We experienced this most exciting DAPP and felt full of boiling

DApps on the blockchain, no matter which one is on the public chain, basically more than half of them are gambling games, and "gambling" has already taken up half the sky. Just when everyone thinks DApp seems to have nothing new, a Dapp called hashbaby has reached the 8th place in the EOS daily ranking.

This is the first pornographic DApp in history. It began to provide mining at the weekend, attracting a large number of tourists, and the daily activity is still rising. "Yellow" began a journey on the blockchain. Will the porn industry be another half of the sky in the blockchain?

How much potential does a pornographic website have?

With a monthly visit volume of 4.4 billion, this is the data of the world's largest adult video site Xvedios in 2012. At the time, it was three times the amount of traffic to the CNN TV network in the United States, twice as much as Reddit, the most popular social networking site in the world.

This number can now be distracted by the whole network. From the Alexa website, Taobao is now ranked 8th in the world. The average daily traffic is nearly 160 million, and the monthly traffic is almost 4.8 billion.

The number of visits to Xvedios, an adult website 7 years ago, is not much worse than the number of visits to Taobao.

Now, Pornhub, the hottest adult website, ranks 27th in the global traffic rankings. Pornhub's 2018 Annual Review published in 2018 has a maximum daily visit volume of more than 100 million. 33.5 billion, an increase of 15% over 2017.

In 2018 alone, there were 4.79 million new videos uploaded on Pornhub, with a total duration of more than 1 million hours. What concept? You started watching these videos from the 1944 Wright brothers on the first plane in history, and you can't see them after 115 years.

This is the potential of porn sites, in addition to gaming, e-commerce, the world's largest traffic sector.

The natural fit of blockchain and pornography

In fact, before Hashbaby, there was also a porn site e-Hentai with blockchain thinking. Through a distributed system, e-Hentai has been running stably for 9 years, hosting 500,000 pornographic resources, and 600,000 active PC users per day.

From this example, the blockchain and pornography seem to fit naturally.

As a picture-based site, e-Hentai's traffic and storage pressure is quite large. Moreover, a site that violates almost all the laws of all countries in the world is almost impossible to securely host these resources on any regular server. So they began to try to decentralize the idea.

In 2008, when there was no Bitcoin, e-Hentai launched Hentai@Home, which uses the user's idle bandwidth and storage space to help e-Hentai provide storage services.

Using Bittorrent's protocol, when a normal user accesses the e-Hentai web page, e-Hentai's central server will search for the available Hentai@Home node in real time from the current resource. If available, it will directly let the user connect to the resources shared by this node, not the resources on the central server.

In addition, e-Hentai has a mature economic incentive system. Anything that helps e-Hentai will be rewarded with tokens. Anything that requires e-Hentai to cover operating costs will be deducted from tokens.

In this way, the first pornographic website in the history of distributed storage, it took 10 years to prove that blockchain and pornography are natural fits.

For technical details of e-Hentai, you can check out this block of BlockBeats's article "500,000 pornographic resources, 3 Token economic systems, stable 10-year blockchain porn sites "

Hashbaby's experience

Go back to the hero of this article, Hashbaby.

I have to say that Hashbaby's white paper is still very good looking. From the texts in The Book of Songs, "Pimp" draws people's needs, and then named "Hashbaby's milestones" in "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure". Some people have analyzed that the founder of this website is likely to be a male in the early 1980s or older, because these cartoons are now rarely seen by young people.

If you want to experience Hashbaby mining, the first step is to have an EOS account. This step may block at least 50% of the external user's footsteps. The EOS account registration is a bit complicated and costs 5 yuan. After registering, log in to your wallet and open Hashbaby's official website. You can enjoy it.

At present, Hashbaby is still in the experimental period, and its function is relatively simple. Users punch cards every day, like them, and upload image resources have token rewards. In the experimental period, the token is called HBGO. In the road map, Hashbaby will develop on the side chain of EOS. The token will become the official HBP. It is expected to be distributed in the secondary market in September this year.

Compared to other porn sites, Hashbaby is actually a lot worse. Compared with e-Hentai, which is also a picture-based one, Hashbaby has a wide coverage, unlike e-Hentai, which only does quadratic correlation. Compared with traditional websites, except for HBP, which may be traded on the exchange, other functions can be solved with points. And those who need video and download resources can't meet the needs on Hashbaby.

Coupled with the complex first step of the EOS main network account, it is quite difficult to really attract external users. The current users are all coming for mining rewards. Upload the pictures they see on other websites here. After the card is finished, they will retreat after the rewards. It is not really a experience of this website. In the Hashbaby community, some people said that they came to this site for mining.

In addition, Hashbaby has used IPFS technology to store content, and in theory this content will not disappear. Now Hashbaby's features are not yet complete, and the team members also expressed in the community that they will launch video and novels to make the website's services more perfect. Let's wait and see how the blockchain and pornography can be combined and how many external users are attracted.

Now enter Hashbaby, you will find a lot of content that is not related to the community content, they just to post or like to get the token of the project , look forward to one day can make a big profit. Because the reporting function is not online, administrators and other community members can only watch such people destroy the community atmosphere. Currently, the community urgently needs this feature to go online.

Interestingly, the block rhythm of BlockBeats used to write e-Hentai last summer, actually magically appeared in the white paper of the Chinese version of Hash Baby, was cited as a theory. Let us look at what is said inside, and then appreciate the irreconcilability of the porn economy and the general economy. The edge is wonderful.

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