Twitter releases bitcoin and Facebook Libra's sentiment index

Twitter releases bitcoin and Facebook Libra's sentiment index

The new study found that the United States leads the world in terms of Bitcoin and Facebook's Libra tweets.

The study found that 38.9% of posts appeared on the US on Twitter, while the second was 10.5% in the UK.

The number of tweets in Canada, Turkey, India and Australia has been decreasing.

The report also studied related emotions. In other words, tweets talk about bitcoin positively or negatively. The survey found that Peru is the most active, with Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Italy ranking second to fifth respectively.

Among those countries that have a more negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies, Venezuela has recently produced the most negative posts, and 62% of tweets have seen unfavorable factors. This finding may be surprising because in its severe national currency crisis, the country is seen as increasingly cryptocurrency. Mexico, Estonia, Brazil and Ireland followed.

TIE added that the United States is usually "very positive" and that 61.5% of tweets are good for Bitcoin. On average, 59.8% of the global Bitcoin tweets are positive.

The company also released a global mood map (see below) that indicates whether each country is positive or negative.

Since Facebook recently announced its planned Libra cryptocurrency, TIE gave a brief introduction to the mood of the project.

It found that the United States once again became the world's largest source of Libra tweets, and this percentage (43.8%) was higher than Bitcoin (39.8%). Like Bitcoin, the UK ranks second, with France, Canada and Australia ranking third to fifth.

Regarding Libra's attitude, the study found that since the news broke out, the situation has changed. The tweet initially tends to be more positive, but it is even more negative today (54.8%).

“Libra's tweets are the most active in the UK, but in the US and France, countries experiencing regulatory resistance are often less active,” TIE said.

Source: Coindesk

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