Xiao Lei: I thought of Huawei and Bitcoin from the American occupation of all human scientific and technological achievements.

Recently, there have been many concerns about Huawei, and we have continued to study various robbery logics in the United States. On the whole, China needs to use the toughest means to fight back. On the other hand, it needs to continue to use the advanced technology of all mankind to develop itself.

Why do you say this? Because the strength of the United States today and its contribution to the field of science and technology are not entirely the merits of the United States itself. There are hard work and indirect support from people all over the world. The United States certainly hopes to take everything that is already in its own hands and use it as a weapon to attack other countries, but we cannot be completely provoked.

For example, the Silicon Valley, which the United States is proud of, actually embodies the wisdom of technical talents from all over the world, including many Chinese, such as Yahoo's founder Yang Zhiyuan, which opened the real Internet era, four years earlier than Google; the United States is working I think of ways to ban the export of integrated circuits, the founder of Nvidia, one of the world's largest graphics chip manufacturers, Huang Renxun, AMD's current president and CEO Su Zifeng, they are also Chinese. Even the most original idea of ​​Bitcoin, as well as the community's spiritual teacher, David, is also Chinese. The success of American technology should have belonged to the whole world.

Many people think that I say this is a bit of a strong word, and I will ask, why do other countries not give birth to Silicon Valley? Why do Chinese people want to go to the United States to engage in technology? In fact, this question does not make any sense. This is like a Chinese. Also in China's territory, many people in the central and western provinces will still choose to go north to work and work hard. Is Tencent Shenzhen? Is Sina the Beijinger? Is Alibaba a Hangzhou native?

The imbalance of development is objective and historical. However, if it is domestic, the central government will allocate more financial resources to the central and western regions through subsidies and infrastructure investment. Many large population provinces with undeveloped economies have contributed talents to the north, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen have also provided financial subsidies to other provinces.

The division of labor around the world should also be like this. China and the United States seem to have a trade surplus, but China and the United States have huge talent deficits. In particular, high-tech companies in the United States have become global basic public goods providers. They have already surpassed national borders. If these companies are used to smash and sanction other countries, it is actually similar. Beijing wants to take Sina, Baidu, and Netease. Shenzhen wants to take Tencent, and Hangzhou wants to take Alibaba to threaten other provinces in China. It is totally unbelievable and it is also harmful to others.

Of course, the economic and trade issues between the state and the country may not be compared with the provinces within a country, but all the big problems are magnified by a small problem. The world is moving forward, and human beings are finally going to If the general trend of human beings is higher, then the EU and the Eurozone are unlikely to be born.

In the EU, Germany is the core, and many job opportunities flow to Germany. But when Greece, Spain, Italy and other countries have a crisis, despite the opposition in Germany, Germany still supports the rescue of these countries, because Germany is very clear, A large part of Germany's advantages are the free flow of labor within the EU, thanks to this borderless division of labor and integration.


One of the purposes of the United States now is to use the logic of robbers to occupy the contribution of the people of the world in the field of science and technology, to crystallize the collective wisdom that should be enjoyed by the people of the whole world, to be their own, and then to sell. High prices or coercion of China and other compromises at the political level. This requires vigilance.

Many people may also think that there is soil for cultivating scientists in the United States. In fact, you can see that only two of the top 30 most global scientists have been trained in the United States, and there are actually two in China. All are similar to France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, etc. If there is no World War II, Einstein may not go to the United States to settle down. Therefore, I now suspect that the United States may use this kind of trade dispute to put pressure on China's limits, so that more outstanding scientists will have psychological concerns, prevent more scientists from coming to China and other developments, and touch more in disguise. Scientist immigrated to the United States. This is also in line with the systemic thinking of the United States. What you want is a certain technology. I want scientists. The use of war to deter and drive talent and capital in the United States is not uncommon.

So how do we deal with it?

On the one hand, it creates more security for the technology practitioners, such as strong national defense, a promising market, a friendly and healthy living environment, etc. On the other hand, it must be education, and more world-class laboratories and enterprise research institutes. Wait.


I am not opposed to "self-sufficiency" in all walks of life, especially in the field of science and technology. In the face of big geopolitical risks, I may not be caught by others, but everyone needs to think about a problem, even in countries like Germany and Japan. And not all things are self-sufficient, which would drag a country to a very inefficient survival mode. Huawei has actually taken such measures. It is clear that some products can be produced by themselves, but they will still purchase. On the one hand, they will build more commercial alliances, on the other hand, they will also improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain. After all, vertical development. The company has the advantage of continuously reducing costs in the professional field. Huawei can do most of its own parts, but the cost may be relatively high.

Assuming that all things in China are "self-sufficient", then there is a huge contradiction with "unswervingly promoting openness to the outside world." If our strategy is self-sufficiency, why should we open up to the outside world? Is opening up to the outside world not to let foreign companies come in to provide products and services to the domestic people? Doesn't that hinder our "self-sufficiency" strategy?

Therefore, I think that this time China should show the world, not the strategic intention of "self-sufficiency", but I have the ability to make anything by myself, but I still hope to source from you and cooperate with you. Just prove that you can do it. Don't really be self-sufficient, because all powerful countries need to integrate all kinds of civilizations and different kinds of wisdom. Ren Zhengfei is not saying, Huawei's historical breakthrough from 2G to 3G It is from a Russian mathematician who was hired with three times the salary.

No company or country is strong enough to produce everything. The original slogan of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan is that what the Japanese need, what we make, and the strength of Mitsubishi, you can go online and look carefully. However, after the Internet era came, the traditional manufacturing industry's thinking advantage no longer exists, and the Japanese also need the Internet. Then, what Internet service products did Mitsubishi produce? If the competition points are not in the same dimension, many advantages are not widened, but disappear in an instant.

The reason why the country and the country get along with each other is similar. The people with high emotional intelligence are studying every day, what the other party needs, and then helping and satisfying each other to achieve the purpose of closeness. At this time, if you Say, I don't need anything, because I have to work hard and self-sufficiency, maybe not very good. Although hard work is very important, but in Wall Street's words, why can't we let everyone have no worries? Amazon has lost money for 20 years. Many high-tech companies that have introduced venture capital in China have continued to lose money, but the founder's life is worry-free. The employees are also high wages, which is the power of the market and capital. If we can't learn a better game, we only hope that everyone can tighten their belts and work hard. I think this is anti-human. In the end, it is poor, and it is on the US.

Huawei's advantage is iterative ability, not historical accumulation.

The world's commercial development to today, the most important sign to measure its value should be its market value. China's Huawei company was founded in 1987, has been developing for more than 30 years, and hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide have become China. Very important enterprises, especially after this trade friction, can be said to be household names, and many people praise and include me.

But I want to take another piece of data to say that according to the valuation and ranking of the Hurun Report at the end of last year, Huawei’s market capitalization is 1 trillion yuan, which translates into US$145 billion, second only to Alibaba and Tencent. And ant gold clothes, but there is something that everyone may not know much, called bitcoin. In 2008, there was an anonymous person named Nakamoto who wrote a paper, compiled a few strings of code, and then from 2009 to the present, The market value it created is currently $160 billion, and the highest time has exceeded $300 billion. In terms of valuation, it is higher than Huawei.

When I take out Bitcoin, I may face being sprayed. Everyone will quickly come up with hundreds of examples and tell me how Huawei can compare with Bitcoin. Is it a brain? In fact, I did not make a complicated comparison, because if we are going to do a full-scale comparison, everything can't be compared. The final conclusion is that only eating is the most important, and the other is not important, because even if you don't use 5G, People can live. If people don't eat, they can't live. Nothing can compare with eating, so only agriculture is the most important.

In fact, the economic ranking between countries is also a single GDP, rather than distinguishing whose GDP is more important. When we are measuring two things, the most direct way is to compare who is more valuable.

Of course, you may also say that Bitcoin will fall tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow may disappear. Will Huawei? Then let me give you another example. Huawei’s current goal is to catch up with Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2019, but everyone thought about it. Anyway, almost everyone around me didn’t use Samsung phones, even if it’s Beyond the Samsung mobile phone, there is no guarantee that it will not be replaced in this rapidly changing competitive market.

If you pay attention to the growth and fate of high-tech companies, its volatility is no less than the trend of bitcoin. But Bitcoin must have been invented in a place where it was "satisfied", not a place where it was poor, and Huawei’s breakthroughs were all high salaries.


Why do I have to give examples of Bitcoin? The reason is that none of us knows the direction of future technology competition. 20 years ago, who would know that 5G has become a point of competition between China and the United States, and it will be a private enterprise like Huawei. Pick up the big flag.

In addition, Bitcoin is a very brain-burning thing, its inventor may be a Japanese or Asian, and more interestingly, one of the important sources of inspiration for Bitcoin is a Chinese mathematician who has done a huge job at Microsoft. Contributed by cryptographer David. The founder of the second largest market capital in the digital currency field is Russian. In order to pay tribute to David, one of the Ethereum units is named wei. What is this indicating? Explain that in many fields of science and technology, it is the crystallization of wisdom in the world. The United States is more of a "catch-up". The United States has seized the opportunity of peace that has not erupted in a large-scale war. The capital and scientists are most afraid of instability. Going to the United States, and then forming a self-realization and Matthew effect. If the world is to be peaceful for another hundred years, the United States will give up its confrontational thinking and let the market develop freely. I think China is entirely likely to surpass the United States in the field of science and technology.


Geographical Distribution of the US Department of Energy National Laboratory

I don't mean to spread bitcoin here. Don't misunderstand. I just want to make a simple comparison of values. That is to say, the power of technology is huge. A paper can create a platform comparable to Huawei's market capitalization. This is difficult to understand in many people's minds, but this is the case and the future is even more so. So I am not comparing the value of Huawei and Bitcoin. I just said that the control of future technology is the most valuable thing. The most important means of protecting the present should be to reach out to the future. If you care too much about what you already have, it means that we are scarce. People in the last century may not have thought that the world's most valuable companies in decades are Internet companies. The true competitive advantage comes from constant innovation and iteration. Once the field of technology begins to “shou”, it is already regressing.

Of course, we have to stand on the side of Huawei with a clear-cut attitude. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has announced that China will establish a system of “unreliable entity lists”, which will not comply with market rules, deviate from the spirit of contract, and impose blockades or confessions on Chinese enterprises for non-commercial businesses. Foreign enterprise organizations or individuals that seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises will be included in the list of unreliable entities. It means that if sanctions are imposed on Huawei, and China will sever, China will also impose sanctions.

In other words, the United States’ science and technology belong to all mankind, not just to the United States. The United States only takes advantage of its system strategy and historical background and its division of labor, and it has a dominant position. China has the right to use the world legally, reasonably and for a fee. Science & Technology. China's science and technology needs to be bolder to look ahead. The reason why Huawei is Huawei is related to respecting market logic and scientific common sense. The best way to inspire a nation’s fighting spirit is to liberate people’s minds and create things that belong to the future. There is no future in the past, and a secure and sustainable market-based incentive system is established as a guarantee. You can't just rely on the hard work of morality.

Finally, I want to give you a three-law law of science and technology written by British science fiction writer Douglas Adams: 1) Any technology that I already had when I was born is part of the usual order of the world. 2) Any technology that was born between my ages of 15 and 35 is a revolutionary product that will change the world. 3) Any technology that was born after I was 35 years old is a violation of the laws of nature.

Text / Xiao Lei

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