Wuzhen·“blockchain+game”: Why is the explosion application not going to happen?

From November 8th to 9th, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt was held at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center.

This morning, at the "D-Future: The Future of Decentralized Finance" sub-forum, a round-table forum entitled " Blockchain + Games: Virtual Games and Real Economy " was held.

Ol (2)_meitu_1 From left to right, Jia Feizhong (host), Niu Fengxuan, Zhou Zhifeng, Xiao Hua, Chen Yuzhi, Jade Zhang

Guest introduction:

Jia Feizhong, formerly known as Wang Zhong, founder of SoundArio, senior radio host, media person. SoundArio is a blockchain-based music stream that measures the value of music in a fair and transparent manner to the music creators and communicators in seconds, and captures the platform's pay and advertising revenue.

Niu Fengxuan , founder of DappReview, heavy gamer. DappReview is the first DApp ecosystem in China to provide DApp data, user insight and market data analysis for industry developers and users.

Zhou Zhifeng , President of Molin Group. Molin Group is a professional global entertainment content research and development and distribution company. It is the producer of Gu Jian Qi Tan 2 and The Westward Journey. It is also an investor in many games, animation and blockchain institutions, or “3”. The clock is the founder of the group.

Xiao Hua , CEO of SpiderStore. SpiderStore is a domestic blockchain app store and Dapp game community. It also builds SpiderData data analysis platform and SpiderDex decentralized game props trading market.

Chen Yuzhi, the founder of Cocos-BCX. Chen Yuzhi was named one of the top ten influential figures in China's game industry in 2016. He is the founder of Aika Automotive Network, CEO of Touch Technology, and one of the founding shareholders of Joyo. Cocos, launched by Touch Technology, is one of the top three game engines in the world.

Jade Zhang , CEO of Powerma Technology. Mima Marvel is committed to providing one-stop service for blockchain games, and its cloud dragon dragon HyperDragons is the top three dApp app explosion game in Ethereum activity.

The following is a selection of roundtable content, published by Babbitt:

Garfield: Will there be a killer Dapp in the game field?

Niu Fengxuan: It is generally believed that the game is one of the areas where the blockchain can achieve the most application, because the game is a pan-entertainment type of product, which is easier for users to accept and use. The threshold for user contact, or the willingness to contact, is very low. Unlike some tools and effects products, users have strong barriers to user contact and similar user migration costs. The pan-entertainment game is a scene where the game class will break out.

Zhou Zhifeng: I haven't seen the real blockchain game yet. We are currently looking at "blockchain + games", and blockchain games will take time to develop. Just like the previous VR games and TV games, it has not broken out yet. Blockchain games take a longer time to verify.

Xiao Hua: I personally think that the blockchain game will explode, but it may take 1-2 years. (On-site interaction), the audience has played blockchain games. There are many reasons. First, the infrastructure is not perfect. For example, there is a delay in the confirmation of the transaction on the Ethereum. This kind of game experience is not good. Second, the blockchain game now emphasizes the blockchain too much, resulting in a relatively comparative gameplay. difference. Explosive blockchain games need to be open and have better incentives without losing game performance. When the player pays the time, there is a certain probability to make money.

Chen Yuzhi: I think that today's blockchain games have no possibility of exploding. Many of the guests on the stage are friends. I think the current highest level blockchain game in China is "Cloud Fighting Dragon". The current blockchain game is implemented with H5, which has a lot of limitations. The "heads up" of blockchain games are not PC games, mobile games, web games, but all platform-defined games. Blockchain games are just a technology, and we are more looking forward to games based on blockchain technology, such as "Reverse Water" and "Catch the Demon Together". This type of game uses blockchain technology to turn props into digital assets, and some can even trade items across games. Players spend one time and can use the items in different games.

Jade Zhang: I simply said that a blockchain game doesn't take a year to explode. Blockchain needs to be a controversial topic. As a kind of financial technology, blockchain is the technology that is most likely to make the entire game industry grow, like mobile Internet, which makes the Internet grow 10 times. At the same time, the digital assets generated by the blockchain can be used as value carriers to transform the production relations and production processes of the entire game industry. We can now see that whether it is a product or technology, or a partner, everyone is forming a synergy to make the explosion blockchain game possible.

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Garfield: How long is the development cycle of blockchain games?

Jade Zhang: Take "Cloud Fighting Dragon" as an example. It was established in December 2017. It was tested in January and went online in March. This game has been iterating until now. The birth of the blockchain game is not based on the platform, but more of a new design concept and new technology. The speed of development depends on the size of the game, as well as the part that includes the blockchain and the game. If it's just a simple currency change, the speed will be very fast. If it is a chain change, it will be a little slower. If the design of the certificate is completely redesigned, including the issue concept, the cycle will be longer. At present, it seems that the cycle is about three months to six months. Because the industry is changing very fast, we believe that the risk of more than six months will be relatively large, because it is impossible to accurately predict the future market trend.

Zhou Zhifeng: I want to oppose this point of view. The good works in the field of mobile games must be made with a lot of manpower and resources. Fun, well-crafted games need to be iteratively updated and updated. Games made in 2 or 3 months are fast-moving products, so whether the blockchain game can be a succession is still a problem.

Garfield: Is it because of regulation or technology that hinders the explosion of blockchain games?

Zhou Zhifeng: It is neither supervision nor technology. "Encryption Cat" only uses the characteristics of blockchain, it is not a real blockchain game. Just like we watch TV scripts and productions, blockchain games have to explode, and there is a need for large-scale market demand, which requires strong entry of traditional games.

Niu Fengxuan: "Encryption Cat" has 18,000 Ethereum transactions. The reason why it has not become a long-term explosion is very simple. It is not fun, only the breeding and trading of cats. In the traditional game field, all the games that are available are time-tested. They are basically a team of dozens or even hundreds of people, which is made in 3 to 5 years. Blockchain games have not yet exploded. In addition to the imperfect infrastructure, there is also a reason for the lack of money. There are no more than 5 blockchain game teams in the world that have raised more than 10 million RMB in the past two years, of which 2 -3 are overseas. There is basically no one in the country to vote in this direction.

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Garfield: What are the characteristics of the explosion blockchain game?

Niu Fengxuan: It's very simple. Can you let me play until two in the morning? For example, yesterday I played "Glory of the King" until 2 o'clock in the morning. If a game lets you play for a long time, it's fun. Or the blockchain has a strong pass-through economy and financial attributes. This game may make me earn some pocket money, and I will also play.

Xiao Hua: My point is similar. Now blockchain games are focused on blockchains and there is no way to play them. When more and more people don't play, it will inevitably go downhill. To be a light game, the H5 game may be short. But it takes more than a year to make a game with a high degree of playability, and it takes a lot of manpower. In addition, I also saw a lot of foreign games, doing mobile games, PC-side gaming experience is slowly approaching traditional games, just plug its assets or pass the economy into the blockchain, this is the next stage blockchain game should go exploratory.

Garfield: Playability, trust and traffic are the “impossible triangles” of blockchain games. How to solve this problem?

Chen Yuzhi: Just a little distracted, Feng Xuan stressed several times that he especially loves to play games. You can play games like this. How did you get into Stanford? (Return to the truth) To some extent, this cannot be called an impossible triangle, and the core or product form has not evolved into place. At present, 5G has already started commercialization. Operators under the 5G including the United States and China are very certain that streaming-based games, including future AR and VR glasses, are based on the "5G streaming media technology + blockchain technology" model. Blockchain technology is particularly suitable for settlement, revenue model, user behavior records, and not falsification of notarization because of its relatively low performance. Including the random number mentioned by many people, based on "5G streaming media technology + blockchain technology", it can solve the compliance data and obtain low-cost customers. In the future, based on cloud games and blockchain technology, it is possible to present an ideal world of end-tourism. But still that problem, it takes time!

Garfield: In the end, please ask each person to talk about the prospect of blockchain games in one sentence.

Niu Fengxuan: I hope to see more products made through the blockchain!

Zhou Zhifeng: As long as the fun, social attributes and credit system are established, blockchain games are likely to usher in an outbreak.

Xiao Hua: I hope more and more traditional games and blockchains will merge. Future virtual assets are not just virtual assets of games. Various App-type virtual assets will migrate to the blockchain more and more in the future, ensuring asset ownership and trading liquidity through blockchain.

Chen Yuzhi: "Cloud Game + Blockchain Game" will make China's game and interactive content market more than 1 trillion RMB in 2025, about five times that of today. In addition, the world belongs to the 90s, we are all too old, so in fact, we are very much looking forward to more people to pay attention to and participate in this market, we are just laying the groundwork.

Jade Zhang: Our goal from the establishment of the company is very clear. The first goal is to create a game of explosion. Long-term goals, I hope that the future of various technologies, including 5G, VR, blockchain, can create a world of blockchain games for head players. The blockchain plays a role in improving the incentive mechanism. We are very convinced of this and hope that this era will come as soon as possible.

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