BSV behind the scenes gold: from the billionaire gambling rich, wanted to the "Ao Ben Cong" creator

"BSV is the real bitcoin, and Omoto is Sakamoto." Because of the skyrocketing currency price, the eyes of the cryptocurrency market have returned to BSV and Aoben Cong.

While ridiculing and admiring, it should be noted that Ao Bencong is only a certain degree in front of the stage, and the real big boss behind the scenes is Calvin Aya.

He became a billionaire by gambling, and was listed as one of the top ten wanted criminals by the US Department of Homeland Security. After entering the field of cryptocurrency, Calvin Aya won the Oban, CBS, and Coingeek mines. Pool, nChain, quickly became one of the most powerful people in the world of cryptocurrency.

The secret of BSV skyrocketing

"To discuss the cost pull, I only serve Ao Cong, 25 US dollars to apply for a patent, up 30%, 5 cents P chart, and then up 50%." About the BSV surge, some netizens tweeted.

According to the data of the Global Trade Station, at 13:00 on May 29, the BSV started the climbing mode, rising from 113 US dollars to 190 US dollars. After a short sideways trading, it rose again at 4 am on May 30, the highest. It reached $251 and rose more than 122% in 24 hours.

At the same time, the market value of BSV also rose from 2.1 billion US dollars to 4.4 billion US dollars, currently maintained at 3.98 billion US dollars, squeezed USDT, and directly followed BNB, occupying the 8th place in the global cryptocurrency market capitalization list.

Driven by BSV, BCH, BCD, LBTC and other forked currencies have ushered in different degrees of increase.

For the BSV skyrocketing, some people think that it is the role of fake news, a widely circulated news screenshot said, "Ao Ben Cong transferred from the BTC's largest address to the currency of 50,000 bitcoins, which also confirmed that Ownen Cong is Nakamoto. ".

Primitive Ventures founding partner Wan Huifa said that this is completely false news, but "sufficiently true" to deceive many Chinese retail investors.

This is not the first time BSV has risen because of "good" news. On May 21, because the US Copyright Office issued a registration document acknowledging that Craig White (Ao Ben Cong) is the author of the Bitcoin white paper and code, BSV also appeared. Rising, up to $195.

At the same time that the BSV is rising, Coingeek is holding a BSV conference in Toronto, Canada. Therefore, in some people's view, the rise in the price of the currency is due to the convening of the conference, which is somewhat similar to the “consensus assembly effect”.

In December 2018, Ao Ben Cong publicly broke with Wu Jihan, and a power war broke out. After that, BCH split into two chains of BCHSV and BCHABC. This battle without smoke caused both sides to lose both sides, and caused a heavy setback to the entire cryptocurrency market.

The skyrocketing of the BSV has brought the cryptocurrency market back to the BSV and Aoben Cong.

"BSV is the real bitcoin, and Omoto is Sakamoto." Because of the fierce rise of BSV, many people have issued such "sighs."

In fact, for BSV, Oban is somehow just a “squat” in front of the stage. The real boss behind the scenes is the former gaming tycoon and billionaire Calvin Ayre.

Wanted billionaire

In June 2016, British journalist Andrew O'Hagan published an article about Ao Ben Cong, which stated that Oban was the result of the operation of Calvin Aya.

Since then, Calvin Aya, the big man behind Ao Ben Cong, has surfaced.

One is the questionable "Zhongben Cong", and the other is the billionaire of Zeng Wei's gaming industry. The sum of the two gives the outside world a certain imagination.

According to public information, in 1996, Calvin Aiya began to engage in online gambling business. In 2000, he founded the gaming website With the rapid expansion of Bodog's online gambling business, Calvin Aya became the most in the world at that time. The influence of the gambling empire head.

From 2005 to 2007, Bodog's net profit exceeded $200 million. In 2006, Calvin Aya was ranked 746th on the Forbes Global Billionaire list for $1 billion.

In addition to online gambling, Calvin Aiya continues to expand the company's business to build Bodog Entertainment, which includes TV and music, and he also founded the Calvin Aya Foundation, which focuses on child welfare, education and society. development of.

However, behind Calvin Aiya's booming gaming business, US regulators have been watching him.

In September 2006, Congress passed legislation on companies such as Bodog, prohibiting US banks and credit card companies from processing payments for foreign online gambling businesses. US Department of Justice officials said that online gambling is illegal in the United States and its citizens, whether overseas or not.

The tightening of policy regulation has caused Bodog's US users to lose, and Calvin Aiya is also at risk of litigation. As a result, Calvin Aiya sold Bodog's US business to a company in Quebec, Canada, and announced his withdrawal from the online gaming industry.

However, in 2009, after retirement, Calvin Aya launched an online gaming news and entertainment website called

At the same time, he is concerned about the bitcoin that has just come out. In an interview with THE BLOCK later, Calvin Aya stated that she entered the cryptocurrency field because of the overlapping of interests between online gambling and cryptocurrency, and the gambling industry was an indispensable part of Bitcoin.

In fact, after Bitcoin was born, the first place to be accepted was the gray production bases such as dark nets and betting sites. What's more interesting is that there is still a build virtual in the original library of bitcoin 0.1.0 code version. Poker game framework.

In 2012, Calvin Aiya was accused by US regulators of money laundering and illegal gambling, and was later listed as one of the top ten wanted by the US Department of Homeland Security. In 2016, the 54-year-old Calvin Aya was still evading the pursuit of the Ministry of Justice and the US Internal Revenue Service, and transferred many of his wealth.

In July 2017, Calvin Aiya admitted a misdemeanor allegation in Vancouver by phone, calling it "accessory after the fact", the judge sentenced Calvin Aiya to a fine of $500,000 and one Unsupervised probation for the year.

Calvin Aya also shared his travels and life on social media while being accused and escaping. In the photo, he is always surrounded by beautiful women with a big back and a strong body. It still looks free.

Create Ownen Cong

“I have known CSW for many years. In fact, we are all rooted in the gaming industry.” In an interview with the media, Calvin Aya once said.

Regarding the acquaintance of Calvin Aiya and Ownen Cong, different versions are circulating on the Internet.

One argument is that Oban has designed the system architecture for an online gaming company called Lasseter's Online in Australia in 1999. It is said that this is the world's first online gaming company. It is very likely that through this opportunity, the same Calvin Aiya, who is in the gaming industry, met with Oban, and later recruited him. Reuters also said in a report that Auburn had worked for in 2010.

Another way of saying this is that in 2007, Auburn was a security consultant at Centrebetde, one of Australia's largest casinos, and met Stefan Matthew, the casino's head of the casino. Stephen Matthew became the CTO of Bodog's Tyche Consulting in 2010 and started working for Calvin Aya.

In 2014, Oban was suffering from a career crisis and carrying huge debts. Under the introduction of Calvin Aiya, Ao Bencon and Calvin Aya met.

In 2015, the media reported that Oban was the creator of Bitcoin, Nakamoto, causing huge controversy. Later, some people analyzed that this was a premeditated plan. "Ao Ben Cong became Zhong Ben Cong" is undoubtedly the handwriting of Calvin Aya and Stephen Matthew.

Also in 2015, under the leadership of Stephen Matthew, Oban was sold to a company called nCrypto, which was later acquired by a private equity fund in Malta and renamed nChain. Fang is considered to be Calvin Aya.

nChain was once the company with the most cryptocurrency patents, and Ao Ben Cong was the company's chief scientist.

After bitcoin forks, Ao Cong entered the BCH community and preached for BCH.

In October 2017, Calvin Aya and "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver (Roger Ver) issued a joint statement claiming that BCH conformed to Nakamoto's vision and began to call it "bitcoin." In their view, the BCH is more in line with the bitcoin characteristics than the chain formed after the fork.

In January 2018, Calvin Aya invested heavily in the establishment of the Coingeek mine pool and stated that all calculations were used to dig BCH. In July of that year, the power of the Coingeek mine pool increased sharply, becoming the largest pool of BCH in the world.

In addition to the Coingeek mine pool, Calvin Aya has also established a related cryptocurrency news information website, and even said to build a resort that accepts BCH payments in Antigua.

In August 2018, nChain announced that it would enable Bitcoin SV full node, and will reject the software version update in BCH in November. Coingeek expressed support for nChain. In November, the power battle broke out and BCH split into two chains.

In fact, when forking bitcoin, some people said that this is Wu Jihan and Bitumin want to control the performance of Bitcoin. The same logic, after the BCH fork, Calvin Aya also completely control the BSV.

Looking back at the layout of Calvin Aiya in the field of cryptocurrency, it can be found that it has the 8th BSV with the current market capitalization in the world, and Ao Bencong, which is able to stir up the cryptocurrency community, and the more powerful mining pool Coingeek. And the company with the largest number of patents in the blockchain nChain.

To a certain extent, Calvin Aya, who started in the gaming industry, has become one of the most powerful people in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Now that BSV is up, perhaps the happiest person should be him.

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