The trap of the blockchain talents: After the "pseudo-blue sea", what are the reasons for the supply and demand sides?

From a night of red bursts to a yellow sand blow, the blockchain talent market is also floating with the heat of the industry. The scene of a million-year salary waiting for a long time is no longer there. The high-paying “blue sea” of blockchain talents is showing its original shape when the industry cools down. Both job seekers and recruiters are gradually returning to rationality.

The birth and extinction of "pseudo-blue sea"


The blockchain above the feng shui has once spurred investors and entrepreneurs. According to the "White Paper on the Status of China's Blockchain Talents in 2018" jointly released by Chain Tower Think Tank and, in the first quarter of 2018, the recruitment demand for blockchain-related talents has reached 9.7 times that of the same period in 2017, and the block is released. Companies with chain-related positions grew 4.6 times year-on-year. The explosive growth of the industry has not left room for the talent market to ease. The supply and demand ratio of blockchain technology talents reached 0.15 to 1. The blockchain industry is considered by many to be the new blue ocean of the job market.

However, the prosperity of the fire cooking oil has gone hurriedly. The "coin circle" has suffered an avalanche, and the "chain circle" is hard to escape. According to the "2019 Spring Enrollment Talent Trend Report" issued by the BOSS Direct Research Institute, from the second half of 2018, the block of capital has caused the blockchain with insufficient hematopoietic capacity to be in trouble, a large number of corporate capital chains have broken, and talent demand has declined rapidly. The number of employees leaving has also risen sharply. In the spring season of 2019, the blockchain talent turnover rate (inflows of talents/outflows) was only 0.70, even after the sharing economy. The 2019 China Blockchain Industry Talent Supply and Demand Research Report released by Hunting and Mutual Pulse also supports the view that the blockchain talent growth in the third quarter of 2018 fell by 8.6% from the fourth quarter, and this figure reached the fourth quarter. It has become a staggering 44.69%.

Similar phenomena have been seen many times, from the Internet bubble in 2000 to the false prosperity of VR in 2016.

“The blockchain talent is somewhat pseudo-demand, because any rational technological development has its own rules. The expansion of talent demand in the past two years is more of a demand for the 'coin circle', not for real blocks. The demand for chain talents.” Ma Xiaofeng, director of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Research Center and director of the Tongji Blockchain Research Institute, pointed out that “many people see irrational currency prices and pounce on the “blockchain”. Most of them are engaged in peripheral operations such as community operation and marketing that have nothing to do with blockchain technology. When the currency market is sluggish, they jump out of the currency circle, but because of their own knowledge structure, they want to be in the real blockchain technology company. Job hunting is very difficult. In addition, the blockchain is in the early stages of development, and there are very few companies that really land. The talent demand is not as big as the media publicity."

Job seekers and recruiters tend to be calm and calm


In the post-bubble period, both job seekers and practitioners in the blockchain are learning to maintain a cautious eye. According to the "2019 China Blockchain Industry Talent Supply and Demand Research Report", job seekers know how to identify the "painting cakes to fill the hunger" routine, carefully measure the risk of "million-year salary" and "option incentives", and value the background strength of the enterprise and the development prospects of the industry.

Lin Yu, who is about to graduate from the domestic TOP2 university computer department, said that although he has friends working on blockchain information, he often pays attention to blockchain news, but he is worried about the future of the blockchain industry. In the past, there was no blockchain, and the cost of transfer was not low. It would not be easy to turn around to other industries.

Lu Ping, who has been engaged in R&D for more than a year, resigned in the middle of 2018 and started his self-learning blockchain. He is currently looking for blockchain development and has only contacted several companies. He admits that the industry is hot and the work is hard to find, but he still believes that the blockchain can play a huge social value, "I am willing to pay for it."

Corresponding to the gradual calmness and determination of talents, most enterprises are also seeking transformation and even exit in the cold winter of capital, the salary level will be more conservative, and the recruitment of talents is more rational.

“Now it’s not good to recruit”, Hongxing Technology, which is recruiting blockchain talents, said, “The surface resumes are quite good. After the inspection, they found that their actual ability is not good, but the required wages are particularly high.”

Dai Weiguo, CEO of Blockchain's core technology, also said to the People's Venture Capital Blockchain, "We will carefully screen candidates, and the degree of matching between their work experience and job requirements and the perception of the industry need to be repeatedly communicated. ""

Technology application drives "true demand" rational growth


On the other hand, as blockchain applications gradually land, the demand for blockchain talent is growing rationally.

The "Electrical Standards for Blockchain Technology Talents" issued by the Chinese Institute of Electronics in November 2018 pointed out that the blockchain itself is a framework innovation technology involving computer technology, P2P networks, cryptography, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts and other technologies. Integrated innovation, blockchain talents should have knowledge reserves in various fields.

Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center, said in an interview with the media: "According to incomplete statistics, the narrowly-named blockchain enterprises registered in China have more than 16,000 blockchains in their names. However, there may not be 16,000 high-end talents engaged in the development of blockchain technology."

The good news is that this situation is gradually changing. “In the talent market, more and more technical talents are beginning to pay attention to the blockchain, understand the blockchain technology, and devote themselves to the blockchain business. We hope that more people with relevant experience and interest in the blockchain can join. We, we will continue to increase investment in talents." Wang Shengze, head of the ant blockchain market, said in an interview with the People's Ventures blockchain.

For job seekers, in order to gain a foothold in the blockchain wave, we must strive to improve our own strength, and deeply understand the blockchain technology to become a true "blockchain talent." As stated in Irrational Prosperity, people with basic and lasting skills can survive in any economic environment.

The blockchain is unknown more than the known exploration, and it is the only way to explore technology. "Pseudo-blue sea" and "true demand" are not antonyms. Behind the break-up is the change of the blockchain. To attract talents in the industry, to feed back the industry with talents, the demand for technology application and the integration of blockchain talents and the two-way promotion between the two will continue to promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and the steady development of blockchain technology.

Source: People's Network – Blockchain Channel

Author: PAPTY

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