OK Jumpstart and then the exchange "new hot" rules are too complicated for users to "do not understand"?

This afternoon, the digital asset exchange OKEx officially announced the sales rules of OK Jumpstart. The rule shows that the item Token on the platform will be sold by appointment, including the three steps of appointment, winning statistics, and publicity results, and only for the holders of OKB.

The day before the announcement of the rules, OKEx disclosed the project “Building Cloud”, which was launched in the first phase of the platform. Du Jun, the founder of the node capital, commented that the building block cloud is a “good project”.

Compared with the project situation, users are more concerned about "how to get the Token of a new project." In this regard, OK Jumpstart adopts the method of drawing lots according to the OKB position. On the 7th day before the appointment, the platform sets the 5-digit winning factor within the range of 500 to 2500 OKBs per day.

OK Jumpstart clearly states that "the greater the winning factor, the higher the probability of winning." In addition to the OKB position range corresponding to the winning factor, the formula for calculating the number of winnings is also given in the rule.

"The rules are too complicated, and the way is not as good as letting go." Some users expressed the first reaction after reading the rules.

In fact, this wave of exchanges has become a new wave of “opening up”. The currency Lauchpad also updated the user participation rules for the next new project yesterday, and also set the 5 lottery range according to the BNB's position.

This can not help but remind people of the A-shares to take a new stock winning mode, and recently the stakes of the stakeholders, a variety of "new Raiders" have also received much attention on the network.

“New” is popular in the capital market. The “new hot” that the exchange started with the new model has brought a touch of warmth to the cold currency market in the past year. The “tickets” set by various exchanges – the platform coins – have also risen.


OK Jumpstart rules "formulation"

On the afternoon of April 2, OKEx announced the sales rules for OK Jumpstart. After more than half a month of warm-up, OK Jumpstart, which is characterized by the Utility Token sales platform, finally appeared.

The platform is clear, the reservation of the new project Token can only be participated by the holders of OKB, and the rules of more than 2000 words specify the calculation formula of the OKB reservation, the winning factor under different positions and the number of winning tokens.

OK Jumpstart related to the setting of the winning factor

OK Jumpstart's “reservation and signing” rules directly changed the panning mode adopted by many recent trading platforms “new”, and can be distributed according to the result of the winning.

According to the rules, the user wants to get the Token sold on the OK Jumpstart. Participating users must not only hold OKB, but also meet OKB's positions. The positions of different ladders determine the winning factor. The larger the coefficient, the higher the probability of obtaining Token.

According to the platform requirements, the participating users will have at least 500 OKB positions per day for the 7 days before the event. The winning limit for this position is 1; the highest winning factor is 5, and the average daily position is 2500 OKB. Still 5.

However, even if you have crossed the daily average position threshold of at least 500 OKB, the user must participate in the appointment before obtaining the Token exchange qualification. After the winning, the Token exchange amount can be determined according to the formula of the winning amount.

In the rule, the coefficient value is the calculation formula. The user who has been expecting it for a long time is called "too complicated", but some people think that the signing is directly distributed after the signing.

The first reaction of investor Zhang Shun’s reading was “I don’t understand”. He said that instead of using the lottery method, it’s better to let go of it. “It’s too lazy to participate in such troubles.”

The order of the positions of OK Jumpstart made Zhang Shun guilty. At present, there are more than 500 OKBs in his account, and the winning rate on the 7th position is 1. "The big player's winning factor is 5 times higher than me. I am considering whether to increase the probability of winning the position, or to clear the good. There are too many local tyrants, and they have won them."

Investor Zhao Xin, after participating in the TOP snapping on Celer and Firecoin Prime on the Lauchpad, thanked himself for receiving a small amount of $1.80 OKB today. "Make enough 2500 OKB, 5 times probability, test this. Can you get the amount?"

After the release of OK Jumpstart's sales rules, at 17 o'clock today, OKB's 24-hour increase was 16.6%, quoted at $2.28, and the highest was $2.35. At 13:30 today, the BTC suddenly rose from $4,200 to more than $5,000. The platform coin suffered a sell-off. OKB briefly fell to $1.75 and returned to $2 after 15 minutes.

At 5 o'clock this afternoon, OKB rose to a maximum of 2.35 US dollars

Founding capital investor Zhu Huaiyang "in short" when forwarding the new rules of OK Jumpstart, "so many words merge into a simple sentence, to grab the project, buy 2500 okb most cost-effective."

Some insiders believe that the intention of the OK rule is to ensure the interests of OKB holders by quantifying the winning.

In this regard, OKEx related personnel said that the "sign-off appointment" rule is mainly set out because the platform should consider the fairness and fairness of sales, and users do not need to snap up again. It is better to allocate according to the result of the winning.

The quota allocation ranges from “selling speed” to “thank luck”

In January of this year, the company launched the blockchain asset sales platform Launchpad, which regularly launched the preferred Token “limited purchase” service; two months later, the fire coin kept pace and launched its own preferred currency channel Prime, both of which put their respective platforms. The currency is used as a means of payment for users to snap up items.

In the past, in the "buy new" project of the currency security and the fire currency, users can get a lot of income as long as they successfully snapped up. When the exchange's new channel is opened, users and users have also launched a "buying game", the amount is the key.

Investor Song Wei said that the market has entered the “no brains” period, and the exchange regularly screens new projects for investors, as long as they grab it. After the OK officially launched the Jumpstart rules, some investors said in the telegraph group, "There is another 100,000 OKB."

However, within the prescribed range, the more OKBs are held, the greater the probability of winning. Of course, there is also the possibility of not winning. Only after winning the bid, OKB's large positions will show an advantage in the acquisition of the Token quota.

OK Jumpstart supports over-subscription, and the total amount of current token sales and excess booking limit will be announced before each sale.

According to the calculation formula of the number of users in the platform, the participating users can apply for the upper limit of the reservation. Under the same upper limit, the larger the OKB position, the higher the coefficient, and the more the number of Tokens the winning user gets. OKEx's rule interpretation also stated that "it can be understood simply and rudely. The more you hold OKB, the more Token you can win."

Previously, in the first three projects of the currency security Launchpad, the user's threshold was only KYC certification, and the sales rules were implemented on a first-come, first-served basis.

The “Rising Star” Fire Coin Prime set up a three-round snapping period. The first project TOP gathered 130,000 people to participate, only 3,000 people grabbed, and the winning rate was only about 2%.

The “buy mode” was only carried out in January. The new Lauchpad announced the new rules yesterday. When the next project, the Matic Network (MATIC), was launched, it also adopted the mode of setting the number of winning lottery according to the BNB position and the ladder.

After the Top Network (TOP) of the Prime Money project, the group also discussed the way to set the participation threshold according to the HT position within the community, and announced in the latest announcement that the average daily position of the user 30 days before the opening of the second phase project Need to reach 500 HT. According to the fire money, the focus of this move is to give HT holders a real profit.

"Postal platform coins" has become a hard threshold for users to participate in the "new" channel of various platforms. "Snapping" seems to be becoming "past tense", and the competition winning rate has become a new model.

This can not help but remind people of the A-shares to take a new stock winning mode, and recently the stakes of the stakeholders, a variety of "new Raiders" have also received much attention on the network.

In the snowball community where investors gather, a blogger named “Smart Investor” issued a statement saying that the new yield of A shares is mainly determined by three factors: the number of new shares issued, the stock winning rate and the number of listed daily limit. Time increase).

According to statistics, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges issued a total of 103 new shares in 2018, with an average success rate of 6.1 per thousand, an average of 7.7 daily limit, an increase of 202%; among the 421 new shares issued in 2017, the average success rate was 3.2 per thousand, an average of 9.5. One daily limit, an increase of 267%.

Compared with the A-share winning rate, the winning rate of new projects in the currency circle is much higher. Following the currency of Lauchpad, OK Jumpstart's “Appointment” mode will once again lead the trading platform to a new boom.

If there are new users who want to enter the “new field” of each family, according to the price of each platform currency in the near future, the average daily position of OK Jumpstart users is not less than 500 OKB, and the cost is about 1045 US dollars; The currency requires the user to hold no less than 500 HT per day, and the cost is about $1315. The currency requires the user to hold no less than 50 BNBs per day, and the cost is around $900.

In terms of participation costs, the average daily input cost of the currency security users is the lowest, but the time limit for the positions is longer. The currency security requires a daily average of 20 days before the event; the time limit for the fire coin is 30 days; the time limit for the OK position is 7 days.

According to the cost, from the platform price and the time limit of the position, the price-performance of participating in OK Jumpstart is higher.

Social network is now "building block cloud" increase forecast


Up to now, in addition to the above three exchanges, including Bittrex, ZB and other platforms have launched the "new" channel. Although the discussion about whether these platforms can be characterized as IEO is rampant, the new channels of each platform are essentially Token sales, and the transaction credentials are the platform currency of each family.

At present, the “new” projects of various platforms have increased in different degrees compared with the initial sales prices.

According to some insiders, compared with judging the long-term value of the project, users are now more inclined to implement short-term games through the IEO model. "The profit-making effect is everyone's concern, and the quality of the project is not so important."

Previously, for the IEO model products launched on multiple exchanges, Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the currency, said that the core of the IEO model is to find good projects.

Under the new trading platform model, BTT opened 17 times, TOP opened 20 times, VSYS opened 13 times. After OK Jumpstart announced the first phase of the project "Blockcloud", some media launched a project to increase the forecast vote on the social network.

There are self-media launches on the social network to launch the "building block cloud" increase forecast

According to public information, in July 2018, Jumbo Cloud was invested by more than 100 well-known investment institutions in 28 countries and regions around the world. It is a founding capital deep incubation project with team members from Princeton, Tsinghua University, and Peking University.

The official introduction to the project shows that the building block cloud is a new generation of TCP/IP based on blockchain technology to upgrade and retrofit the existing Internet. Token is referred to as BLOC for a total of 10 billion.

On April 1st, after OKEx announced that it will launch the project on the Token sales platform, Du Jun, the founder of the node capital, congratulated OKEx in his circle of friends and said that he won the “good project” building block cloud.

Node Capital Du Junfa Friends Circle Congratulations OKEx

In some voices that affirm the IEO model, some insiders believe that the progress of this model is that influential trading platforms can use their own professional standards to check some projects for investors. "Of course, the prerequisite is that the platform is negative. The platform of responsibility, because this is going to bet on the platform."

According to Honeycomb Finance, in April, there are a number of exchanges ready to go online on the IEO platform, and the most worrying thing about these transactions is the “finding project”.

Regardless of the operating model, “how to judge quality projects” will become an issue that the exchange always needs to think about and explore.

To learn more about the blockchain truth, please pay attention to the public number: Honeycomb Finance News

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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