Interview with Babbitt | Ant Blockchain Li Jieli: 2020 will become a year of concentrated alliance chains

"At the Yunqi Conference just past this year, we talked about the open alliance chain and proposed to do this. Today, I am very happy to use this occasion to officially announce the opening of the ant blockchain open alliance chain and start the public beta."

On the morning of November 8, at the "World Blockchain Conference, Wuzhen, 2019", Li Jieli, senior director of the ant Jinfu intelligent technology business group and head of the ant blockchain BaaS platform, announced that the ant blockchain open alliance chain was officially launched. .


From the Yunqi Conference on September 26th to the World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen on November 8th, the ant blockchain has completed the release and public beta of the open alliance chain.

From the current development trend of the domestic blockchain, the alliance chain is combining some of the characteristics of the public chain. Whether it is the "open alliance chain" proposed by Ant Financial, or the "public alliance chain" proposed by Weizhong Bank, the alliance chain will gradually move toward a more open and more publicized direction under the conditions of technical and compliance conditions.

How does the “open alliance chain” of the ant blockchain solve the incentive problem? What are the conditions for node cooperation? What did you do on compliance?

After the meeting, Babbitt interviewed Li Jieli:

Babbitt: What conditions are needed to become a node partner of the “open alliance chain”?

Li Jieli: The open alliance chain is mainly for global developers and organizations. Developers do not need to be nodes, but participate in the form of members and develop with the ant blockchain platform. As for the node partners, we are more cautious, and we can't disclose too much at the moment. Because to form a credible value network, not only do they need to be a consensus accounting node, but they also need to provide authoritative endorsements. For example, some educational institutions and certification bodies provide credibility in the chain, which is our responsibility to do this platform.

Babbitt: How does the “open alliance chain” solve the incentive problem? How to encourage institutional chain?

Li Jieli: The follow-up will provide digital benefits similar to points to the blockchain, just like Alipay's various digital rights, motivating merchants to settle in.

Babbitt: Is the promotion of the “open alliance chain” based on cities?

Li Jieli: We don't divide the region, we are more of an industry. We will choose our mutually recognized partners in some industries to carry out in-depth cooperation.

Babbitt: What has the “open alliance chain” done in terms of compliance?

Li Jieli: First of all, we are 100% technically innovative under the framework of compliance, and always maintain close communication with the regulator. We don't do anything imaginary, we must still do something worthwhile. Ants for many years, many products have been born based on technological innovation, adhere to compliance, and create value for the society, which is finally recognized and widely used. For example, third-party payment, balance treasure, mutual treasure and so on.

Babbitt: After the news of the "eighteenth collective learning of the status and trends of blockchain technology development by the Central Political Bureau", what is the reaction inside the ant blockchain?

Li Jieli: The first reaction was very exciting. The whole society's enthusiasm for blockchain technology became higher, and it also felt that its responsibility was even greater. In addition, we recently found that some government agencies and large state-owned enterprises have greatly increased their interest in blockchain technology. They hope to learn from the ant blockchain. They are very interested in how to use blockchain technology and their scenario applications. This is a problem that is widespread now.

Babbitt: Will the strategy of the ant blockchain change?

Li Jieli: We will continue to focus on the application of blockchain technology to open inclusive services.

Babbitt: In the past few years, what experience can the ant blockchain share in the application process?

Li Jieli: Everyone in the industry feels relatively new. The combination of technology and application often depends on the understanding of all parties. Therefore, consensus is often the most difficult to achieve. In some scenarios we find that it is not suitable for blockchain technology, we recommend not to use blockchain technology. Only in the context of multi-party collaboration and lack of trust, blockchain technology can really play its value.

Babbitt: The open alliance chain is expected to be released in February 2020. How do you think the alliance chain will develop in 2020?

Li Jieli: Actually, we have already seen that there are many applications of the landing alliance chain, and it will definitely be an order of magnitude next year. Because whether it is the ant blockchain or BAT, the innovation power and resources of the whole society are gathering in this direction, and everyone recognizes the social value brought by the alliance chain. Therefore, 2020 will become a year of concentrated alliance chains.

Attachment: The public link of the ant blockchain "open alliance chain":

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