Why is the 3D blockchain DApp mobile game "Pirates Hegemony" starting GXChain?

Recently, the first GXChain-based 3D card tower defense DApp game "Pirate Hegemony" created by North America's top blockchain game development studio Block Kingdom is about to open beta, which has become the hottest topic of discussion in the GXChain community. Although the game was launched in mid-April, it has attracted the participation of many community devotees, and they all said that this game has the opportunity to become one of the 2019 blockchain games in the world.

Boston's blockchain media service organization, Block North America, specially visited the core development team of "Pirates Hegemony" to reveal why this boutique DApp game chose to launch the mystery of the well-known domestic public chain GXChain. Learn more about the mysterious game information of "Pirate Hegemony".

First, the time of day – the opportunity for the outbreak of DApp games is coming

In 2018, the blockchain market was sluggish, with a lot of money and users losing. At the same time, a large number of DApps emerged. The success of CryptoKitties has made many developers see the possibility of blockchain development and have been involved in the development of DApp. Among the DApp categories, the game DApp is popular, accounting for 20% of the total category. In addition, because the game DApp has the characteristics of easy landing, many teams have regarded DApp games as a way of expanding.

The Block Kingdom team believes that this is partly due to the fact that blockchain games are currently singler and less playable, and users are eager for quality blockchain applications. They said: "The blockchain game, in the final analysis, is still the game. The essence of the game should be to provide players with fun and entertainment value. The blockchain industry needs more well-made and game-rich works, bringing players in traditional games. No experience."


Figure 1: Tower defense main interface

Second, the geographical advantage – GXChain's good technical foundation, and sits on a million-level traffic entrance

As early as last August, GXChain founder Huang Minqiang revealed the idea that GXChain will lay out the game industry. He said, “It’s easier for developers to iteratively update and mine more needs.”

In addition to the main chain development strategy and direction, the performance of the main chain determines the different user experience, which has always been a realistic issue for DApp developers when choosing the main chain. It is well known that when the Ethereum and the Fomo3D were fired, they caused serious congestion in the Ethereum. Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam pointed out that Ethereum needs to expand 100 times to accommodate large-scale Dapps with millions of active users.

When choosing a main chain, DApp developers tend to carefully compare the characteristics of different main chains, especially for good DApp developers. The Block Kingdom team stated that GXChain has a very good foundation. According to official data from Block City, there are more than 2.2 million registered users. GXChain Brock City's huge user base, high enough TPS, and a good enough collection of development tools are the points that the team chose when GXChain was chosen as the main chain to develop "Pirates".


Figure 2: Login screen (jump "Brock City" login)

Third, people and – top blockchain game development studio produced

"Pirates Hegemony" is produced by Block Kingdom, a well-known blockchain game studio in North America. The team is located in Boston, New York and Shanghai, and has extensive DApp development experience and strong DApp development strength: EOS Global Hacking Competition twice in London and San Francisco; strategy for participating in the 2019 Tron DApp Global Challenge The game project TronKingdom won the top 5; also participated in the game development of multiple main chains. In addition to rich game development experience in the blockchain field, the team's core development members have more than 5 years of experience in the Internet and APP development fields, and have published many popular applications in the Apple Store. In addition, the BK team also received blessings from the Star Block chain of the top blockchain incubator in the US East and millions of early financing from investors Ding Yunpeng and others.

"Pirate Hegemony" combines the classic tower defense rules, the exchange card community and the blockchain technology to provide a higher playability and a better gaming experience for users. In the game, each player is the hero and lord of different islands in the Thousand Islands. Players use the Brock crystal to draw cards, get the GRC-721 cards such as attacks, defensive arms and heroes, participate in the pirate attack and defense, and grab the Brock crystal of the other player, becoming the Thousand Island Overlord.

The game characters, game props, etc. that the player gets in the game will be permanently saved in the GXChain blockchain in the form of GRC-721, which will always belong to the player. At the same time, the characters and item cards that players get from a game will also be used in other games released by Block Kingdom in the future. Players can enjoy the unique and wonderful journey of the Brock universe.


Figure 3: Main Menu Interface

According to the Block Kingdom game studio, "Pirates Hegemony" is expected to open beta on April 2, and open beta on April 12, more exciting game information and gameplay will be announced, including "flame dragon cave" New gameplay, data and models for many rare cards, points system and bonus pool, new card introduction, etc. For details, please check the official website of "Piracy": https://www.blockpirate.io/.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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