April 16 madman market analysis: the return of funds did not bring a decent rebound after the city how to do

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Bitcoin quickly recovered after the next 5000 squats, indicating that it is unrealistic for the bears to directly dive. Then the market will continue to fluctuate at a high level. From the overall situation of the market, it is too difficult for the bulls to attack. In the short term, it will not happen overnight. Therefore, the range volatility has become a short-term market trend, and the volatility range is in the 4960-5100 area.

Temporarily light warehouses wait for the direction of the market later.

April 16 madman market analysis: the return of funds did not bring a decent rebound


After being tested twice, the support position near 155 was pulled back, but the overall long-term offensive desire was not strong, so the market continued to fluctuate with bitcoin.


Continue to weave at the bottom, weaving up and down, weaving will continue, ink to doubt life.


With Bitcoin back stepped on the support level 75, after being pulled up by the bulls, the overall volume can continue to shrink, and the linkage is mainly shocked.


Yesterday evening, the BSV was pulled up by the impact of the collapse of the currency. However, regardless of the strength of the attack or the volume of the transaction, there is a gradual decline, and there is no logic to restart the main wave. After all, the BSV is removed. Although it is a big advantage for the competitive currency BCH, it is virtually impossible to allow funds to continue to flow in, so the sustainability is open to question. In addition, the continuous rise of BCH did not drive the activity of the overall market, reflecting the weakness of the market bulls from the side.

April 16 madman market analysis: the return of funds did not bring a decent rebound

This picture shows that the upswing is not as good as the wave, the intensity is weaker than the wave, pay attention to the risk.


EOS is in a relatively good trend, still in the upward trend, and the momentum of the upswing continues to be greater than the decline. The probability that this currency will rise in the future is the leading currency, so it is likely to be the next wave of the leader, but the next wave The specific start time cannot be determined, so the holding of the currency will be held first. The performance of the leading faucet is often less than the market decline when it falls, and it will outperform the average market increase when it rises.


This round of callbacks is still in a downtrend, so continue to wait for opportunities to increase positions.


All the way back, IEO's snapshot did not have any strength to support the short-term rise after the last photo of yesterday. Before it was weak, the latter repurchase was not able to turn the tide. Now IEO is not expected, and will continue to pull back. .


On the cusp of the cusp, the madman felt that Auburn Cong was ill-intentioned. Otherwise, there is no need to use his identity to send a fork to cut the leeks. Therefore, he has always believed that BCH will win the competition and hold the BSV to continue selling. There is no illusion, the wall is pushed by everyone, and the unpopular founder will eventually be destroyed.

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