's economic model, some investors have doubts. "It seems that the vision is very good, but it is not so easy to land. It involves high-frequency commodity trading. It requires the system to have very strong processing power and do it on the blockchain. It's hard."

The above investors believe that in these aspects, whether Newton's solution is effective still needs to be verified. "I don't know why Prime regards Newton as a quality asset?"

For the criteria for Prime's selection of projects, Li Lin explained his definition of "good projects."

He believes that for non-basic public-chain application projects, it is necessary to solve problems and create value. When dealing with problem solving, blockchain technology and Token are better than traditional methods, and Token is reasonable in design. It can convey the value of creation to Token holders; in addition, it also includes whether the team has sufficient professionalism and industry resources to let the project fall.

The Newton team said they are speeding up the project. In December last year, Newton's underlying public chain NewChain went online, using the "main chain + sub-chain" design and POA consensus mechanism, TPS stabilized at more than 5000 to meet current business needs.

In addition, Newton's wallet NewPay1.1 has been launched, adding community governance capabilities. Public information on NewPay shows that 25 positive community nodes have been running in NewPay, and more than 1,000 community members have participated in node voting.


Prime pricing is about 1% off the off-market price

After more than a year of establishment, Newton will launch the Prime Money Prime and take the initiative to accept the secondary market test.

As a "online" project, Newton's chip distribution in the outside world has become the focus of Huobi Prime users.

The website of the Honeycomb Finance Review Project found that Newton issued 100 billion Tokens and conducted three rounds of fundraising. The total amount of funds raised was more than 3,800 BTCs.

In the base stone exchange, 500 BTC was raised, 1 BTC was exchanged for 15 million NEW, and the cost price was about 0.0005,697 US dollars. This part of the certificate will not enter circulation on December 18, 2019.

The newly released NEW is concentrated in the exchange of certificates for private and public offerings.

Among them, 6 billion pieces of NEW private rounds were raised to 3000 BTC, the exchange rate was 1 BTC = 2 million NEW, and the cost price was about 0.0038311 US dollars.

At the public fundraising stage, 1.5 billion NEW was originally planned for redemption, but the actual exchange amount was about 323 million pieces. A total of 323.66 BTCs were raised, the exchange rate was 1BTC=1 million NEW, and the cost price was about 0.004 US dollars. The remaining was not redeemed. More than 1.176 billion NEWs have been destroyed.

Newton has a total of three rounds of fundraising

In other words, in the three rounds of public offerings in Newton, the remaining two rounds of 6.323 billion NEW have been released, accounting for 6.32% of the total. In addition, the Newton Foundation has released a total of 4.33% of the total amount of the certificate, and the community incentives have issued a total of 0.07% of the certificate.

The initial circulation of Newton Pass accounted for 10.72% of the total, which is similar to 10% of the first jump project of OK Jumpstart.

On the Prime Prime, NEW’s first-round limit was $0.001667, and on the 12th, NEW’s over-the-counter price was already $0.01. This means that the price of the Prime Money is about 1% off the price of the over-the-counter transaction.

This price is undoubtedly a certain temptation for secondary market investors.

Referring to Prime's first rush to buy TOP only 2.8% of the winning rate, the difficulty of snapping NEW in this period is not small.

However, the fire currency has adjusted the second phase of the Prime, and half of the 2 billion passes will be allocated to the pending users in the third round of the price limit.

The project team did not make expectations for Newton’s performance on Prime tomorrow night.

Compared with the price, they put more energy on Newton's landing. "NewMall went to the test network on April 11. It is imperative to let Newton Mall run and provide the application scenario of the certificate. Support, these are the more convincing points for Newton."

Above the prime of the currency, any project will be viewed under the magnifying glass. The advantages are the same and the disadvantages are the same. "Net Red" Newton, whether it can speed up the progress of Prime's "stage" depends on whether its accumulation over the past year will be implemented.

Li Lin also said that Prime's pricing is reasonable enough that it should not let the users who snapped up the loss, "others are given to the market and time."

To learn more about the blockchain truth, please pay attention to the public number News

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