Where are the future blockchain investment opportunities for ordinary people?

Where are the future blockchain investment opportunities for ordinary people?

1. The blockchain begins to land, and it is good, but it has nothing to do with ordinary people.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been more and more cases of blockchain application and landing in the news media.

At this year's two sessions, the blockchain has also become a hot topic of discussion. Both the representative and the top of the government department are openly referring to the transformation and integration of blockchain technology in all walks of life. It is mentioned that the development of blockchain technology will have a profound impact on the national economy.

Internet giants Ali, Tencent, and Jingdong are also stepping up the layout blockchain field.

The state has recently introduced a filing policy to further standardize the development of the blockchain industry and allow it to enter a healthy development track.

The benefits of this series are coming one after another. But what are the investment opportunities that these benefits can bring to the general public?

In fact, the application of these blockchains mentioned by the media, most of the industry applications are the application of blockchain alliance chain technology, they have no direct interest relationship with the general public investment.

2. Internet development shows that its dividend has nothing to do with ordinary people

We still take the example of the Internet.

The Internet has sprouted and developed in China since the 1990s. In the course of the round of popularization and iteration, what did we get from ordinary people?

Undoubtedly, we have felt that Internet technology has brought about earth-shaking changes in our lives. Almost all aspects of our lives have been completely infiltrated by the Internet, and we are completely inseparable from the Internet. However, as investors, have we enjoyed the dividend that the Internet has brought us?

Our country has emerged one after another Internet giants, from the early Sina, NetEase, Sohu, to later Baidu, Ali, Tencent, to the present Didi, Vibrato, Meituan. These companies have grown, grown and even listed. Do our ordinary investors have the opportunity to share the economic benefits they bring?

To put it more directly, Tencent’s stock has been listed in Hong Kong for 14 years and has risen nearly 400 times. As an ordinary person, do we enjoy the benefits of Tencent’s stock? Absolutely not!

The only people who actually share the Internet dividend are the people who work in these star companies and the venture capital institutions that participate in these companies.

Therefore, in terms of investment, the growth and development of the Internet has nothing to do with ordinary people.

3. At the beginning of the blockchain development, only digital currencies gave birth to opportunities for ordinary investors.

Since the development of blockchain technology, it has begun to land, and it has begun to integrate with all walks of life, which will inevitably bring about tremendous changes in our lives. In the process of development and change, these technologies will surely emerge like giants like Ali and Tencent. But can our ordinary investors participate in the investment of these companies? impossible.

So where are the opportunities for our ordinary investors in this feast? We still look back at history.

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, there are three main types of opportunities emerging in the blockchain and digital currency sectors: one is the digital currency that has flourished from scratch; the other is the various types of mine-related fields. Third, various digital currency exchanges.

There are giants in these three types of opportunities. In the digital currency, the mainstream currency led by Bitcoin and Ethereum stands out. In the field related to mining, the mining company headed by Bitian, Jianan Zhizhi and the mining pool led by the fish pond and ViaBTC stand out. In the digital currency exchange, the three major exchanges, including currency security, fire currency and OK, stand out.

These three types of opportunities have created successful investment cases. But for ordinary investors, these three types of opportunities are very different: ordinary investors can not be involved in the early investment of mining machines, mining pools and exchanges, and it is impossible to obtain excess returns without early investment. And only digital currency investment has created a fair investment opportunity for every ordinary investor.

The protagonists in the rich story that most of the circle's friends are familiar with are the amazing wealth gained by investing in and holding digital currency.

4. Why are only digital currencies nurturing countless investment opportunities?

Why is this happening? What does this mean? This is the focus of this article today. It involves the fundamental and core of blockchain technology–decentralization.

This is not only the characteristics of the blockchain technology itself, but also the greatest opportunity for ordinary investors in the future.

Decentralization means freedom. Freedom means that no one can participate regardless of status, identity, race, or national boundaries. Freedom eliminates the friction in economic activities to the greatest extent, and thus brings unprecedented opportunities.

The centralization must mean management and control. With control, it must mean the threshold. With the threshold, it is inevitable that ordinary people can participate.

Among the three types of opportunities I mentioned earlier, are the areas related to mining and the exchanges all in the field of centralized control? Are they still traditional enterprises? Therefore, as long as it is a centralized traditional enterprise or opportunity, it has nothing to do with ordinary investors, which is why most investors are unlikely to participate in the opportunities of mining machines, mining pools and exchanges.

With the development of blockchain technology, there will be giant companies in the field of blockchain technology in the future. These giants will greatly promote the combination of blockchain technology and the real economy and bring us one after another shocking application. They will also get a very high economic benefit because of their contribution.

But these giants are still essentially centralized enterprises, and the dividends to share these companies are only involved in their financing and investment. Ordinary investors are also unable to participate in these financings and investments, or even if the scale of participation is extremely limited. Therefore, the opportunities brought by these companies have little to do with our ordinary investors. Only traditional venture capital institutions and funds can enjoy the dividends from these companies.

And does the investment in digital currency have no threshold at all? As long as you have the vision and courage, as long as you dare to participate, the benefits you can get are only the difference, not the difference.

When you think about the madness of Europe, have you created countless crazy myths in the early days? Why, because it has no threshold, anyone can participate. Only afterwards, the development frenzy of the European Union jeopardized the country’s economic and financial security, and forced the world to strictly control it. This opportunity is gone forever.

5. Where are the investment opportunities for the blockchain in the future?

In the future, ordinary investors will have such an opportunity. Can you still attack it?

V God once said: The biggest and first landing scenario for blockchain applications will be finance. I deeply agree with this statement.

In my opinion, the future blockchain, especially the current public chain carrying smart contracts (such as Ethereum), will definitely have a completely decentralized financial world. In that world, smart contracts automatically trade together various financial transactions and financial derivatives. At present, there are more and more signs that this decentralized financial world is taking shape step by step.

Decentralized stable coins, decentralized gold, and decentralized forecasting systems have been built on the blockchain. Some time ago, a team also realized the tokens anchoring the US stock market on Ethereum. The price and price of this token are completely against the US stocks. The user indirectly invested in US stocks by purchasing this token at Ethereum.

Not only that, but there are still a large number of teams working on how to take advantage of the digital currency pledged by the issuance of stable currency in the blockchain, allowing it to flow to generate additional benefits.

Nowadays, various securities transactions, commodity trading and derivatives trading in the global financial market will be mapped to the blockchain in the future. By then, users will be able to trade all kinds of global transactions on the blockchain without barriers.

In such a decentralized financial world, there will be countless arbitrage opportunities and new financial derivatives, which will open the door to all investors holding public chain tokens without barriers.

In addition, in the process of these transactions being mapped to the blockchain, there will be a variety of new decentralized applications that will issue their own tokens.

These tokens will also give birth to endless investment opportunities, and the next financial sector will appear in the next generation of explosive applications and giants. These opportunities will also be the gold mine for all investors.

Then the main investors are mainly concerned with the various applications and developments in the public chain. The attention to the application of enterprises and industries only needs to be understood. (Tao said blockchain)

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