9012, why don't you buy bitcoin?

More than half of 2019, Bitcoin's gains have been soaring. Taking heavy events such as Libra, Bitcoin broke through the 10,000 mark in July and reached $13,000. Even Weibo, which is not part of the direct community of the currency circle, also likes to search for "bitcoin over $10,000". .

Since then, no matter outside the circle, people have been squatting with Stud. In the context of this rising period, there are still many people who say that even this will not enter the pit. This view caused a very heated discussion in the currency circle. Now let's take a look, all in 9012, what do people who don't buy Bitcoin think.

There is more than enough heart and the "bank card quota" is insufficient.

Self-reporter: @吴茗

I used to think that it had no future. Later, I thought it was over. Now, I really can't afford it.

Seeing the current good situation, friends who are buying low-priced at the same time are now making a lot of money, and it is impossible to say no regrets. But now that you let me into the pit, I can't go any further, why?

Because I missed the cheapest time, there was a huge psychological gap in the current price buy.

Once, I thought that this thing can only be bought one by one, thinking at the time, a little expensive, and so on. Later, I can still buy it at a fraction of a few, and then wait, maybe I can start at a lower price, wait a minute… wait a minute…

Everyone knows the results behind, waiting to wait until now can't afford it. Many people like me regret that they didn't start bitcoin early. In fact, it is a logic to regret that people who didn't buy a house earlier during the real estate period. Nothing is what happened to me in the past, how can I be now, but where can I know so much?

Once "we" regretted not buying a house, now "we" regret not buying coins, and the future "we" will continue to miss the opportunity.

The timing won't wait for you. In the time you hesitate, others have already been riding the dust.

What is bitcoin in the end?

Self-reporter: @图灵

What is the use of Bitcoin? This question has puzzled me for a long time. What is the actual irreplaceable role for an ordinary person?

There are also a lot of friends around me who are speculating in the currency. It’s a night of riches and bankruptcy overnight. There are also some who want to pull me into the pit, but when I throw two basic questions, what is the practical use of Bitcoin and the underlying technology of Bitcoin, I ask a person.

Look, these few people who are shouting all day long are really seeing the value of Bitcoin? Still following the trend of playing speculative financial games? Perhaps in their eyes, bitcoin is nothing at all, a tool for making money, and the meaning behind it and the future development are not related to them at all.

Any investment that blindly follows the trend will only be a painful price. The so-called do not know not to vote, this is the basic principle of the investment community. Professionals still need to learn all kinds of means to control the timing of admission, and the amaranth that you don't understand, whether it is bitcoin or any currency, is nothing more than a gamble in a noble coat .

In my opinion, Bitcoin deserves attention, but I won't touch it until I really understand it. Maybe one day I will see its flash point and start again.

Come and go in a hurry

Self-reporter: @舒大克

As an old player who has been a senior player for many years, I just want to say that Bitcoin in 2017 is probably one of the fastest ways to make money. People who have experienced 2017, 2019 is really nothing.

In July 2017, I started the bitcoin that was starting to skyrocket with 12,000 RMB. I only held it for one month, and after I earned about 10,000 yuan, I completely cleared the pit. Yes, I could have earned more. Why choose a clearance? It’s not that I’m not optimistic about the increase in Bitcoin. It’s that this float is too scary.

In the month when I held Bitcoin, I almost lived with the market. I would not consciously look at the market when I went to sleep or even work. This second, profit 5,000, I want not to chase? Do you want to sell? The next second, a loss of 6000, I want to not make up the position? Another second, and a loss of 3000, I will not collapse after I finish it. Do you want to sell a timely stop loss? Another second, and profit 8000, okay, relieved…

This whimsical speculative game makes me unable to sleep at night. In the final analysis, I am not suitable for this kind of money-making model. I am not afraid to become a leek. It is too much to influence the mentality. If I lose the ability to make stable and slow money, it seems to me that it is not worth the loss. .

to sum up

Simply put, it is nothing more than three thresholds to enter Bitcoin: cognitive thresholds, funding thresholds, and operational thresholds.

People have a natural fear and suspicion about the unknown. Bitcoin is a non-physical currency. Its existence is beyond the conventional cognitive system. It is very difficult for people to pay for this "extra number". child. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why even if Bitcoin hit countless big and small myths from 2008 to 2019, some people are still unmoved, and even regard it as the "tulip bubble" that is about to burst, but the cognition is different. .

In my opinion, as long as it crosses the threshold of cognition, the latter two are not big problems. After all, countless amnesties can be deeply attracted to it only by reading the Bitcoin white paper.

Although Bitcoin can make people rich overnight, if you want to take advantage of the fact that you have to turn around, you must also be ready to return to liberation overnight. If you can't bear these "short blows", you can still retreat and keep safe.

Author: Cross-country rabbit

Source: Block wave

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