8 Questions | Luo Mei, Tsinghua University: The most knowledgeable person in the field of accounting, the most knowledgeable person in the field of blockchain

Professor Luo Mei is a doctoral tutor of the Department of Accounting of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University and the director of the Tsinghua Economic Management Digital Financial Asset Research Center. Accounting and auditing issues.

In 2018, Professor Luo Mei published a working paper "Accounting Measurement of Crypto Digital Currency" , which provided a framework for the accounting confirmation and measurement of encrypted digital currency represented by Bitcoin, and summarized the practical difficulties. In 2019, she published an article "Accounting Confirmation and Taxation of Digital Currency " , which carried out a detailed analysis on how to measure and pay taxes on financial statements of enterprises and individuals who own digital currency. Published in "Digital Currency Leading Cadres Reading Book".

In order to popularize the knowledge of blockchain and digital currency, Professor Luo Mei launched relevant courses for master students at Tsinghua University, and co-sponsored the establishment of the Tsinghua Economic Management Digital Financial Asset Research Center. During the conversation, Babbitt reporters felt her frankness, humor, approachability and strong curiosity. She said with a smile that she is "the person who knows the most about blockchain in the field of accounting, and the person who knows the most about accounting in the field of blockchain."

For the text report, please refer to "Interview with Babbitt | Luo Mei of Tsinghua University: Digital currency accounting and taxation system is the infrastructure for blockchain to promote industrial upgrading" .

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