What happened to the Move2Earn game that was popular in 2022 in 2023?

What happened to the popular Move2Earn game in 2023?

Author: Shaun Blockingul Lee, Assistant Researcher at CoinGecko; Translation: Blockingxiaozou

1. How much money can you earn from the Move2Earn game in 2023?

Genopets is currently the highest-earning Move2Earn game, generating $0.26 in revenue per day after deducting fees. A basic-level Habitat user can earn 30 Genopets Ki (KI coins) per day, but 10 KI are needed each day to repair the habitat. If a player’s net income per day is 20 KI, they can earn $0.26 per day.

Walken is the second-highest-earning M2E game, with users able to earn up to $0.1 or 3.6 Walken (WLKN) tokens per day. This is assuming that users play the game to its maximum capacity each day (three games every two hours) and win every game.

After deducting repair costs, STEPN can now earn users around $0.06 per day. A regular basic-level shoes user can earn around 8 Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) per day, with an average of 3 GST needed for repairs after use.

Sweatcoin has the lowest earnings, with users currently able to earn approximately 1.3 SWEAT per day, equivalent to $0.008. Users who walk the first 5000 steps in a day can earn SWEAT, while those who walk over 5000 steps can earn Sweatcoin, which can be redeemed for in-app rewards. Earning SWEAT is becoming increasingly difficult, currently requiring approximately 3800 steps to earn 1 SWEAT.

2. M2E revenue in 2022

STEPN is the highest-earning M2E game in 2022. GST’s historical high value is $8.51, meaning that STEPN players can earn $42.55 per day.

As for Genopets, players can earn $12.13 before deducting habitat repair costs. This will bring in $8.08 in revenue, with KI priced at $0.40.

Meanwhile, Walken users can earn $0.35 per day through L1-level CAThlete. The peak trading price of WLKN tokens is $0.10.

When Sweatcoin was first released, users could generate earnings of $0.46 within 5,000 steps. Users would earn 1 Sweat for every 1,000 steps taken, up to a maximum of 5 Sweat per day. The issuance price of SWEAT was $0.09.

3. How much did M2E earnings decrease?

STEPN’s daily earnings have dropped 99.9% from their all-time high because the price of GST has fallen from $8.51 to $0.015.

The current price of Genopet KI is $0.013, while its peak price was $0.40, resulting in a 96.8% decrease in earnings.

Due to increased difficulty and falling SWEAT prices, Sweatcoin earnings have plummeted 98.3%.

Walken is the only game with a decrease in earnings of less than 90%, at 71.4%. The price of WLKN tokens has fallen from $0.096 to $0.028 over the past year.

4. Four free crypto apps that pay you to walk, exercise, or work out in 2023

Players can still earn money from M2E games and receive rewards for walking, exercising, or working out, but this may not generate earnings that are sustainable. These games only incentivize players to lead a more active lifestyle. Here are 4 free games that let you earn money while exercising:

These M2E projects – STEPN, Genopets, Walken, and Sweatcoin – all have mobile apps that are easy for the general public to accept and use.

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