8 steps 3 points blockchain game pass certificate design dry goods

This article is from Yu Ming, who was a continuous entrepreneur and has a good grade. He founded the earliest secret room in Shanghai. During his years of entrepreneurial experience in secret rooms, he personally designed several secret room games. For example, the "Book of the Undead" and "Red" that we can see now are from him. Handwriting.

Yan Ming is a Ph.D. in physics at Fudan University and currently works at the senior decentralized exchange Cybex. He has his own understanding of blockchain and decentralization techniques, and has extensive experience and research on games.

The article covers a wide range of topics, from the most basic concept of the concept of the pass, to the general rules of game design, to the analysis of game examples such as "NeoWorld", which combines his dual perspective as a former game designer and player. .

This is a systematic dry goods article. Under the banned framework of similar essays, he sums up the eight steps of the design of the government, the output of the Token and the three points of attention. It is very long, and it is very long. It is worth reading patiently.

The following is the article directory:

01 What is the certificate?

1-1 What is the pass?

1-2 Pass has been in existence since ancient times, and pass is not equal to blockchain tokens.

1-3 Blockchain technology gives new value and use to the certificate

1-4 How does the blockchain pass change the existing world?

What is the difference between the 02 blockchain game and the traditional game?

2-1 Types of blockchain games

2-2 Blockchain games are different from traditional games

03 7 steps of the pass

The first step is to determine the goals and values ​​of the project.

The second step determines the main role of the system

The third step is incentive behavior and quantitative indicators

The fourth step is vulnerability analysis and punishment

The fifth step is to correct the quantitative indicators based on the vulnerability analysis.

The sixth step is to issue the initial release and the third allocation.

The output and consumption design of the certificate in the seventh step of the project

The eighth step is the stability of the currency price / market value

04 Blockchain Passport Design Template for the Game Industry

G1 selects indicators as a pass incentive

G2 vulnerability analysis and prevention

G3 Token issuance

Control of output and consumption in G4 games

G5 currency price stability and appreciation

05 game passification example

5-1 Battle of Rights

5-2 Neoworld

5-3 bit empire

01 What is a pass?

1-1 What is the pass?

“Certificate” is a valuable circulation certificate. The word pass is derived from the blockchain, but is not limited to blockchains.

Initially, the blockchain token was translated into tokens. Yuan Dao and Meng Yan think that such translation is not very accurate, so the token is translated into a pass. Further thinking and research found that the certificate is not only another translation of the token, but has more rich connotations and values. Under the continuous efforts and promotion of Yuandao and Mengyan, the word “pass” is widely accepted by the blockchain.

1-2 Pass has been in existence since ancient times, and pass is not equal to blockchain tokens.

In fact, in the earliest years of mankind, people exchanged goods and things directly, and later used rare shells as value carriers, which is the earliest human currency. This shell is the first pass.

In the history of mankind, there have been various forms of evidence. The most typical ones in ancient times were deeds, title deeds, silver tickets, silver, gold, and so on. In today's society, there are more passes, such as stocks, real estate licenses, bonds, national currencies, various points, gold coins in games, and so on.

Therefore, the certificate is not only the token of the blockchain, but also contains various valuable certificates.

1-3 Blockchain technology gives new value and use to the certificate

Since the pass has been in existence since ancient times, why is the pass-through economy only in the past two years, and it is highly respected in the blockchain industry? That's because blockchain technology gives new value and use to the CIS economy.

Let me give you an example. Xiao Ming decided to start a business one day. Although Xiao Ming is good at making products, he also has a certain understanding of the blockchain. But without a team, how can a single fight be successful? At this time, Xiao Ming's friend gave a suggestion to let him go to the MBA, which can deepen the understanding of business and find competent partners. Xiao Ming thinks this is a good idea, but the cost of the business school is too high to afford.

Thinking about it, Xiao Ming decided to issue a pass, and endorsed himself as a credit, issuing 50 AAA passes, each for 10,000 yuan. What is the value of this certificate? That is, no matter what project Xiaoming will do in the future, each AAA will receive 1% of the money earned by Xiao Ming.

Because Xiao Ming has no company, no team, no way to finance through the traditional angel round. However, the author issued a pass through the blockchain and successfully integrated the starting capital of 500,000. Therefore, Xiao Ming embarked on the road to upgrade and entrepreneurship. Six years later, Xiao Ming’s company was successfully listed, and the author’s shares were worth 1 billion.

The above case was unimaginable before. But with blockchain technology, the future may be easy to achieve, and that's because of the new empowerment of blockchain technology.

1) Blockchain reduces credit costs

Before the blockchain is completed, it is difficult to achieve the sale of 50 AAAs. Because people have a series of trust problems. Buyers will worry about not relying on it? Will the future be successfully fulfilled? Even if a contract is signed, will there be a legal loophole in the contract? If it is purchased by a foreigner, I don’t know the Chinese law?

However, if the sale contract is written into the blockchain, then it cannot be tampered with, everyone can check, Xiao Ming can not rely on the account. With the intelligent contract of the blockchain, it is even possible to realize that when Xiaoming is listed, the assets are automatically transferred to the account owned by AAA. And because the agreement is written on the blockchain, once Xiaoming defaults, the cost of doing evil is particularly high.

Therefore, the use of blockchain technology pass can greatly reduce the cost of trust.

2) Blockchain brings high liquidity

The pass issued by blockchain technology has high liquidity. Not only can it be easily traded on the exchange, but the individual can quickly circulate. In the case, the AAA holder does not need to wait for the author company to go public after 6 years, and can redeem it at any time. If Xiaoming succeeds in Series A financing after one year, AAA holders can sell at many times.

In the traditional industry, this kind of equity is sold, and the transaction speed is extremely slow and the efficiency is low. But the blockchain's pass can be quickly, easily and securely traded.

3) Fast and low-cost distribution

Blockchain issuance is very convenient and the cost is very low. Now someone with a little knowledge of the code can quickly issue tokens for the ERC-21 standard. As the blockchain technology matures, it will become more convenient. I believe that in the near future, ordinary people without a code base can fill in some parameters and they can issue a pass.

1-4 How does the blockchain pass change the existing world?

So, what is the role of the passport that is armed with blockchain technology? I believe that the blockchain pass will be the second artifact of the existing technology in the blockchain technology transformation. As blockchain technology matures, it will transform the world in many ways.

1) The ubiquitous sharing economy

Traditional industries, already have shared bicycles, shared charging treasures, shared office and other projects. The significance of the sharing economy is to maximize the value of the object and improve the efficiency of use. The use of blockchain pass can make the sharing economy ubiquitous.

For example, the ownership of a property can be issued, and a house can be purchased by many people. The person who needs to live only needs to invest a small percentage, and the investment threshold of the investor is greatly reduced. Ownership is convenient for transfer and trading. The right to use the property can also be issued, you can purchase the right to use for 5 years, or a few days. The use of blockchain passes will be more convenient, faster, and more secure than existing rentals.

Blockchain pass will make the sharing economy more efficient and convenient. It will also make the sharing economy ubiquitous.

2) A good tool to enhance human collaboration

Professor Zeng Ming put forward a new concept of “synergy” at the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit, which is the most important benchmark for competition in the smart business era in the next 20 years. What is synergy? It is interaction, connection, communication, and cooperation.

How big is the synergy? Let me give an example to understand: during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, the southeast coast was repeatedly violated, and the Ming army lost. After Qi Jiguang took office, he recruited 3,000 troops in Yiwu, formed the squadron, and created the squad. In 11-unit units, each person holds different weapons and equipment. Both length and length, both offensive and defensive. Since then, the squadrons have won victorious battles, and many times have turned over and over again. These 11 people are coordinated operations, and the synergy of the battles is far beyond the sum of 11 people.

The most basic and difficult thing to achieve synergy is to reach consensus and build trust. For example, if someone invites you to do business together, then the two questions that you think before considering joining are whether the business can be made or not, and the partners are not reliable. The blockchain can easily solve this problem. The blockchain pass provides not only trust and consensus, but also an efficient economic incentive tool.

In fact, the operation of the company requires the coordination of a large number of external companies, and also requires the cooperation of a large number of insiders. The blockchain pass can efficiently mobilize the resources and manpower needed and work towards a common goal.

3) The age of certification

In the era of the pass, the potential of the individual's future can be issued, such as the case I mentioned above. Individual time can issue a pass, such as the monthly dinner of Prince Gong, the issuance of the pass, the intention to pay for the purchase. Personal data can be issued to the required data analysis company.

The certificate has existed since ancient times, and the blockchain technology has given the certificate a high degree of trust, high liquidity, and low distribution costs. The blockchain pass will be a weapon to subvert the existing world.

02 What is the difference between blockchain games and traditional games?

2-1 Types of blockchain games

Blockchain games are not a new game, but games that use blockchain technology. There are two main types of blockchain games.

1) Full chain game

The game runs on the blockchain public chain, and most of the user's important operations, especially those involving capital and data exchange, are recorded on the blockchain public chain. And the rules of the game are written on the blockchain, open and transparent. However, due to the imperfect performance of the blockchain public chain at this stage, the whole chain game is generally simple, and most of them are dominated by gambling.

2) Passport game

The pass card game uses the blockchain pass as the game's internal token. Others are basically the same as traditional games, and the games run on a centralized server. But when it comes to Token's recharge and extraction, it will operate on the blockchain.

2-2 Differences between blockchain games and traditional games

Applying blockchain pass to the gaming industry will bring the following differences

1) Pass can facilitate free trading, bringing the dual attraction of entertainment + making money

Players can freely and conveniently transfer tokens from the game to digital exchanges, trade them, and convert them into French currency. Therefore, the blockchain game using the pass has the function of making money. Therefore, the blockchain game is a dual attraction of entertainment + making money, which will attract a large number of players at low cost.

2) The token issuance rules cannot be modified

Blockchains are open and transparent and cannot be tampered with. Therefore, the pass (game currency) issued by the blockchain technology started from the first day, and all the rules have been formulated. Most of the projects are constant. And the future use of the issuing token will be written in the white paper. Unlike traditional games, the game currency can be added at will. So in the blockchain game, it’s especially important to design the rules for tokens.

3) Special items can be used across games

The special props in the game are issued, and the blockchain ensures uniqueness and uniqueness, and ensures that the game can no longer be issued. It is also possible to use between different games. Not only does the usage scenario increase dramatically, but it also motivates someone to invest.

4) Open and transparent environment

For blockchain projects, there is often a need for transparency and the need for community regulation. For example, the reward rules of the pass, the address of the pass, some data inside the game, and so on.

03 7 steps in the design of the certificate

The first step is to determine the goals and values ​​of the project.

Determine the goals of the project and the value it brings to the user. Only projects that actually create value make sense.

The second step determines the main role of the system

Users, investors, community members, developers

The third step is incentive behavior and quantitative indicators

The user is rewarded with a pass based on an indicator in the system. Therefore, the main incentive behavior in the system must be quantifiable, and can be automatically counted by the program. If the main incentive behavior in the project cannot be quantified, it will result in a centralized black-box operation. If it can only be manually counted, when the user grows, the manpower input will grow exponentially, which will seriously limit the development of the project.

The fourth step is vulnerability analysis and punishment

Wool parties and cheating have become commonplace due to the stimulation of economic interests. It is especially important to control 薅 wool and cheating in an acceptable range. Whether a quantitative indicator has a vulnerability is a very important issue.

Some common methods are: 1) real name authentication 2) mobile phone verification code registration 3) verification code registration 4) system behavior determination 5) important items random reward, 6) players playing each other. However, the specific measures are determined on a case-by-case basis.

The fifth step is to correct the quantitative indicators based on the vulnerability analysis.

The sixth step is to issue the initial release and the third allocation.

The issuance of the pass is generally issued through the smart contract of Ethereum. The universal token is issued by erc-20, and the special prop is issued by erc-721. The non-homogeneous token is inseparable and unique. Tokens issued through the blockchain are not modifiable, and the distribution ratio needs to be written into the project white paper.

The theory of three-distribution refers to the distribution of income under market economy conditions including three distributions: the first is the distribution of the market according to the efficiency principle; the second is the government's principle of balancing fairness and efficiency, focusing on the principle of fairness, through taxation, The redistribution of social security expenditures, etc.; the third is the distribution of individual voluntary contributions, driven by moral power.

The output and consumption design of the certificate in the seventh step of the project

The output and consumption of Token is an extremely important issue in the system. Mainly have the following 5 purposes

1) Enough money-making effect to motivate users, the money-making effect can be all users, but also some users

2) Ensure that each stage has a profit-making effect, and also guarantee the dividend period of the previous users.

3) Prevent excessive output from causing the price of coins to continue to fall

4) Prevent the formation of vicious oligarchs (can be circumvented in the design of the project itself)

5) Prevent the project life cycle from being too short, for example, the Token will soon be mined (can be avoided in the design of the project itself)

For the seventh step, we mainly consider the following three issues:

1. Control output/consumption ratio

2. Control the output of the initial token

3. The part of the user's “mining” output, reserved part of the token for irregular adjustment

Among them, the Token consumption and reduced circulation of the project itself is an extremely important part of all the design of the certificate. The main measures are:

  • Reasonable distribution of founding users

  • User use and consumption. This is the most important kind of consumption. The user is willing to pay the token to perform a certain behavior, which means that the project itself creates value, which is recognized by the user. Such as game currency in the game, paid reading of the content platform, etc.

  • Usage Scenario: In the usage scenario, the Token acts as a role to act as a payment currency. So the more usage scenarios, the greater the demand for money.

  • External value input. For example, cooperation with other projects, traffic advertising, etc.

  • Locking mechanism: Locking the bin can reduce the circulation of the Token, such as the lock of the coin, the lock of the eos super node, etc.

  • Dividend mechanism: Token with a dividend mechanism will also allow users to lock positions and enjoy long-term dividends.

  • Destruction/Recycling: The project uses revenue to recover Token and destroy it.

  • Extension mechanism: Under the extension mechanism, the Token received by the user will be extended for a certain period of time, which is actually pushing the time backward.

  • Honor system: In addition to the pursuit of the economy, people also pursue the pursuit of honor. For those who pursue honor, they are willing to take the initiative to spend money to achieve their goals.

The eighth step is the stability of the currency price / market value

Although the fluctuations in digital currencies are widespread, there are both ups and downs. However, for the general economic system, if the price of the currency falls sharply, it will seriously dampen the enthusiasm of the users. The incentive effect of the pass will be greatly reduced, which will lead to the departure of the users for the purpose of making money, and the ecological deterioration. Therefore, maintaining the stability of the currency price, at least not falling, is a very important part of the CIS economy.

In general, a stable currency price needs to control the flow of Token outside, so that the circulation is synchronized with the development of the project.

1) Control financing channels

Previous ICO projects generally have a certain percentage of tokens for financing, and after the lock-up period ends, there will be a lot of selling pressure. In the bear market, it often becomes very serious. And now the project can change the way of financing, such as 1) company equity financing, not token financing 2) financing users, such as pre-sale of game currency.

2) Control the rate of output of Token within the ecology, which is the same as the seventh step.

3) Control promotion and ecological construction part of the supply of Token

4) Become a stability fund

5) Active community building

04 Game industry design

The game industry is a very mature industry with a complete system. And most games have game currency or points, so the game industry and blockchain pass are naturally adapted. We examine each step in the game industry based on the process of the third part of the pass design process. In particular, what we are discussing here is a Ponzi scheme or a fund disk that does not include a hat with a game.

First of all, each game has a clear final purpose and user, so the first and second steps in the design of the pass can be ignored in the design of the game pass. So the steps and focus of the game design in the game industry is

G1: Select indicators as a pass incentive

Each game will have design player data, such as the player's overall strength and contribution.

G2: vulnerability analysis and prevention

Vulnerability analysis is a very important part, and it is also the difference between the game and the underlying logic of traditional games. Because of the incentives of money, the wool party will be much more than the traditional game, they will look for any loopholes that can be caught. It is very important to control the wool party within the harmless range.

G3: Token issuance

The largest proportion of Tokens released in the game is applied in the game as a reward. Token distribution can be divided into several types according to actual conditions.

1) Single pass design

Game Release Project Token AAA

2) Dual pass mode

The dual pass mode is to issue two types of tokens, one is a stable currency, and the exchange rate with the USD is 1:1. One is the project token.

A stable currency BBB

Stabilized coins are used for payment and settlement within the game. It has the same function as the game currency in the traditional game, but it needs to be issued with the smart contract of the blockchain and is not distributed in the exchange.

B Project Token CCC

CCC is the token of the project, which is used for users to recharge the cash in the game, project financing, marketing, team rewards and so on. The design scheme can be the same as AAA, freely circulated in the market, and can be bought and sold on the exchange. It has the following features

1. The player's BBB token in the game can be exchanged for CCC and traded on the exchange.

2. Players recharge in the game, need to buy CCC, and then convert to BBB in the game

3. The project party's monthly BBB revenue announcement (player recharge + in-game item mall handling fee), and a certain proportion of the repurchase of CCC tokens on the exchange

4. CCC token players can be locked, and the project party will use a certain percentage of the monthly BBB revenue to lock the dividends of CCC.

5. The locked CCC token generates a CCC value that is used to vote for the in-game campaign.

3) Special Pass

For rare items, such as artifacts, mounts, etc., a special mark can be issued. Ensure that the rarity and total amount of special items are constant.

Control of output and consumption in G4 games

There are various kinds of consumption in the game, and the consumption part does not need to be changed. However, the output design of the certificate is the most critical part of the certificate. Generally, the produced mining pool is divided into two parts: one is a fixed-production mining pool, and the other is an irregularly-operated mining pool.

We define A as the mining coefficient: A = one week of mine production / the previous week's consumption

The coefficient of A is set between 0.75 and 5. In the early stage of the game, dividends are needed to attract new users, so the mining factor can be higher. Since the number of people in the previous period is small, the total output is not very high. In the medium term, the mining coefficient can be <1, which means that the people who spend money in the game play games are bigger than those who want to make money, and the players are redistributed internally.

Under normal circumstances, after designing a fixed-production ore pool, the mining pool with irregular activities is used to adjust the mining coefficient.

G5 currency price stability and appreciation

Maintaining a stable currency price requires the game team to pay attention to the currency price from time to time. At the beginning of the design, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to this link.

  • Reserve some funds to maintain the stability of the currency price.

  • Reasonable distribution of founding users

  • Locking mechanism and deferred recovery: Locking the warehouse can reduce the circulation of Token, and the Token received by the user will be extended for a certain period of time, which is actually pushing the time backward.

  • Dividend mechanism: Token with a dividend mechanism will also allow users to lock positions and enjoy long-term dividends.

  • Destruction/recycling: The project uses revenue, such as various handling fees in the game, for Token recycling and destruction.

  • Honor system: In addition to the pursuit of the economy, people also pursue the pursuit of honor. For those who pursue honor, they are willing to take the initiative to spend money to achieve their goals. The honor system is a very important part of the game. Similarly, the honor system can be used to make three assignments of Token in the pass system.

  • Traffic: Some guilds will invest heavily in order to be known. And they may have other monetization channels, so they are not concerned about making money in this game.

  • Community building: Actively building communities and building broad consensus with community members

05 game passification 3 examples

5-1 Battle of Rights

The Battle of Rights is a war strategy mobile game that uses the RTS+TCG+ tower defense mode. Players attack the city on the continent of Atlantis, the game contains a variety of elements such as hero growth, equipment growth, and card configuration.

The original game currency in the game is sapphire, players can play in the game, or directly recharge. Sapphire can buy resources, bags, gems and cards.

G1: Select indicators as a pass incentive

In the battle for rights, there are already a series of ratings for players.

“Scoring” can be used as the main indicator of the census incentives because it reflects the player's overall strength.

The three indicators of “achievement”, “flowers” ​​and “hero monument” can be used as auxiliary indicators.

G2: Vulnerability Analysis

  1. Conventional anti-wool party means such as A account real name authentication B mobile phone verification code login C: ip address, etc.

  2. Withdrawal of a certain fee

  3. To prevent the trumpet from feeding large, on the one hand, it is to close the channel for giving resources between players, on the other hand, to judge the trumpet. If a number does not develop for more than 7 days, only resources are collected and it is determined to be an abnormal account.

  4. Prevent high-level players from enjoying the competition. Players with high ratings are always rated as high. So you need to set the player to reach a certain level of activity every day before you can get the reward of Token.

  5. Preventing loopholes in operational activities, due to the variety of operational activities, cannot be specified. But the general principle, in addition to preventing the trumpet, also to prevent the association between acquaintances.

G3: Token issuance

The game token XXX is released with ERC-20, a total of 10 billion pieces. XXX replaces the green masonry in the original game as the basic settlement currency. The allocation of this 10 billion pieces is:

At the same time, 12 artifacts can be designed in the game, released with erc-721. Guarantee the uniqueness of the artifact and the inability to issue additional.

Control of output and consumption in G4 games

We define A as the mining coefficient, A = one week of mine production / the previous week's consumption. We determine the XXX's pool output this week based on the number of XXXs consumed by the player in the previous week.

For A, according to the time when the game is online, it can be set to

Week 0, 2~3 times the total amount of pre-sale packages.

Week 1~2, A=5

Week 3~4, A=2~3

February, A=1.5

Starting in March, A=0.8~1.1, A=1.5 during marketing


  1. Although A is relatively large during the first to fourth weeks, the actual XXX output is not large because the consumption of XXX is relatively small at the beginning.

  2. Beginning in the third month, the game began to operate steadily, hoping to consume more than output, which is critical for stabilizing the price of the currency. There are two kinds of people in the game at the same time, one is the person who makes money, the one who wants to play. In essence, A < 1, is to make people who play cool more expensive.

  3. Beginning in the third month, in conjunction with the company's marketing activities, especially when a large number of new users enter, the A factor should be appropriately increased to allow new users to stay.

G5 currency price stability

1. Reserve some funds, pay attention to the currency price in real time, and use it to stabilize the currency price.

2. Locking mechanism

A: Important positions in the game, requiring lock XXX tokens.

Such as the alliance's ally, special title

B: Dividend

XXX tokens have a bonus function, so there will be many players to lock the position. Take out 50% of the game's internal income (such as the fee of the resource exchange, the income of the official token recharge) and pay dividends every month.

1. Redemption

The tokens for the lockout will be received 15 days after redemption. It can reduce the amount of liquidity indirectly.

2. Community building

Strengthen the construction of the game player community, maintain frequent online communication, and hold game player gatherings from time to time. Support the guild and so on. It turns out that the stronger the community, the higher the price of the token.

5-2 Neoworld

Neowold is a sandbox game. On the line for 6 months, neoworld, which is still in the beta stage, already has 20,000 daily activities. It is one of the most lively projects in the blockchain. Let's analyze the various passport designs of neoworld.

G1 key indicators

At this stage, Neoworld uses its token Nash directly as a key indicator. Because now, the main behavior of Neowold players is: construction, work, collection, sale, etc. So these behaviors can be settled directly with Nash.

Neoworld will enter the ugc era in the future, which is the era of user-generated content. The indicators for the pass awards have not yet been announced.

G2 vulnerability analysis

A number of anti-wool measures were set up in neoworld, mainly

  1. login by phone

  2. KYC is required for withdrawal and a handling fee is charged

  3. An account that has not been recharged but used for a long time is judged to be abnormal and needs to go through a series of actions to become normal.

  4. Working (mainly wool party behavior) set thresholds, such as working hours, working hours, high incomes need to lock a large number of Nash

  5. The registration code requires an invitation code, and the invitation code is only owned by the identified community partner.

G3 Token issuance

Neoworld has released three types of tokens, each with different rights.

1) Nash

Nash is the basic token in neoworld, which is the settlement unit in the game. Nash issued 100 billion pieces and never added them.

2) Ro

Neoworld players are active on the mainland, with a total of 7 continents in the game. Every continent has a unique pass. It is a certificate based on ERC20, with a total of 10 million fixed and never issued, and is the only certificate that is bound to the corresponding mainland rights.

The RO is obtained through purchase and mining, and each continent ro owns the income dividend of the continent and the voting rights of the mainland lords.


NEST is a Utility Token. It is represented by a virtual item in the NeoWorld game: the NEST token, and can perform a series of special functions and benefits in the NeoWorld game.

The total number of NEST is 1 million. There is no additional mechanism.

What are the uses and benefits of NEST?

1) Users with NEST can participate in the beta testing and pre-sale activities of NeoWorld's incubating game projects.

2) You can apply for a professional developer license by mortgage NEST. And participate in the creation and distribution of advanced content (role building models, applets, etc.) in the game.

3) Users with NEST can get more high-end benefits from third-party project parties (such as airdrops, etc.).

In addition, with the derivation of the NeoWorld ecosystem, more benefits will be given to NEST holders.

There are two ways to get NEST:

1) A total of 5% of NEST will be available to NeoWorld game users through pre-sales. All NeoWorld game users can redeem NEST for Nash at a fixed price within their respective quotas. while stocks last.

2) After that, the Nash/NEST exchange mechanism based on Bancor will be opened. The remaining 95% of NEST will be redeemed through the Bancor Agreement. All users can redeem between Nash and NEST at any time.

G4 token production and consumption

Among the three tokens, Nash is the base token in the game and the only token that is circulated on the exchange, so we mainly analyze the circulation of tokens in Nash.

In the mining pool, 20 billion is used for fixed mine production, locked by smart contracts, and gradually released by time. The annual balance of the mine pool is 10%, namely: 2 billion in the first year; 1.8 billion in the second year, and so on. , will continue.

The content incentive pool of 30 billion NASH is used to motivate users to create and publish great content in the virtual world. Content incentives are locked by smart contracts and released gradually over time. After the Silver Age opens, 10% of the content pool is released each year.

Since it has not entered the silver age every year, Neoworld is now producing fixed mines, with a total of about 15 million pools per day. Since Neoworld's game data is on its own server, we can't see its daily consumption.

1. The Neoworld team reserved 5% of the token when designing the Token to provide liquidity and currency stability.

2. Neoworld actively builds communities, establishes community partners, maintains active interaction and communication with players, and regularly hosts offline meetings. So I gathered a large number of loyal fans.

3. On the lock and dividend mechanism, neoworld is designed on ro and nest, and there is no nash lock and dividend mechanism.

Neoworld is a pioneer in the blockchain pass game. It has been on the line for 6 months, has a stable daily life of around 20,000, and has a group of loyal community fans. From this perspective, neoworld has achieved great success. As a pioneer of the blockchain pass-through game, there are also some shortcomings in the design of the pass, which is worth learning and learning from.

1.Token output has been too big

Since the launch of Neoworld, the daily production of the mine pool is very large. After a few months of running the game, the amount of output has been large. Since the consumption did not increase at the same time, many players began to realize part of the proceeds, and the money was sold to the exchange, resulting in the price of the currency has been falling. Although the official later realized this problem and began to reduce the output of the mine, but in the early stage has accumulated a large number of profitable players.

Therefore, one month before the game went live, the production of the mining pool was larger. Use the game's bonus period to attract a large number of users into the game. However, at a certain stage, it is necessary to slowly reduce the output coins.

2.Nash has no lockout and dividend mechanism

Neoworld designed the lockout and dividend mechanism in the other two tokens, but Nash did not. So there is no such mechanism to reduce the circulation of Nash.

5-3 bit empire

The Bit Empire is an SLG game in which the game is enhanced by collecting resources and technology, and the outside is determined by personal wars or wars between alliances.

G1 key indicator

In the Bit Empire, the player's "Daily Prosperity" is used as a key indicator for the pass. Daily prosperity = basic prosperity + active prosperity.

The basic prosperity is composed of the player's level, castle level, technology level, trial progress, and artifact collection progress. The active prosperity is composed of daily active, competitive, throne, and irregular activities. Basically covers all aspects of the player.

G2 vulnerability analysis

Some vulnerability preventions have been made in the Bit Empire.

1. Mobile phone login, invitation code registration

2. The daily increase in prosperity will only benefit, so the wool party needs to invest a lot of time every day to make a profit.

Possible vulnerabilities are

1. Small to feed large, now you can use the small size to the large resources in the game, accelerate the rapid growth of the large

2. Hold the group brush task, such as the task of the battle, you can brush each other between the two numbers.

3. Black box operation, the project side did not announce the details of the pass certificate, the daily reward is not fixed. In the long run, it will cause dissatisfaction to the player.

G3 pass issued

The Biography design of the Bit Empire is a single pass design, which is basically consistent with our template. It should be noted here that the angels and the second crowdfunding Token should pay attention to the unlocking time, so as to avoid the comparison of the selling when unlocking, causing the price of the currency to cause drastic changes.

G4 token production and consumption

Due to the short time of the game, the project side did not announce the details. Therefore, the specific daily output and consumption are not known. However, from the feedback of gamers, the output of the previous pass is too small, resulting in the consumption of the previous game is greater than the output.

G5 currency price stability

Since the game tokens are not online. Therefore, the specific measures have not been seen. It can be seen from the white paper that the game party has reserved some funds for the stability of the currency price.


Overall, the Bit Empire is a more traditional game, although its tokens are issued in blockchain. However, the previous production was very small and did not use the pass to motivate players to enter. Game defense does not have the thinking of the blockchain industry, nor does it use the underlying logic of the pass-through economy.

Therefore, the blockchain game is not simply to replace the game currency with the pass, which also involves many different underlying logic.

The article comes from the blockchain game community DapDap.

Here, we don't talk about currency prices, don't talk about investment, and think about the future and development of blockchain and blockchain games with more dimensions.

There are a number of long-depth original articles on the Internet media tiger sniffing home page, as well as a selection of domestic and international insights.

In this impetuous circle, we hope that some opinions can be heard by more people. If you have finished reading the article, you will feel some emotions. After paying attention, you will have a good look at the bottom right and share it with your friends. Thank you very much.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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