The GitHub Top20 list was announced in May, and blockchain developers are active in these projects…

The activity index of the project on GitHub represents the development status of this project to a certain extent.

Projects that update code frequently may be in the process of building and refining, and projects that stop updating code either have no progress, are too perfect, and do not require more updates, but this is an extremely rare phenomenon.

In the blockchain world, State of the Dapps obtained data from Compass, including commits, pushes, issues, and pull requests from the Ethereum, EOS, Steem, and xDai platforms , reflecting to some extent the blockchain industry developers. Real activity.

In May, the activity rankings of blockchain projects on Github changed significantly. Projects such as ARK, Santiment, AION Network, Raiden and Kyber Network, which were very active in April, fell out of the top 20 in May. . In general, the number of submissions for these projects in Github in May was less than April.

However, one fact is undeniable, that is, Ethereum still dominates the blockchain industry. Among the top 20 blockchain projects in activity ranking, 17 projects are from Ethereum, and only one project is from EOS . The other two are from Aelf and Tendermint. This shows that developers still love Ethereum, and Ethereum remains the most active blockchain community.

The following is the Top 20 blockchain project organized by developer activities in the past 30 days as of June 4, 2019. I hope that the old irons can see what the blockchain developers are doing and working hard through these projects. direction.

If you really want to enter the industry, I believe this list is a good reference.

1. Status

Star: 2671

GitHub address:


For a long time, the Status project of the Ethereum mobile OS has been the leader in the blockchain industry. It has generated 7133 events on Github in the last 30 days, which indicates that the Status development team is developing iOS. The Android and desktop version of the Status app continues to work hard on the road.

2. Cosmos

Star: 1131

GitHub address:


Cosmos is based on Tendermint's blockchain interoperability platform. After autonomous online, Cosmos quickly rose to the second place on the Github blockchain list with an amazing 4,245 events. With the launch of Lunie, its native encryption wallet application, Cosmos's iteration of its Cosmos Hub is well underway.

3. Storj


GitHub address:


The decentralized cloud storage network Storj runs very fast after the release of Vanguard. The team also introduced a separate version of Tardigrade for customers and partners, which is bundled with the original Storj product, which already includes storage, governance and open source collaboration. The Storj team's activity has remained stable, with approximately 4,084 events generated this month.

4. Aragon

Star: 602

GitHub address:


For a long time, Aragon, the star project of Ethereum, has been running well, and the decentralized organization created by its platform has put forward a strong claim. After the main network was successfully operational, the Aragon team submitted 3,292 events to Github in the past 30 days. Although it was slightly lower than last month, it still showed a strong and sustained growth trend.

5. Augur

Star: 545

GitHub address:

If you didn't have an encrypted bet on Liverpool's Champions League, do you still know about the blockchain? Augur's decentralized oracle (predictor) and predictive market protocol platforms are among the best blockchain projects currently running on the Ethereum mainline. The number of incidents submitted last month reached 3,289, and all indications are that the project is still booming.

6. High Fidelity

Star: 726

GitHub address:


High Fidelity is a virtual reality platform created by the founder of the virtual world Second Life. It has already hosted several virtual events and is currently actively working on EOS integration. Last month, Github submitted 2,888 events this month, compared to this year. Earlier it fell by 25%.

7. 0x

Star: 1070

GitHub address:

May was indeed a very important month for 0x, and the number of events submitted by its project team on Github more than doubled to 2,675, which was 208% in April. More than 30 projects are using 0x infrastructure to create a variety of decentralized transactions with a total of 712,000 transactions. Today, one of the most talented teams in the blockchain industry is making some major changes. Initiative.

8. Origin Protocol

Star: 430

GitHub address:

Origin Protocol is using Ethereum and IPFS to create a decentralized trading market. Origin Beta and mobile app are already on the Ethereum mainline, you can use it to buy all kinds of rare, exciting and sometimes even weird items. Such as the 19th century violin, all kinds of Ethereum art and luxury travel rentals around the world. There were 3,468 updates on Github last month, and it's clear that there is still a lot to be done by the Origin team.

9. Gnosis

Star: 628

GitHub address:

Gnosis is a prediction platform based on Ethereum. Its Dutchx smart contract, the Gnosis Safe and the Gnosis Olympia Alpha are online. Other projects can create their own trading market based on this. It can be said that Gnosis has done a lot of work for the blockchain community. . In the past month, it has submitted 2,602 events on Github, and this constantly working team will bring unprecedented value to the blockchain ecosystem.

10. Aelf


GitHub address:

Aelf, a decentralized cloud computing network, is a new member of the blockchain's Top20 list, which submitted 2,396 updates in May. The Singapore-based team just released the v0.7 Enterprise Alpha version based on Amazon Web Services, and its new product launch has been on the agenda based on its weekly progress report.

11. Neufund

GitHub address:

Neufund, based in Berlin, is a platform for issuing security tokens on the Ethereum blockchain through "shared tokens." There were 2,190 updates on its Github last month, a significant increase from the previous month. Obviously, building a security token platform from scratch still requires a lot of work.

12. MakerDAO

Star: 172

GitHub address:


MakerDAO is committed to becoming a decentralized financial platform with an ecosystem of stable currency Dai, Maker CDP-based mortgages and community governance. MakerDAO is not only one of the most used platforms in the Ethereum network, but its team was also busy in May. In May alone, 2,097 events were submitted on Github, an increase of nearly 50 from last month. %.

13. OmiseGO


GitHub address:


The Thai star project OmiseGO has been delving into the scalability and interoperability of the blockchain since its launch on the Ethereum network. With the launch of MVPs and the Plasma test network, the OmiseGO team submitted 2,093 events on GitHub to further advance the project, a full 26% increase from the previous month.

14. Trust Wallet

Star: 203

GitHub address:

Trust Wallet is a secure multi-currency wallet for Android and OS devices that is currently used not only in projects and institutions across multiple blockchain industries, but also as a partner of the digital currency exchange Binann. Since February, its growth has not diminished. According to GitHub data, Trust Wallet submitted 1962 events in May.

15. Streamr

GitHub address:


Streamr is an open source platform for the data trading market. Currently, the Streamr platform is already in the core testing phase, providing a variety of data including Helsinki trams, Nantes air quality and personal Google health. Last month's submissions on Github increased by 42% to 1,788, and we expect this extraordinary team to make more contributions.

16. Blockscout

Star: 551

GitHub address:


POA Network's BlockScout is an open source block browser tool for the Ethereum ecosystem that allows users to search and explore transactions, addresses and balances on Ethereum and POA networks. As the first new project to enter the list, the Blockscout team submitted 1,750 events on Github in May.

17. Metamask


GitHub address:

Almost every blockchain industry knows the name "Metamask", which is not only a browser extension, but also a cornerstone of the Ethereum ecosystem and a frequent visitor to this list. Despite having millions of downloads, the Metamask team is still working to improve their products, with 1,714 submissions on GitHub in May.

18. Colony

Star: 298

GitHub address:

Colony is a new member of the Top20 list, providing a new platform and a new model for future work styles. In the design of the Colony team, collaboration between teams requires a census. At the end of May, Colony released the first product Glider in the roadmap. To this end, the Colony team completed 1,439 submissions last month, an increase of 75% from April.

19. Golem

Star: 2774

GitHub address:


Golem and Ethereum share the same idea of ​​becoming a "world computer" and are currently leading the way in both technology and design. The beta version already supports downloading. With Golem, users can choose to contribute or buy computer power to do large jobs. In the past month, the Golem team has submitted 1,372 events on GitHub, which is attracting more and more developers with strong growth momentum.

20. Truffle

Star: 7935

GitHub address:


Truffle, known as the Ethereum's Swiss Army Knife, is the most used development toolkit in the entire blockchain ecosystem, an indispensable growth driver in the blockchain ecosystem, and its developer activity has remained relatively stable. The team submitted 1,337 incidents on GitHub in May, an increase of 2% over the previous month.

The above is the 20 blockchain projects with the most activity index in May. Among them, 17 of the 20 projects are built on the Ethereum network. What does this mean?

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