We talked with the mysterious sly, why do they support BSV?

After bifurcation of Bitcoin Cash in November last year, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) disappeared into the public's field of vision for a long time, after Wu Jihan switched most of his calculations to BCH. The BSV camp was basically declared to have lost the morning battle.

In addition, after the currency price continued to fall, the BSV was rarely mentioned again until the price of the last two times fluctuated drastically. Every time more than 100% of the skyrocketing caused many people to pay attention to the bitcoin of this bitcoin.

The BSV itself is not lacking in topicality. Dr. Craig S Wright is the representative of this forked coin. Because of the number of self-proclaimed Bitcoin founders, Nakamoto Satoshi, CSW can always attract many public opinion attacks. The most recent one was to let the Currency Exchange directly remove the BSV, and on Twitter also caused a lot of disputes with Bitcoin Core supporters.

However, it seems that the BSV that is incompatible with the mainstream currency circle is not only a single person of CSW. It is not only foreign, but also has a lot of BSV iron powder in the country. One of the organizations named “骷髅会” is the core of the domestic BSV fans. Groups, including CSW myself, are also in the group .

Dr Craig S Wright

"CSW is Schrödinger's Nakamoto Satoshi." Qiu Shaoxian, the leader of the association, commented on CSW's views, which seems to represent the views of most of the BSV core fans.

The name "骷髅会", almost everyone in the currency circle has heard of this name. According to legend, the group is a BSV veteran fan and a big family. The group must first check the capital (Babbitt Note: User "Liu Wei lawyer" reply in the original message , BSV will not enter the group, the monthly group fee is 10 yuan) , and the management fee will be charged every month. If the news inside the group is leaked outside, the perpetrators will be strictly checked. For most coin players, 骷髅 will be very mysterious.

In the block rhythm BlockBeats chat with several members of the club, they found that they are not strongly convinced that CSW must be Nakamoto, or that CSW is not the only reason why they support BSV. The direction of the large-capacity block represented by BSV is the most important reason for them to support the BSV fork. "There is no other way, Bitcoin has only a big block," said Wang Fuqiang, founder of the BitMesh exchange.

In the BSV where the block has been expanded to 128M, there are already many applications, ranging from Super Mario's games to weather applications to browsers of another protocol. There have been many attempts at the application ecology on the BSV.

Today, the block rhythm BlockBeats will unravel the mystery of the meeting. We selected the three most representative members from the meeting and took you into the meeting. Listen to why they support expansion and see what the BSV looks like in their eyes.

"I only have a small amount of BSV transactions, I dare to confirm zero, other coins do not dare"


Not long ago, the BitMesh exchange put down some small coins and began to focus on the ecology of the BSV, intending to become an ecological exchange on the BSV. Trading BSV on BitMesh is not only free of charge, but zero confirmation on BitMesh for transactions below 10 BSV transactions.

"There are no trading volumes for the small coins that are off the shelf," said Wang Fuqiang. The risk of small coins is high, the security is not strong, and the amount of users is not large. For BitMesh, there is no loss in the removal of the small coins.

The transaction-free fee is not a big deal for the exchange. The speculation is gambling. As long as the user wants to gamble, the user with high fees may be able to bear it. This does not improve the user experience. "He says.

What really improves the user experience is the zero confirmation of the transaction. Bitcoin takes a block in ten minutes, and the transfer transaction often takes a long time to confirm, and the user experience is very bad. In the case of BitMesh trading less than 10 BSVs, it can be completed in almost two or three seconds without confirmation.

"Only BSV, I dare to confirm zero, other coins don't dare," said the founder of BitMesh.

Wang Fuqiang, who has been paying attention to Bitcoin for 14 years, is very uncomfortable about the expansion of the Bitcoin block for so many years. In his view, Bitcoin only has to expand this road. This is beyond doubt. Compared with the three currencies of BTC, BCH and BSV, BSV is the safest.

He believes that the isolation test of BTC has destroyed the security of the network. A method of expansion used by the BTC to isolate the testimony is equivalent to placing the signature content that should have been left in the block outside the block so that more transactions can be placed in the block. "If there is enough money on the address of a segregated witness, then 51% of the calculation power is not needed, and the coins may have been stolen." Wang Fuqiang believes that the segregation testimony has seriously damaged the economic security model of Bitcoin.

The BCH's network rollback in May also made it clear that no matter what the purpose, the big miners on the BCH were able to attack the network with 51% and let the undesired transactions roll back. It is not safe for users to know when and when their trades will be rolled back under what circumstances. "It's easy to spend double, it's a terrible thing." Wang Fuqiang said.

BSV's current computing power is 1.29EH/S, Wang Fuqiang believes that this is not low, double-flower attack is not cost-effective, which is why he dares to use zero confirmation on BSV transactions. Although the zero-acknowledgment algorithm is very complicated and requires a series of tests, it is clear that the BSV is safer than the other two coins.

"The underlying protocol can't change, which is very important for development."


On April 18th, six block reorganizations appeared on the BSV network. Many domestic and foreign media reported this incident. The Fire Exchange also suspended the BSV's replenishment business because of this incident.

The reason for this block reorganization was that a developer named aaron67 did a stress test on the BSV main website. Aaron67 wrote a tool that can send a large number of legitimate transactions to the network in a short time, trying to test the network bottleneck, which also allowed two consecutive blocks of more than 100M on the BSV chain.

"Tests show that the current bottleneck of BSV is not in the spread of large blocks." Aaron67 said to block block rhythm BlockBeats, "but on the rapid confirmation of massive transactions in the block."

Aaron67, which started focusing on Bitcoin in 2013, is now a programmer. He believes that BSV is the only bitcoin that follows the white paper, which is the most important reason for his support of BSV.

From the perspective of the technical person, he believes that frequent revisions of the underlying protocol are unacceptable. Just like the HTTP network infrastructure protocol, it has been updated and fixed, but the underlying design and framework are unchanged. The agreement should be stable.

Like Wang Fuqiang's idea, in the view of aaron67, BTC's segregation testimony seriously undermined the transaction structure of Bitcoin. The signature data that should have been on the chain was moved outside the chain. "The white paper describes Bitcoin as a point-to-point cash system that does not require trust. Robust chain-based capabilities and instant settlement features are the routes that Bitcoin should take. Isolation witnesses move the signature data of transactions to the chain, which cannot be fundamentally resolved. The problem of network congestion has introduced new risks to the system, which is totally unacceptable," said aaron67.

Similarly, the BCH after the fork has gradually deviated from the original heart of Bitcoin. In his view, some of the upgrades made by BCH, such as the rolling checkpoint mechanism, have seriously undermined PoW's economic incentive model.

BCH's rolling checkpoints are designed to protect user property, but many believe that this is not a PoW. The original design of Bitcoin was that as long as the perpetrators could not run the power of the honest miners, the record of the perpetrator would not remain in the chain.

However, BCH designed a checkpoint for every 10 blocks, that is, as long as the honest miner ran within 10 blocks, the record of the perpetrator remained in the chain forever. This is not the original intention of Bitcoin.

Everyone is trying to expand. Aaron67 thinks that the big block is the most effective without changing the underlying agreement. "It's like a room," aaron67 said. "Where is the place where the table is placed and where the chair is placed? It has his rules. In order to accommodate more people at the same time, using a larger room is straightforward. Effective, rather than rudely throwing away the original furniture to renovate and destroy the inner reasonable structure."

"The existing Internet applications will be moved to the Metanet, and I have seen the prototype."


On January 25 this year, after a watch application appeared on the BSV chain, BSV's large block route attracted many developers, and almost every day there will be new content links, such as music, such as video.

At the same time, some applications that look like the Internet are also appearing in the BSV chain. Weather SV is a weather app that lets users search the app for the real-time weather of the cities around the world they want to see. If the city is already in the search list, it means that someone has paid the money before, the user can directly view it. If the user wants to add a new city, they need to pay 5 Australian dollars. After the city is opened, the weather data will be linked every hour. .

"Although it doesn't seem to make much sense at first glance, when the data is large enough and the accumulated credibility is long enough, the open source of information data can allow people to do statistical analysis, even decades later."

There is also the Bottle browser. Unlike the Http protocol, the Bottle browser allows users to upload files to the BSV chain or search the contents of the chain through Bitcoin's native B and C protocols. For example, to search for whitepaper, you can search the BSV chain for users to upload Bitcoin white papers to the chain.

"The existing Internet applications will gradually migrate to the Metanet consisting of BSV transactions, because it makes information valuable and fundamentally solves the problems of the Internet now." Qiu Shaoxian, the group leader, told block block BeatBeats. "I have seen the prototype."

The Metanet he mentioned is a new project proposed by CSW at the CoinGeek conference on November 30 last year. CSW hopes to build a blockchain-based Internet.

At the meeting, he gave an example of a used car. Now I buy a used car online. The merchant tells the buyer all the information about the car. The buyer may not believe it because the trust problem is too serious and the buyer cannot verify the merchant. the words said. But in the chain, a used car was repaired several times, how long it took to use, and where the accident occurred, this information will be recorded by different groups. Buyers will have no trust at all, because the information on the chain is cross-validated and it is difficult to make a fake.

Let the Internet become the side chain of the Bitcoin network. This is what BSV wants to do. Users are still experiencing Internet products. "Users don't need to know that they are on the BSV chain," Qiu Shaoxian said.

There aren't many users who use the application on the BSV now. The group owner thinks that the threshold of these applications is higher, and some of them are more geeks. However, he attaches great importance to the application of enterprises in BSV. In Qiu Shaoxian's view, enterprises use BSV to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This is inconsistent with the idea of ​​the founder of BitMesh. Wang Fuqiang said that if the block capacity can be expanded to 2G, it is expected that many enterprise applications will appear on the BSV within a few years.

"Idealists", this is an induction of the members of this group. They are not convinced that CSW must be a supporter of BSV, but believe that block expansion is the only way Bitcoin can be widely used as a cash system. In their eyes, CSW and BSV are the only lineups that still insist on block expansion.

Source: Block Rhythm BlockBeats

Author: 0x29

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