Quick overview of the four potential GameFi protocols that may experience explosive growth: Treasure, MapleStory Universe, Questify, and Pixels.

Overview of 4 GameFi protocols with explosive growth potential: Treasure, MapleStory Universe, Questify, and Pixels.

It is expected that the Web3 GameFi market will grow to over 65.7 billion US dollars by 2027. Cryptocurrency researcher FarmerTuHao outlined four existing or soon-to-be-launched GameFi protocols that he believes may explode in the future.

1) Treasure: A massive ecosystem on Arbitrum consisting of over 10 Web3 games, with its token MAGIC integrated into all the games; 2) MapleStory Universe: A chain game on Polygon Supernet, whose ecosystem consists of MapleStory N, Maplestory N Mobile, creator sandbox platform MapleStory N Worlds, and development application MapleStory N SDK, with no token released yet; 3) Questify: A game platform on Sei’s ecological chain, where users can play games with friends and make profits; 4) Pixels: Similar to FarmVille, but also featuring some large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game characteristics, it is an MMO where players can earn basics by playing games and get airdrops through basics, with tokens being PIXEL and BERRY.

Reference: https://twitter.com/FarmerTuHao/status/1663937910998200320

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