Views | Gao Bin, China Communications Industry Association: After the epidemic, blockchain enables business

Editor's Note: The original title was "Gao Bin: After the epidemic, the first year of the blockchain-enabled business comes." This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention.

On February 12, Gao Bin, the deputy director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, was a guest at TALK. The following is a record of the interview.


Gao Bin, Deputy Director of Blockchain Committee of China Communications Industry Association:

  • This epidemic actually gave the best commercial turning point for blockchain.
  • Blockchain can prevent a bat from becoming a huge black swan.
  • In the future, the blockchain-based business model will take individual consumers as the basic unit.
  • Traditional office methods and traditional corporate structures will be affected, and related business models will be forced from the traditional economy to digital transformation through epidemics.
  • In order to accelerate the development of the blockchain industry and commercial implementation, state support is indispensable.


Interview Record

Zhao Yidan : Next, please invite Gao Bin, the deputy director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, to share "After the epidemic, the first year of the blockchain-enabled business comes." Mr. Gao

Gao Bin: First of all, I would like to pay tribute to my colleagues who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic! Secondly, I would like to thank Huoxun for his invitation. Today's topic is the first year of blockchain business under the epidemic.

Why use this topic because of the fact that during the epidemic, the great blockchain is under the factors of all parties: the absence of the epidemic or the effect that people did not expect, then we must think deeply about why ? How to promote the development of blockchain! I wrote a few articles. It happened that President Zhao of Huoxun said that he would share it with everyone!


This epidemic actually gave the best blockchain business a turning point

Gao Bin: I have done a simple statistics and sorting out here. In the No. 1 document of 2020, the blockchain is ranked before 5G. With its original trillion-scale market size, it may be one of the breakthroughs! From an industrial development point of view, this is not just an important policy overweight scenario for the application of the blockchain industry after the National 1024 Conference clarified the national strategy. It also means that the role of blockchain in the country's important pillar industries has been further enhanced, and it is one of the major strategic deployments to promote the integration of blockchain and the real economy.

4 documents containing the blockchain have been issued, and as many as 45 pieces of information about the supporting policies of the blockchain issued by various ministries and commissions, among which 13 are related to the guiding policies of the blockchain. As of January 2020, 10 ministries and commissions, including the central bank, the Ministry of Transport, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the Ministry of Justice, issued a total of 11 policy information to promote the integration of blockchain and various fields. And the blockchain ranks first among many technologies. With 34 provinces and municipalities fully covered, Xiong'an New District tops the list, and listed companies are all the rage.

Before, the blockchain technology formed a complete industrial closed loop in the digital currency field and mining field. In the commercial landing field, it was only a tool or kernel application. You may not feel the gradual landing of the government and the enterprise. But I think this epidemic situation actually gave the best commercial turning point for blockchain.

Based on the above thinking, then it is necessary to go back to the original point to think, what is a blockchain? What is the use?

Blockchain is an organic fusion of a variety of mature technologies. It is a relational technology of politics, culture and economy. It is a building of a trustworthy society and a value social infrastructure. For the construction of a trusted society, social governance, productivity release and promotion, reduction of economic friction, Organizational collaboration and collaboration have a significant role to play. The digital kernel of blockchain technology has taken root and blossomed in related applications such as traceability, certificate storage, supply chain finance, and justice! Blockchain, as a technological breakthrough for independent innovation advocated by the country, has the role of trusting machines and value machines. It is one of the best paths for harmonious human society and the community of the earth's destiny, and vigorously promotes the leap of human civilization!


Blockchain can prevent a bat from becoming a huge black swan

Gao Bin: When we think about it, let's look at the characteristics of the epidemic.

There is a word of fire in this outbreak, which is "super communicator", an epidemiological term referring to a highly contagious person who is more likely to infect others than a normal person, leading to the epidemic. Mass outbreak. Historical data show that a systematic analysis of the epidemic patterns and characteristics of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Ebola, and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) shows that the transmission and outbreak of these severe pathogens have a common feature ——There are super communicators, which can spread pathogens to a large number of susceptible persons in a short time. At present, the isolation measures adopted in China are exactly the best solution.

The appearance of another "super communicator" (from the media) is the product of the instant and diversity of information disclosure methods and the speed of information dissemination, as if you must know all kinds of information about the epidemic through the Internet and mobile Internet. Many self-media "super communicators" simply search for information on the Internet and Gabo's eyeballs can quickly generate a public account number of 100,000+ readings within a few hours, which are incomparable to previous newspapers, radio and television. . At the same time, the official platform also shows strong trust!

Because people are relatively independent, the epidemic is raging, and many people only have emotions. When they see information, they copy it and forward it without verifying it. On the 30th, a news of general concern was the WHO resolution. As a result, there were still several hours before the meeting was completed. The official has not released any news. A screenshot of a fake message in the circle of friends has been swiped. No announcement was made. Everyone carnival and shared, there is no shortage of elites in various industries.

In such a situation, the relationship between people will become more independent and move towards network collaboration. Therefore, traditional office methods and traditional company structures will be affected. Related business models will be forced from the traditional economy to Digital transformation, from the real economy to the algorithmic economy, the trust, relationship, and collaboration between people, people, and institutions will reshape the business. Blockchain is a trusted machine for low-cost collaborative collaboration. Governance of relations will make great progress!

From this perspective, the epidemic is accelerating the implementation of blockchain empowerment, in short, it is valuable to society!

Compared with 2003, the core factors that formed the above reasons are the information interaction speed block and a massive outbreak of big data, which caused people's happiness thresholds and mental models to be upgraded. The original products and services could not be provided.

I saw a picture, and I think that the existing model is really a best effort!

Therefore, I think that the most needed in the era of big data is ecological governance. A bat has become a huge black swan practice. How to avoid it and how to manage it? I think it can be solved by the blockchain. This process brings huge business Opportunity, because it brings real value.

After this time, as a relational technology, blockchain will definitely be used from passive to active, especially the issue of trust enhancement of public organizations, multi-department, multi-role, and cross-temporal collaboration.


In the future, the blockchain-based business model will take consumer individuals as the basic unit

Gao Bin: Then we continue to look at, Mr. Drucker said that the enterprise is innovation, then under the epidemic, we see the addition of video sales: depending on the arrival of business, to accelerate the strengthening of people's health and emotional belonging.

The core is the super communicator.

Because of the soil and environment of the super communicator, we will focus our business on cleverly converting platform-type traffic into precise traffic, and then screening out the "precision traffic sources" of those "super communicators", which will do more with less. Everlasting foundation effect. Mr. Zhao was just a super communicator just now.

How to do it?

In traditional economic models, there are clear boundaries between developers, producers, investors, operators, and consumers, and today the boundaries between these identities have become increasingly blurred, as if epidemic rumors were caused by emotions Like the promotion of communication, more and more consumers have become consumer operators because of system incentives, and these people in turn influence developers and producers to "personalize customization" and "flexibility" according to their wishes and preferences. Production ", and then" flat channels "composed of them to achieve" precision marketing ".

In the future, the boundaries between the three major roles of producer, operator, and consumer are becoming increasingly blurred. As a decentralized self-organization, blockchain has the characteristics of an emerging production relationship. The evolution of blockchain technology has brought about changes in system and program design concepts, promoted the reconstruction of the distribution relationship and trust relationship between consumers, enterprises and capital, and subverted the existing business organization model with community autonomy as the core organizational relationship.

Specific implementation path:

To express it in one word is to change the chain. Achieved through three steps: identifying business scenarios, forming a business closed loop, and forming an industrial ecology.

Use social tools to target your high-trust, high-visibility, and high-activity users, and then provide them with the value of your ecological incentives so that they ca n’t live without you, and then let them bring in new customers. Carrying live goods, sharing with the community, achieving fission and multiplication, this mechanism is a wealth channel and an industrial ecology.

On the one hand, we use the blockchain to build a database, record the relevant information of upstream and downstream companies and supervise the on-chain, so that these companies can form a trusting cooperative relationship with each other. On the other hand, create an internally recognized value certificate: Token, the so-called Token refers to the credit certificate issued in the blockchain ecosystem, which is used for payment, proof of use rights, voting rights, etc. in the ecosystem, depending on The economic size of the ecosystem (number of users * frequency of use). Token can be used to identify the value of related values. All values ​​are marked on the blockchain and tokenized to confirm the value (including value swaps). When the size specified by the algorithm is reached, the smart contract is automatically opened to inspire relevant parties. Contribute wisdom and stimulate sustainable production of value. Instead, we punish the ecology.

At the same time, I also agree with Dr. Cheng Xiaoming's point of view: Upstream and downstream companies sign an agreement with the Token Foundation, and pay a fee to the Token management agency according to a certain percentage of their respective corporate income each year to support the value of the Token. When purchasing and selling raw materials, there is no need to pay funds. You only need to keep an account. Incentives for related value bodies can be found by the foundation. Further deepening and enlarging the above practices will not limit the creation of an industrial chain, but an industrial ecology. .

There are creators in this ecosystem, and there are various management agencies, regulatory agencies, including foundations. It is similar to the government ’s Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Foundation issuing tokens. It is limited to ecological internal use, not in the usual sense. Currency, companies in the ecosystem, upstream and downstream, in exchange for tax tokens, can be understood as contribution, tax payment is mining, each department in exchange for the contribution of their management services in exchange for tokens, only purely from outside the ecology Financial investors need to invest to obtain Tokens, similar to investment immigration.

For example, Academician Zhong Nanshan has made a lot of contributions this time. If there is a governance model and a reward mechanism, Zhong Lao must have learned a lot, and our society will no longer have a pattern of heroic bleeding and tears.

At the same time, the new circulation platform created by blockchain technology rebuilds the trust mechanism, transforms from trusted individuals to trusted data, and improves the transaction efficiency of trusted value. The distributed market with multiple parties participating in the transaction and the decentralized cooperation order have to a greater extent ensured that the interests of producers and consumers at both ends of the platform are maximized.

This resumption of work is actually a test for business owners and employees. It is a process of clearance. Only valuable business and valuable people can be recognized by the market. It's just a bit expensive. In fact, they can be solved by transactions.

The open and transparent transaction program led by the blockchain is difficult to tamper with, and the openness and transparency are enhanced. The automatic verification of smart contracts and the rapid parameter revision can greatly reduce the complexity of traditional contracts, simplify procedures and improve efficiency, which is beneficial to guaranteeing multiple parties Multi-role benefits, forming a new business ecosystem centered on value, rule-based consensus, and value sharing. In this business system, self-iterative ability is greatly enhanced!

In the future, the blockchain-based business model will take individual consumers as the basic unit. The blockchain uses the new generation of information technology ACDIQ5G to realize circulation and transactions through multiple combinations with individuals and tokens, and distribute labor compensation. At the same time, user identities are more diverse (producers, consumers, communicators, investors). On the one hand, users can realize the direct flow of value assets to users, on the other hand, as individual participants, they are integrated into the entire value industry. In the chain, the relationship between consumers and producers as the main body will be more obvious. Because of the blockchain, the era of mutual trust and mutual trust has come!

In this case, a large number of niche brands will be realized, even if it accounts for 1% of the market, it will be 14 million. This model will be widely applied to clothing, food, entertainment, online education, health and wellness, and spiritual healing. These are just needs and will not be affected by the economic cycle.


To accelerate the development of the blockchain industry and the commercial landing cannot be separated from state support

Gao Bin: At the same time, the economy has moved from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. Downward pressure on the domestic economy in 2019, "steady growth" is the main goal of economic development. All policies in the next stage will be formulated and implemented around “steady growth”. What to do for steady growth? The answer is infrastructure. What does the infrastructure do? The answer is "new infrastructure". I think it is one of the main battlefields

The connotation of new infrastructure is richer. The focus of infrastructure is no longer real estate, but the phrase "intercity transportation, logistics, municipal infrastructure, and 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other new infrastructure construction." Working meeting. Since this year, the Development and Reform Commission has approved a total of nearly 60 infrastructure projects, involving an amount exceeding 1.5 trillion yuan. So far, 11 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have released investment plans for key projects this year, involving a total investment of more than 30 trillion yuan.

The second main battlefield is: The scale of China's sharing economy transactions in 2018 was 294.2 billion yuan, an increase of 41.6% over the previous year. The size of China's Internet sharing economy market will exceed 9 trillion yuan in 2019. These industries all need to restructure business logic, reengineer business processes, and manage ecologically.

The support of the country is inseparable here, so I also think that to accelerate the development of the blockchain industry and commercialization, I have the following suggestions:

Because everyone saw the role of the blockchain in this epidemic, but it was useless, so we can make suggestions to CPPCC members to promote the blockchain to a higher level in the two sessions.

The first is to formulate national strategies and key plans for the blockchain industry

Under the guidance of the 1024 speech, it is recommended that the National Development and Reform Commission take the lead and work with industry, technology, commerce, agriculture and other related functional departments to formulate overall guidance for the blockchain industry, and provide directional guidance for the development of the blockchain industry. Blockchain is included in the key tasks of China's "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and research and formulate related supporting policies;

The second is: research and formulate supporting policies to promote blockchain

It is recommended that relevant research institutions conduct systematic and regular research on the investment, construction, and operation of the blockchain industry, provide research support for the formulation of national strategies and plans, and provide decision-making references for the establishment and evaluation of related projects. It is suggested that in the context of China's management system reform and policy innovation, study and formulate a policy system to promote the blockchain industry (including fiscal, financial, tax, legal, scientific and technological achievements transformation, consumer protection and other policies), and study the establishment and block Evaluation and assessment system related to the chain industry.

The third is: innovative investment and financing and operation management models related to the blockchain industry

Streamline the relationship between the government and enterprises in the investment, construction, and operation of the blockchain industry, and explore innovative and scientific investment and financing and management and operation models. On the basis of protecting information and data security and public interests, explore the establishment of an integrated management model based on a blockchain digital platform with clear responsibilities, clear division of labor, and close cooperation between governments and enterprises. Strengthen international cooperation in investment, construction, and operation, and open more space for participation by private enterprises and SMEs.

Strive to have a trial of a legal digital asset exchange in Hainan.

At the same time, we review and point out that our speech on using blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technology independent innovation actually points the way for the industry. The new kinetic energy breakthrough for productivity depends on the blockchain!

I have reasons to believe that the blockchain industry will be better tomorrow!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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