Who is Hodlonaut? CSW is looking for him, the Bitcoin community is protecting him.

CW (Craig Wright), who calls himself Nakamoto Satoshi, has begun to take action against his skeptics. At the same time, the Bitcoin community chose to unite to protect Hodlonaut (tweet nickname). Whenever CSW claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, Hodlonaut will openly bombard him, thus angering CSW. The nChain chief scientist has already planned to file a lawsuit against Hodlonau and offers a $5,000 BSV bounty to reveal the true identity of the anonymous bitcoiner.


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CSW is looking for him

CSW and his friend CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre, as well as supporters of the BSV community, have recently taken legal action against all those who questioned CSW as Satoshi Satoshi and considered their suspicion to be "harassment and embarrassment."


The event quickly fermented on April 11, and CoinGeek announced that CSW will provide a $500 BSV to obtain Hodlonaut's true identity. CSW's legal team filed a lawsuit in late last month.

CoinGeek said that CSW asked Hodlonaut to appear in court and apologized for accusing him of being a liar.

The BSV-supporting media even dug up Hodlonaut's recent participation plan, his nationality and his signature tattoo. As a media, it has completely forgotten its moral bottom line.


After feeling tremendous pressure, Hodlonaut has deleted his Twitter account. CoinGeek has raised the time between the BSV community and the fight between Bitcoin and BCH. It stated in the report:

Please be assured that @Hodlonaut and other keyboard men are about to discover why 'laughing to the last talent is the winner'. When they realized that the damn bitcoin variants they supported could not be expanded and could not meet the needs of a truly global financial platform, they would face even greater impact, and they were wasted all the harsh words.

In 2016, CSW first publicly declared itself to be Nakamoto, and he became a highly controversial and inflammatory person in the cryptocurrency world. Since then, whenever he calls himself Nakamoto, it has sparked widespread controversy among stakeholders in the encryption economy. CSW caused more controversy because it later switched from supporting BCH to BSV.

Since Hodlonaut's profile has been deleted, CSW and Ayre are likely to be very proud, as long as the attack against the CSW identity continues, they will certainly not give up the legal means.

The Bitcoin community is protecting him

After discovering that Hodlonaut was in trouble, many well-known Bitcoin supporters and companies stood up to protect the bitcoiner. They changed their Twitter nickname to Hodlonaut and changed the avatar to the one that Hodlonaut used. The topic of #WeAreAllHodlonaut (we are both Hodlonaut) has become a hot spot in the cryptocurrency social circle.


Celebrities including the currency CEO Zhao Changpeng and Litecoin founder Li Qiwei expressed their unconditional support for Hodlonaut on Twitter.

As the incident continued to ferment, some lawyers even offered to defend Hodlonaut free of charge.

Whether Hodlonaut will return to social media in a short time is still unknown. No one knows how much Ayre and his company are willing to invest in fighting for the status of CSW.

However, if the community's support for Hodlonaut now represents something, then it proves that Bitcoin supporters will not give in easily. Therefore, this front has been opened: those who stand on the side of Bitcoin usually regard CSW as a liar, while those in the BSV camp think that CSW has been persecuted and think that he is really Nakamoto.

Therefore, both sides are unlikely to give up their position in the short term. What will happen next? We will wait and see.

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