Analysis of the madman market on May 24: Assuming that the small currency is a cut amaranth, what kind of small currency can be held for a long time?

Analysis of the madman market on May 24: Assume that the small currency is cut amaranth. Which kind of small currency can be held for a long time?

Market analysis

Yesterday, the maximum price of USDT was nearly 3%, indicating that the off-exchange funds are still inflows. Only when the USDT is bought through the French currency, USDT/CNY will rise. The exchange of digital assets such as BTC and ETH will not affect the price of USDT. After the extra-currency funds are entered, they will choose the location they think is appropriate to buy the corresponding currency, which is why the market once again pulled the price back after the bitcoin crashed yesterday. Today, the price of USDT has dropped back, indicating that the capital inflow is not as big as yesterday. From the trend of Bitcoin today, it is the rebound of the infinite rebound. The momentum of the continued upside in the market is not large, so the rebound will be further reduced.

In the short term, Bitcoin will repeatedly oscillate in the big Yinxian entity on May 17. The pressure will move down to 7900 and the support level will be 7350. If Bitcoin continues to shrink, it will also be the sign of this round of rushing, so no matter No, you can't be heavy here.


The rebound is not strong enough, and it is still running below the 5-day line, so the market continues to fall back.


Continue to shrink the linkage and fall back, the main force has no signs of support, short-term support 0.36, mid-line 0.3.


The high level fluctuates, and the volume of the volume decreases. The overall situation is still linked.

Platform currency:

HT has hit a new high in this round, but the high amount of innovation is not an effective breakthrough. Therefore, it is necessary to guard against the risk of false breakthroughs. It is not recommended to chase this position. OKB rebounds to the pressure of the previous platform. It is difficult to break through. BNB is shrinking and wants to continue to a new high. Obviously, the bullish momentum is not as strong as before. The overall increase in platform currency is not the beginning of a new round of market, and it is very likely to raise the way to cover the mainstream currency. .


Like Wright, continue the weak linkage.


The short-term trend is also not optimistic, and there are expectations for further decline.

The overall increase of the small coins has fallen more and more, most of them are following the trend of rebounding. Very few currencies have rebounded sharply. Before the high level of bit-rate correction, there is still a certain desire to survive, indicating that there is an idea of ​​wanting to live to the bull market. You can open them. Look at the long-term K-line, as long as it is not the kind of over-the-top rebound of the big bottom, the price is moderate, and there is a chance of counterattack in the long run.

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