How does the wave field become the "Dollars of the Currency"

After all, the difference between the wave field and the bitcoin marketing method is one in the bull market, one in the bear market, the bull market is high and high, and the effect is quick, and the bear market has to choose high wall, wide grain, and slow king. After all, even if you are everyday Bragging, all kinds of tears, not enough wealth effect, is not enough to attract more people's attention, and the bear market, ordinary people do not choose to enter, but choose to leave.

The biggest news in these two days is that the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, took the famous "Buffett luncheon" with 31 million. The University of Pennsylvania's schoolmate also claimed to be prepared to bring Wu Jihan, Li Lin and V God and others to persuade the 60-year-old brother, Buffett, to reverse his view on cryptocurrencies and conduct "value investing." This conflicting and highly contrasting news quickly became the big news of major financial media. Sun Yuchen once again smashed the layout of mainstream financial media in China and the United States.

Sun Yuchen has always been a controversial figure. On the one hand, he is very good at making and capturing hot spots: rewarding Maserati, helping OFO to refund the deposit, donating money, supporting stolen money, taking Buffett's lunch… On the other hand, white paper plagiarism, code plagiarism, high cash and other negative news Let the "post-90s" hype master also harvest the title of "liar". In the incident of Li Xiaolai's recording leak, Sun Yuchen released Weibo saying that he was "shot", and netizens agreed that Sun Yuchen's "liar" was worthy of the name.

Compared with Bitcoin and Ethereum, from the perspective of results, Sun Yuchen and the wave field's high-profile speculation have successfully attracted the attention of the media and the money-holders. Regardless of whether the image is positive or negative, successive speculations have made the wave field one of the most popular digital currencies in the brand.

Today, we take stock of the dimensions of Sun Yuchen's liar and the logic behind the wave market. Of course, we also want to discuss a more important question in this article: Will the future cryptocurrency marketing approach be closer to the wave field, or should it be closer to Bitcoin and Ethereum?

First, the beginning of the "air coin" of the wave field

The so-called marketing process is the process of establishing product expectations in the minds of users. In fact, the wave field started with the image of "air currency", leaving an impression of "plagiarism" + "rich" in people's minds. The start is not good.

The so-called plagiarism is worthy of white paper plagiarism and code plagiarism:

1. White paper plagiarism

When the wave field began preparations, some netizens broke the news that the wave field (TRX) white paper partially copied the framework of Ethereum and Kademlia, and partially copied the white papers of IPFS and Filecoin. Subsequently, Juan Benet, the founder of the protocol lab, also posted a photo on Twitter, claiming that at least 9 pages of the English version of TRON were copied from IPFS or Filecoin. Later, when Ethereum’s V God countered Sun Yuchen, he also mentioned that the wave field “has a stronger white paper ability, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are more efficient than typing new content on the keyboard”, satirical white paper plagiarism .

2, code plagiarism

More than just white paper plagiarism, in June 2018, researchers at Digital Asset Research (DAR) discovered multiple instances of code copied from other projects in the Tron codebase. Tron developers plagiarized the Ethereum code and modified the file name to make the source of the code difficult to identify.

The so-called "rich" image refers to Sun Yuchen's first show off the rich, and the various rewards such as Maserati. All in all, the image of the wave field that first remained in people's minds is very low. There is neither academic hard core nor elegance, nor what problems are actually solved. The morality gives people a negative feeling, and they run poorly.

Second, how to wash the white from the image step by step from the "air coin"?

If Sun Yuchen just sent an air coin and then cut a leek to make billions, then I think today he will not cause so much controversy (can be directly characterized), and there will be no more foreigners than China in the wave field. And he himself will not be called "the king of hype". Let us take a look at what Sun Yuchen has done:

1, tearing the Ethereum

Usually, the purpose of hype is to quickly improve their visibility and recognition. The easiest and most effective way is to find the best-known benchmark in the industry, and use the rounds of war of words to quickly build up in the hearts of users. Contact with the leader. For example, the Xiaomi mobile phone listed at the beginning of the plagiarism tribute to the iPhone's various tricks, Xiaomi air purifier "conscience price" contrast Bamenda air purifier.

The king of the blockchain world is bitcoin, but the bitcoin is not only looking for death, but also seems to have no common sense. Besides, Sun Yuchen can't find Nakamoto, and he can tear it with him. In addition, the Ethereum, which is the benchmark of the wave field, also copied a large number of Ethereum, so the hype for Ethereum became an option for Sun Yuchen.

In 2017 and 2018, there were countless counters to the Ethereum, and claimed to kill the Ethereum's public chain, but none of them dared to publicly tear the Ethereum and tear the V god. But Sun Yuchen did it. He tore eth on personal Twitter, listing the reasons why the 7 big wave currency is better than ETH:

First, the wave field 10000 TPS VS Ethereum 25 TPS.

Second, the wave field zero handling fee VS Ethereum's high handling fee.

Third, the Coinburn VS in the wave field is the same as Coinburn in Ethereum.

Fourth, the Java language of the wave field VS Ethereum's Solidity language.

Fifth, the powerful scalability of the wave field VS Ethereum's non-scalability.

Sixth, the wave field of $1 billion developer rewards VS Ethereum has no plans.

Seventh, the wave field 100 million users VS a few users of Ethereum.

In the face of this unreasonable tearing, the best way to deal with it is to ignore it, and the netizens who don’t know the truth will soon forget it. However, the straight V God chose to participate in the war. The success of V God's participation in the war attracted the attention of the media and users. Sun Yuchen and the wave field became more famous. (The media and users will think: What is the wave field? Actually it is worth the V god to tear it? Pay attention to it first!)

In September 2018, Sun Yuchen called out that the Ethereum developers had turned to the wave field and threatened that the wave field was not only fully compatible with Ethereum, but also 100 times faster than Ethereum. Then he was looked back by V God.

Three months later, Sun Yuchen tore the Ethereum: On Twitter, the number of daily transfer accounts exceeded 2.39 million, which has reached 4.5 times that of Ethereum! It is expected that at the end of the year, the wave field will open an order of magnitude of Ethereum, reaching 10 times.

V Shenfa said, “Anyone who posted Twitter to add a dollar sign is not worth listening to,” and directly @孙宇晨. Here, I teach you a torn technique, which is like a boxing. It is not a fatal blow, but a punch and a punch. As long as the opponent responds, it means that there is a flaw, which means that there is a chance to punch again. So Sun Yuchen immediately responded that “when Ethereum reached 2 million daily transfers, he discussed the dollar sign again” and believed that Ethereum could never achieve 2 million daily transfers.

The straight V God was calculated by Sun Yuchen again.

After another round of tearing, the popularity of the wave field has already been compared to the Ethereum. (What does this mean? Never choose to publicly respond to someone you don't think is worth fighting back, because your fightback is the biggest help for him.)

2, personal packaging

For start-up projects, the product brand and the founder brand are one and the other, complement each other, the well-known founder brand can quickly enhance the product's popularity, and the success of the product can also enhance the visibility of the founder brand.

"The young elite after 90" is the identity label that Sun Yuchen has created. The learning experience of the world's top universities, coupled with the work experience of the world's top five digital currencies, and the various exposures of the bundled Ma Yun, show the success of Sun Yuchen to the world.

Bachelor of History, Peking University, GPA ranked first. Master of the University of Pennsylvania, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ruibo Technology, Global Outstanding Youth of Davos Forum, Founder of "The Road to Wealth Freedom Revolution", Founder of Wave Field TRON Foundation, the first batch of students of Lakeside University founded by Ma Yun The only 90 students in the post.

Such a resume is undoubtedly extremely attractive to amaranth. Of course, I know that there are still many project parties. Some of their founding teams may be more powerful than Sun Yuchen, and most of these people are technical backgrounds. They have their own ideas about the blockchain and want to change the world. But their skins are too thin, and they are not willing to brag about themselves like Sun Yuchen. At the Consensus conference, the advertisements of the wave field were posted everywhere, and there was a joke called “Advertising Sun Yuchen’s advertisement in the toilet”. People with real skills tend to be awed. They know where their borders are and are not willing to brag about it. Ironically, although these people have a clear conscience, they are not accessible to retail investors, and they have no visibility at retail investors.

3. Event marketing

Sun Yuchen seems to be familiar with one truth: instead of giving the budget to the public relations department, let them find an article in the media and write a manuscript to the retail investors. It is better to pay for the hot spots on the media. Although Sun Yuchen is not a journalist, he has been a fan of hot spots. It can even be said that there is Sun Yuchen in a hot spot, and he is like a currency circle Durex, always giving you an unexpected explosion copy.

Important time nodes, the wave field never lacks big movements. In August 2017, the wave field opened the first round of ICO warm-up in the currency, and the 500 million TRX was instantly robbed in 53 seconds. After the official opening of the transaction, the currency security and the wave field carried out quite tempting marketing activities – using the prizes such as Maserati and Mercedes to encourage users to buy and sell TRX in the currency, and stimulate the transaction to promote the appreciation of the token.

Contrary to the fanfare of marketing, Sun Yuchen does not seem to be optimistic about the wave field. In early 2018, some netizens broke the news in the Reddit forum. Sun Yuchen suspected that he sold up to 6 billion TRXs (at the time worth about $300 million) in the currency. The netizen pointed out that the wallet address had a "test history" with the foundation address, and found that the address registered a crypted cat named Justinpet on the Crtptokitties (Sun Yuchen English name Justin). Netizens think that Sun Yuchen is the owner of the address, and will sell the TRX to cash out and run the road, triggering a hot discussion among the community. The response to Sun Yuchen is that the address is owned by a private investor and that the encrypted cat is owned by himself.

"For the entertainment industry, No news is bad news!" Sun Yuchen knows the famous saying of Taiwanese entertainment star Wu Zongxian. He and his wave are constantly making controversies, and they are rapidly increasing their popularity and influence in the controversy. Force and price.

After the reward of Maserati, what happened to Sun Yuchen?

  • Help theo to refund the deposit. At the end of last year, theo faced internal financial problems, and users also had difficulty in obtaining deposits. The former shared bicycle giant has become such a fascinating look. Theo refunded the deposit and became a hot news of the major media in December 2018. Active netizens have “contributed” to help theo out of the predicament. Sun Yuchen naturally did not miss this event marketing.

On the afternoon of December 19th, Sun Yuchen said on Weibo: To help his friend Dai Wei to refund the deposit to 10,000 ofo users, “a cup of water, pure personal help.” Sun Yuchen’s statement immediately reflected in the media and various groups. According to estimates, the ofo deposit is up to 199 yuan per person, helping 10,000 oro users to refund the deposit, at most only need to spend 1.99 million yuan. However, Sun Yuchen, through this event marketing, not only extensively brushed the screen, but also shaped his image of "putting a knife for a friend."

  • Funding Zhao Yu, the party that “sees justice and is detained”. In February 2019, Zhao Yu, a resident of Fuzhou City, heard the call from the woman shouting "rape" and "help" downstairs, and went downstairs to understand the situation. Along the direction of the sound, Zhao Yu saw the perpetrator Li Mou was physically invading Ms. Zou. During the period, Zhao Yu tried to prevent Li from committing a violent violent violent conflict. According to Zhao Yu, when he pulled out, he accidentally stepped on the other's stomach, causing his "intestines to rupture." After the identification, the other party was seriously injured. Zhao Yu was then detained by the police for 14 days for alleged intentional assault.
  • The incident caused widespread concern and solidarity throughout the country, and even finally alerted Xinhua News Agency. Sun Yuchen once again seized this hot event, and the "incarnation" of the messenger of justice, publicly expressed on Weibo that he would donate money to support the detained righteous, providing a total support plan of 10 million yuan. On February 26, Zhao Yu, the party that “sees the righteousness and is detained by the criminals”, announced that he received the donation from Sun Yuchen and expressed his gratitude, but the specific amount of donation was not disclosed in the Weibo content. Through this marketing, Sun Yuchen’s image in people’s minds was once again washed white. (especially those who didn't enter the market in 2017, and those who are not in the blockchain.)

  • Support for stolen coins. At the end of May 2019, the coin hacker stole more than 7,000 bitcoins, causing widespread concern in the circle. After the incident, Sun Yuchen immediately stated that he would represent the individual and deposit 7,000 bitcoin equivalent dollars (about 40 million US dollars) in the currency to support the currency security. Although Zhao Changpeng later responded that “no need, we are not bankrupt”, but Sun Yuchen still relies on this response to earn enough attention. As usual, this response became the news of the screen at the time. Some people even raised the question: "Is it clear that the currency is out of the air, why is it still Sun Yuchen?"
  • Now we see that Sun Yuchen has taken Buffett's lunch again… Like the entertainment industry, he constantly creates controversy, creates topics, catches people's eyes, and leverages himself to increase the exposure of himself and the wave field. Since the invention of Bitcoin by Nakamoto, it has experienced ups and downs of tens of thousands of project parties, but no one has ever done so. It is not surprising that Sun Yuchen is able to cause such a big controversy within the circle.

    Third, "bull marketing" and "bear market marketing"

    Often, marketing campaigns are closely related to marketing budgets, and popular marketing is supported by a lot of money. The German psychologist Ebbinghaus found that people's memory of strange things is related to the number of exposures, and the 21-day exposure will really remember a strange thing. Therefore, if you have money, you will gradually be remembered by more people.

    Before the wave field, the project parties who wanted to make a plot generally learned from Bitcoin and Ethereum to create a shared community atmosphere and rely on word of mouth to spread. In their view, the marketing method of the wave field is really exaggerated and too fancy and unrealistic. However, the wave field is using its own marketing routines to gain influence from retail investors.

    Why does this happen? One fundamental reason is that "the weather" is different. We can call it the difference between “bull marketing” and “bear market marketing”.

    The wave field was born in a period of the highest tide of the bull market. The wealth effect of the blockchain project attracted a large number of ordinary people to enter the market with a large amount of wealth. Such large incremental funds, as long as the project has high visibility, can achieve good returns. . As mentioned above, the best way to be well-known is controversy, events, which are precisely what the wave field is good at, and quickly gather popularity. Under the influence of the Matthew effect, the more popular the project, the easier it is to attract people, and the more popular people will be sought after.

    At the time of the birth of Bitcoin, there was no such thing as a bull market bear market, and almost no one paid attention. For such a highly innovative product that few people can understand at the time, the reputation of the elite is the best marketing method. So Bitcoin started from the small circle of password punk, with Bitcointalk as the main position, and the stickyness of content and interaction, so that all the people who care about Bitcoin are gathered here, and finally the result.

    In the same way, in a stock market, such as a bear market, no newcomers enter the market. More competition is not a big name, but the strength of the project itself. The input-output ratio of event speculation is not high.

    When the sky was removed, the wave field also got the "land advantage." The success of the wave field is inseparable from the currency security, and to some extent even has the meaning of "binding". The currency has grown to become the world's largest digital currency trading platform. No matter the number of users, the volume of transactions, or the influence, the currency is the world's number one. The wave field is in a position of currency security, and naturally it can quickly gain both fame and fortune.

    After all, the difference between the wave field and the bitcoin marketing method is one in the bull market, one in the bear market, the bull market is high and high, and the effect is quick, and the bear market has to choose high wall, wide grain, and slow king. After all, even if you are everyday Bragging, all kinds of tears, not enough wealth effect, is not enough to attract more people's attention, and the bear market, ordinary people do not choose to enter, but choose to leave.

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