Monthly market report | Investor income situation is greatly improved, BSV rose by 253% in a single month

Monthly report summary

  • “Investor Research”: Nearly 70% of digital asset investors are profitable or flat in May, and over 70% of investors believe that only a small range of BTC prices will fluctuate in June.
  • “Secondary Market Quotes Overview”: In May, the average daily market capitalization and trading volume of global blockchain digital assets increased significantly.
  • “Primary Market Financing Analysis”: In May, there were 107 global public offerings, of which the financial sector was the largest. In addition, a total of 20 blockchain projects completed equity financing.
  • “Analysis of chain data and Dapp activity”: In May, the activity of the bitcoin chain increased slightly year-on-year, and the daily average of bitcoin transactions increased by 17.84%.
  • "The biggest hot spot of the month": OKEx launched a stable currency USDK, and the currency was 7,000 bitcoins stolen.

Investor research

In May, OK Research conducted a survey of positions for potential users, setting a total of five questions, including the current month's earnings, the reasons for the current bull market, BTC price expectations for the next month, income investment allocation, and the frequency of the position adjustment. A total of 3,390 valid samples were recovered.

In terms of revenue, the investor's income situation in May was greatly improved. Among them, the basic flat, small profit and large profit accounted for a total of 69.51%. Large and large losses accounted for only 22.54%.

In terms of expectations for the digital asset market next month, the results show that over 70% of investors believe that the price of BTC will only fluctuate in a small range in June.

Based on the survey of the reasons for the BTC's current round of gains, the results show that most investors believe that the current BTC Mavericks market is mainly due to the price increase caused by the trade wars leading to increased demand and halving.

In May, 72.43% of investors used to invest in the digital market accounted for less than 50% of monthly income, and only 10.74% of investors used most of their income (70%-100%) for cryptocurrency investments.

In May, nearly 50% of investors adjusted their frequency less than or equal to one time per month, and 32.35% of investors adjusted their positions every week. The proportion of investors who adjusted their positions daily was only 19.3%.

Source: OK Research April Questionnaire

Secondary Market Quotes Overview

In May, due to institutional admissions, ETFs gradually released positive news, trade wars, geopolitics, and increased risk of USDT, the market's safe-haven demand increased. The daily average market value and daily average trading volume of global blockchain digital assets were significantly increased. rise. Specifically, the daily average market value rose to around $26.59 billion, up 29.10% from the previous month; the average daily trading volume rose to $73.375 billion, up 45.96% from the previous month.

Among the digital assets with a market capitalization of TOP200 in May, the performance of payment currency and smart contracts was outstanding. Among them, BSV rose the most, with a monthly increase of 253.96%.

In May, the overall weekly market value of Top200 digital assets rose by 61.01% from the previous month. According to the classification of payment currency, general public chain, industry public chain and industry application, the four major sectors rose this month. The largest increase was in the field of cryptocurrency and payment, with an increase of 35.15%.

30 trading platforms including OKEx, Huobi Global, Bitfinex, Bitmumb,, Upbit, HitBTC, and Bittrex, a total of 74 new listings in May . The distribution of new listings is mainly concentrated in the general public chain and platform currency; the distribution exchanges are concentrated in exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex and Huobi Pro.

Primary market financing analysis

In May, there were 107 global public offerings, a rise of 160.9% from the previous month. The total amount of project fundraising soft tops exceeded US$868 million, a surge of 366.7%. In terms of quantity, the categories of public offerings completed in May were mainly concentrated in the fields of finance, platform currency and corporate services. In addition, project financing in the cloud service sector has the highest soft top.

Twenty projects completed equity financing, with a total financing of more than $430 million.

Link data and Dapp activity analysis

The average daily active address of Bitcoin in May was 698,100, up 40.7% year-on-year and 8.3% quarter-on-quarter; the average daily chain transaction volume was 371,000, up 87.48% year-on-year and 1.19% month-on-month; average daily chain The total transaction volume was 9.155 billion US dollars, down 0.22% year-on-year and 17.84% quarter-on-quarter.


In the statistics of the cumulative number of Dapps on the three major public chains in May, the proportion of Dapp on ETH continued to decline, and the EOS trend was relatively strong.


In May, among the average daily Dapp active users of the public chain, the number of EOS active users was the highest, reaching 159,900, and the number of ETH active users increased the most, reaching 10.52%.

In the three major public chains in May, the accumulated transaction volume decreased by ETH, with ETH increasing by 33.90%, TRX falling the most, reaching 17.89%, and the cumulative transaction volume on EOS was ahead of ETH and TRX.


Note: The above data was jointly written by OK Capital in conjunction with OKEx.

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